Best post-ergs pop-punk band?
In the forming stages, we're looking for a drummer to complete our line-up - looking to play some screamy post-hardcore in the vein of some of these influences:

Ceremony, combatwoundedveteran, orchid, reversal of man, fugazi

The only other rule is no drugs (make of that what you will). Contact on here if interested and we'll get something sorted out!
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For the record, In on the Kill Taker & End Hits are my favorite Fugazi albums.

Cool, I thought I was one of the only Fugazi fan who liked those two best. Repeater is still probably the best choice for that list, being technically their "first full-length album".

I really don't think the Gallows are very relevant. I'm amazed "Milo Goes To College" isn't on it. I don't like the fact that some bands have two albums on it. I'd have put "My War" instead of "Damaged.

"Bleach" was basically a Black Flag meets Melvins record, and had no influence on "punk" at all. Nevermind probably had more of an influence, and In Utero was their best album, but I don't mind.

Above all, I'm just really startled that Operation Ivy isn't on there.

Overall, not the worst list they could have come up with.
What're you doing in Katwijk? Casual trip over from Deutschland to Dutchland?
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^ Right, but I don't even listen to ska anymore! Dude was a tool. It was the only way I could find to try to relate with him, and it failed because he was a dick. You know?

Happens far too often.

I think I now just avoid talking about music I listen to unless I'm at a show, or with someone I know does listen to the same kind of stuff.

However, a cool thing did happen at work:

I was sitting with this guy who I had sat near at work a couple of times. Nice enough, a bit weird, a bit of an idiot, but generally sound. I'd just been to some street punk show and was going on a rant (mainly to myself) about why I dislike most street punk bands. Didn't expect him to know anything related to it.

So somehow I reached the point where I'm pissed off at the Sex Pistols and he goes "yeah they were shit. Crass were pretty good though, lyric-wise, even if Steve Ignorant was a douche". I stare at him dumbstruck, while he explains the lyrics ideologies of Crass that he quite likes.

He writes awesome limericks so I'm considering having him doing some vocals for my band.

So sometimes, it does work out and you meet someone cool!

Listening a punk radio show hosted by a friend of mine, check it out. Runs Monday 20:00 GMT (15 minutes ago) for 2 hours.
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ryan of secret police has a van. night fever is currently using it though until the 22nd.

Cheers man, I'll pass it on to them.
So, you cool East-Coast-Punks wouldn't happen to know someone who doesn't mind driving a band on tour and getting paid for it, do you?

A band from Glasgow - a favorite of mine - had a driver bail on them last-minute-like and need a replacement pronto....any folk you'd recommend them getting in contact with?

They land and leave from Newark. More details here .
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I had my bad taste in music stage from like 8-12, I was listening to what I would now (at 23) consider decent music by the time I was 13 (isn't there an age limit on this site?). I've just been spending time since then finding more and more bands and genres to add to my figurative (and literal) collection. I don't understand your logic, I don't need past experience in a genre to appreciate a good band.

My logic is more that, currently (at 20), the music I listen to IS slightly different from that at 12-14 - I was still on Bad Religion and NOFX at 13, and only went deeper than when I was about 15.

I guess people just reach their definite opinion on what they like, at different times.
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Absolutely not, but I did approach music with an open mind and if someone would've showed me the music I listen to today, back then... I probably wouldn't of missed so many awesome shows.

That's true, but I also feel if someone had shown me the music I listen to now, I wouldn't have had the maturity to appreciate it at the time.

Saw a couple of decent bands last night, I recommend The Living Daylights (from Lincoln) and Taking Chase (from the 'burgh). The former being a catchy-ish 4-piece punk band who could get slightly repetitive while still being interesting enough to listen, and the latter being a somewhat modern-day hardcore influenced 5-piece punk band who are just, erm, very good.
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I only recommend people things they'll actually like if they're cool.

edit: and the only way to prove you're cool is to like the music I rec'd that I didn't think you should.. it's kinda a vicious cycle.

Which is fine, but surely you didn't jump from the first punk band you heard, to the music you recommend now?

No one will jump from Bad Religion and NOFX to most of the bands you recommended. They won't. I guess it's not our responsibility to "nurture people's tastes", but we can at least recommend folk something they might like that we used to, or still, like.

I don't know, it's not exactly a right/wrong scenario anyway.
Quote by lookpizza
He said Takaru sucked and that NOFX and Bad Religion were among his favorite punk bands. He said that The Ramones and Misfits weren't poppy. ****ing Christ this guy is a moron and deserves no defense.

Completely true.

I'd have probably just recommended him to Propagandhi and Latterman, though.
They just released the whole album worth of stuff, so not quite old news.

Hardcore -> Post-hardcore?

Anyway, it's absolutely lovely. A big fan of at least half of the album.
Hey axeslash, I study Maths. Well, Mathematics with Music. But primary Mathematics. It also involves drinking a lot of whisky and having the "Yep. Maths professors work us a lot harder than your English professors.". But definitely enjoyable.

What exactly are you looking forward to studying? Group Theory is all kinds of wonderful.

To all you East-Coast US folk - The Murderburgers (who I believe are the best Pop-punk band from Europe I've heard) are heading your way, playing:

Fri 29 July - Tommy's Tavern, Brooklyn, NY

Sat 30 July - Mr Beery's, Long Island, NY

Sun 31 July - TBA, NY

Tue 2 Aug - The Meat Locker, Montclair, NJ

Wed 3 Aug - TBA, DE

Thu 4 Aug - Lava Lounge, Pittsburgh, PA

Fri 5 Aug - Keg Party!, PA

Sat 6 Aug - Afternoon @ Le Grande Fromage, Atlantic City, NJ (Elephant Talk Music Festival, MBs on stage @ 3.45pm). Evening @ El Bar, Philly, NJ

Sun 7 Aug - Punk Fest Aftershow @ Venue TBC, NY

Mon 8 Aug - Gettysburg Moose Park, Gettysburg, PA

Tue 9 Aug - Blondeshells, Silver Springs, MD

Wed 10 Aug - TBA, Eastern PA

Thu 11 Aug - Attending Insubordination Fest @ Ottobar, Baltimore, MD

Fri 12 Aug - Attending Insubordination Fest @ Ottobar, Baltimore, MD

Sat 13 Aug - Playing at Insubordination Fest @ Ottobar, Baltimore, MD

Sun 14 Aug - Monty's Krown, Rochester, NY

Tue 16 Aug - MJ's Pub, Martinsburgh

Wed 17 Aug - TBA, VA

Thu 18 Aug - The Get Down, Asheville, NC

Fri 19 Aug - Jimbo's Rock Lounge, Charleston, SC

Sat 20 Aug - The Camel, Richmond, VA (Best Friends Day Fest Aftershow!)

So get there and watch them, you won't regret it!
Quote by SuperBlob
And I KNOW I've been listening to them longer than you, as when I first saw them you had no idea who they were.

Plus none of you have seen them 3 times

Also the Dude Trips years were just as good as the Small Pleasures years, you silly person.

Saw them on Sunday night. Bought the CD. Good times.

You're lucky, you're southern. You get to see them lots. But we have the Murderburgers, the best pop-punk out of Europe....
Seeing them tomorrow. Very good times.
Quote by pxr
For me it's been happy punk style. Let's start with Fenix TX, Fork Period, Green Day, Blink, I consider The Vandals, Guttermouth, Screeching Weasel, The Apers, The Queers, Dead Milkmen, even The Descendents with Songs like "Nothing With You." I'm pretty sure I know what pop punk is, been playing for ten years in pop punk bands.

What do you think pop punk is? If the answer is anything more than saying a bunch of dumb kids having fun and acting silly being romantics one minute and fart jokes the next then I guess I've had it wrong.

Even the Descendents? Descendents are one of the best examples you could have given.

You've named a lot of bands that are famous for pop-punk, but quite simply, it is more about the style than lyrical content.
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Have any of you guys ever tried lucid dreaming? I was going to try it, but I'm too lazy/apathetic about sleeping experiences.

Takes too much organisation and effort. I somewhat attempted it (as in, did preparatory stuff, like making logs of dreams when I wake up) for a month or so, but it gets tedious. Far from relaxing.

Became too busy to prioritise it.

Also, it seems Alkaline Trio are continuing that trend of "bad puns" in album names
Hello peeps. Time to get you lot slightly jealous.

Mikey Erg is playing an acoustic set as part of an awesome independent set in December. Awesome stuff. Awesome awesome stuff.
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Jimmy Page.


We should talk about true punk lead guitar gods. Like Billy Joel Armstrong (his solos in the first two albums was like shredders) and the brown dude from Sum 182.
Quote by BrianApocalypse
Jam session today. Hopefully all will go well.

EDIT: Good times, I'm looking forward to presenting the punk forum with a demo tape.

You know you're onto a winner when an afternoon jam session turns into a 10-hour drinkathon.

Awesome stuff man, happy it worked out.
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sorry dude there is a song wake me up til september ends by simple plan cause i researched it. sorry i really am please for give me

Quote by WantsLesPaul
Yeah I like that one too! It's probably the best song Simple plant will ever write!

What about "Fat Lip" and "Teenagers"?
Right, thought I might as well share stuff here - here's some bands I've seen locally recently who are worth mentioning!

The Murderburgers - the best Pop-punk I've heard out of Europe, and they have a live show to match it (well, surpass it)

- Saw them recently, they put on an intense-as-**** live show. Hardcore in the vein of Minor Threat and F-Minus. They just released a free release, which you can check here:

Black Volvo - Dutch Punk Rock, they were pretty good live. Their recordings aren't quite as good, but worth a listen.

Iron Chic - American gruff melodic punk ala Latterman and Lawrence Arms - I couldn't catch them (they played a Glasgow show which I couldn't get to) but their free-to-download album was brilliant (which you can download for free on their 'bandcamp' page!

Grand Hotel Paradox - a miiinor bit of self-promotion here; this is a band I started briefly, but left when I moved to Edinburgh. They released a 4-song release which is absolutely awesome, that I'm very very impressed with, so thought it was worth sharing!

Check it out! I was considering starting a new thread along the lines of "local bands you see and want to share" but I thought the Punk Recommendations thread will do, what do you think?
Quote by Mgraz
They are pop and punk rock...I still say they are punk

You're going to hate yourself for saying that in about 2 years.

Maybe 3.

Also, this is probably just me being a bit of a douche, but having a phone that can access the internet and using it to post on forums is as close to "not punk" as you can go.
The new advert on the homepage is annoying me.

Is it more than a pick? Really? Really, though?
Saw these guys a couple of months ago - it was a tiny punk all-dayer in a 80-person venue crammed with about 90 people. They were really good - they set up facing each other and their voices compliment each other well.

That said, I was really tired, and felt somewhat bored after the 4th or 5th song. On another day though, I'm sure I would have enjoyed them more.
Quote by BrianApocalypse
Cheers dude, I appreciate that.

Right now is the single most pivotal moment in my life, and if the potential group that I'm banking on forming doesn't happen, I don't think that I'll be able to deal with the dissapointment. I just won't get over it.

I wish I was in a vegetative state so I wouldn't have to deal with mind shit. Or alternatively if I was a genius I wouldn't mind dealing with mind shit, because that's the cross that you bear by being a genius. Sadly this is not the case, I am only too well aware of my mediocrity.

Man, not to put down anything lavazza said previously or whatever, but I really really hate singer-songwriters who just play a bunch of covers. That said, it does keep you going if you aren't in a project for now.

The fact that you're disappointed that you think you may not make music again shows that you want to, though. Don't force it; if you feel like playing stuff, do. If you meet someone really cool that you badly want to start a project with, do it. These people that you might start a group with aren't the last people you're likely to meet.

I was really depressed for the first 3-4 months I moved to Edinburgh (in September) because I really thought I'd find more people than I did - I met a lot of lame folk, and was generally feeling any chance of starting a decent project again was gone. I was really regretting leaving my band(s) in Dubai and moving here. In the last couple of months though, I've slowly found a few folk I'm happy with, and things are starting up.

Seriously, just wait. I hope this thing works out. If it doesn't, wait, write some stuff for future projects, and take some time off. You'll find something or the other to pick yourself up!
Yeah man that'd be great! Sent you a PM with my contact details and stuff - let me know if you end up going. I was dreading the going-to-show-alone part a bit.
Quote by SuperBlob
Oh come on. This is ****ing ridiculous.

That Descendents gig that got cancelled? Weeeell, it's been rescheduled TO MY MUM'S BIRTHDAY. GOD****INGDAMNIT.

In other news hooolyyyy shiiiit

I'm definitely heading down. Unfortunately, since I only recently moved to Scotland, I don't actually have ANY folk I know who're going. Been going to a lot of shows alone.

Still, should be a decent show. I'm overtly excited.
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GuitarPro has this lovely way of putting everything as sharps or flats, depending on the key signature, so make sure you correct it (there's a "Change accidental"-function or something like that) where needed.

Personally I wouldn't use GuitarPro for notation as it's rather ill-suited for the task. Since you're getting the chance to work with a violinist, you ought to strive make the score as legible as you can and the presentation as good as possible, both to make working with the music easy and to encourage further collaboration.

Guitar Pro has another annoying feature where the key signature is not repeated at the start of each stave - which puts off a lot of classical musicians when reading it.

To be honest, if it's a single violinist, you could use guitarpro to write the sheet music, and then make notes by hand on the print-out to add any extra featurs, like accents, slurs, ornaments, etc. Just make sure you've grouped the notes correctly rhythmically - that's the other problem with guitarpro sometimes. Classical musicians are used to reading notes a certain way - group the quavers etc. in the correct way.
I vaguely remember this thread. Looked through it to find I wore a t-shirt and trousers.

I still wear a t-shirt (usually blank white) and trousers. Sometimes a jumper. Exciting change in apparel.

I don't see anything wrong with the so called punk apparel. I turn my nose up against it sometimes when it's obvious the person's spent a lot of money trying to go for a certain "look", but when it's cost-effective and comfortable, who cares....
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I only listened to Frankenchrist once, and I wasn't paying much attention. Bedtime indeed has too many songs. I found it grating (like all of the DKs' work) but not particularly enjoyable (like the best of the DKs' work).

Give Frankenchrist another listen. It's almost my favorite DK album.

Plastic Surgery Disasters tops the list.
I recently saw a Dutch punk band who were touring up here. They're called Black Volvo - they're genuinely very good. They've all got very good voices, and it's quite catchy even if you've never seen them before!

They were touring up in Scotland for a little while, check them out! This band newpokerface is pretty good as well!
Quote by jiminizzle
personally giving up the ghost is probably my favorite

Mine too. I just felt "Little by little" had potential.

Giving up the ghost is just a very very well written song.
Anyone else feel the rattling percussion and guitar-that-is-ever-so-slightly-out-of-tune-enough-to-annoy-you prevent "Little by Little" from being the best track out of the new album?
I always though Bill Stevenson should be up there.

But I also think John Wright from NoMeansNo deserves a mention. A ridiculously good drummer, a fact probably highlighted in the records just cause of the perfect cohesion with his brother on bass. It's important.
I just moved to Edinburgh after playing in Punk bands and Punk/Ska bands in Dubai.

I'm looking for any musicians up for playing music similar to Faraquet, Black Eyes or even something like Mr. Bungle, where music is constantly changing to keep things interesting, experimenting with harmony, time signatures and tonality.

I play guitar, can sing, and can also play bass if necessary.

Anyway, please reply if interested.
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Talking about "experimental" music is dumb. At least "post-punk" actually describes music in terms of its context in the real world. "Experimental" supposed to describe an approach to making music, but people are prone to call a band experimental if its music sounds like the experimental music that came 20 years earlier. That's lame.

Normally I'm not so pedantic about such things, but unlike nominal epithets like "crust" or "new wave," "experimental" has an absolute definition. Heck, even "avant-garde," which is pretty much synonymous, is a little better because it carries connotations of certain historical movements. As an elitist ******, I'm irritated when I get the impression that people call something experimental just because it has some synths or something.

The last minute of "Study in Complacency" is amongst the best music I've heard.