This is totally out of my options but I decided to buy Fender offset Mustang MIM shell pink. Tried out the jazzmaster n it was too heavy. The am special tele was just like another MIM tele for me. Lol
But anyways thank you all for your replies!
Still cant make up my mind, wish I could have both
Yea i want a new one. Is tele am special much better than mim tele?
So 1 voted the jazzmaster and 3 voted US tele.

I am more of a fender woman 🤣 Especially for the last guitar that I will buy for the rest of my life *i think* should be Fender.
How about jaguar cp HH? Does it have many tonal options?
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These bolded phrases raise a good question: are you trying to expand your tonal options or sticking closer to HB & P90 sounds?

I am trying to get a guitar which can take anything
Yes i love the tremolo and switching system. I was thinking to put a bigsby on my ja90 but then I changed my mind and bought squier jazzmaster instead which I really loved and had to sell it for an upgrade
That's what I thought , jazzmaster because of the offset body and cool switches! But the thought of having MiM for the last guitar makes me think twice. Do you have any suggestion of a better fuZz/overdrive? I already have badmonkey
I want a fresh brand new guitar 😍 This might be my last guitar since I already have 2 kids and a newborn 😆
My budget is $1000 in new york city.

Current rig:
Fender JA90, Gibson SGJ
Vox AC15
Morley wah vol
Digitech badmonkey
Ehx graphic fuZz
Ehx memory toy delay
Digitech polara reverb

Thats all

Thank you for replying. I play paramore, the cure, radiohead, etc. I am trying to get ambient sound for postrock too. Basically I want a versatile guitar that has many range of sound. So only telecaster and jazzmaster are my options. I have gibson SGJ and Fender thinline ja90. I will be purchasing my last guitar 😅 I play through vox AC15
Hi musicians,
I have been saving money to get a perfect guitar for gigging and practice. I cant seem to make up my mind either to buy an american telecaster or MIM jazzmaster. I play mostly every music top 40, rock, pop, funk, indie and jazz. Which guitar would suit me best as a female guitarist? Just give me your thoughts please?
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either would most likely be fine. you are familiar with bigsby's right? they aren't a trem like a strat or similar. very subtle when using.

Ya i tried bigsby on epiphones and gretsch... Thats why I really want ittt
Tough choice really... Thanks for your opinions guys! Still looking for more votes!
Hi musicians,
I am having a hard time in deciding which guitars of mine that will be better with a bigsby. Gibson SGJ or fender telecaster thinline ja90? I am loving a vibrato sound. But ya what do you guys think???
If i buy ac4 that will be my first tube amp. But i dont have tuner and reverb pedal. I will be using my pedalboard: bad monkey, ehx graphic fuzz, memory toy delay, and boss rc3 looper. So do you think its worth it with ac4? Or with pedalboard id better off with a solid state? Thx
so the ac4 would be just good for clean and dirt without stomp boxes , if that's what you mean?
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The AC4 is a tube amp, but it comes with a 12 inch speaker option.

The Orange 20RT is a solid state amp, 8 inch speaker.

Ya i still cannot make up my mind to choose either tube or solid state for my budget.
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Between those two it's the AC4 all the way, but I have to ask, why only those two choices?

because my max budget is $250 and , the vox ac4 is on clearance at GC right now the orange has a tuner and reverb which is an advantage for me.
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If you're looking for an amp just for practice in your apartment, have you considered buying a set of monitor speakers and using a program like Amplitube? That's what I've replaced my amps with, and I've never really regretted it. Having the monitor speakers are great for listening to music with, and you don't need to crank them to sound good. Plus, if you find one of those Jack Sparrow'd versions of Amplitube online, you're set.

Failing my suggestion, I have absolutely nothing else to contribute to this thread.

Thanks, I am using it right now. I just feel i need more "oomph" hehe
hey guys,
I want to buy a nice little amp for practice in my apartment. Which one has better value and sound between Vox AC4 and Orange 20RT? please help me choose. I will be playing it with my telecaster MIM standard.

I finally bought A fender MIM Telecaster in lake placid blue.. It is just more versatile and ya the casino had some minor painting problem so I didn't choose it.
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Do they have mail in your homeland? It sounds like you have some nice guitars back home. Why not just send one over? Otherwise, Gibson type of hollow body would be too limiting for me. Get something with a Humbucker in bridge and a single coil at neck, or a standard Tele if you want twang and put a mini-humbucker in it. Basically, you gotta decide where you want to be on the growl or twang spectrum. Personally, if I had to choose just one guitar, it would be 25.5" scale. Lastly, how about stepping out and getting a 7-string?

I can just mail it but it costs so much, I'd rather buy another mid-range level guitar for now. So you vote for a telecaster then. Oh 7 String guitar? no ...way.
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The biggest thing to remember about chinese made Casinos is that they suck.

Why do you say so? I heard good things about hollowbody epiphones, but meh...
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For what it's worth, there's a few HH Teles in the MIM range. I wouldn't necessarily class them as "real" Teles, but they're pretty cool guitars in their own right. There's also the JA-90 thinline with Duncan P-90s.

Ya i have the thinline ja90 but i left it in my home country. I was also thinkin bout the HH tele , never found it at the local shop though. What kind of music do u play with standard tele? I dont have a band rightnow so I mostly will play it for home recording or just play solo
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What about a MiM strat with a humbucker in the bridge very versatile and lighter than a Tele?

I got bored of stratocaster 😬
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What color is the Epiphone? The vintage sunburst is gorgeous, but the red one is fantastic as well.

it is in natural colour, I like it better than sunburst but I'm still thinking about getting a telecaster in lake placid blue
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OK I know this isn't what you asked, but I'm a P90 fan, and I would be looking at the Fender Modern Player guitars with those pickups. I player the thinline deluxe MP tele a while back and really liked it, for both tone and workmanship.

I tried the modern telecaster , the fret wasn't really nice..
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I guess I'd probably say the Casino then. P-90s have a fair bit of beef to their sound and I've always found it easier to thin out a fat tone than to thicken up a thin one. I think a Tele would be more limiting.

Thank you. +1 for casino. Probably in 2 years I will buy a tele
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I just bought an MIM Tele (Classic Player Baja) and I'm absolutely in love with it, but Epiphone archtops really are fantastic too.

I think basically it comes down to what tones you're after. What do you currently have and do you want to get a similar guitar or explore new territory?

Since I just moved to USA, Rightnow I have nothing. All my guitars are in my home country. So yea I need one guitar that can take it all
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I would vote Telecaster personally. I've never played a casino coupe but I have a Tele and love it. I am Fender biased though!

telecaster MIA or MIM?
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Both great guitars, buy the one that reflects your sound the best.

I like em both, but I can only choose one. In terms of weight I like casino more though... Which one can handle pedals better?
Hi musicians,
I'm going to buy a guitar for my birthday, and after all the choices I've made I narrowed it to either get a Telecaster or a hollow body casino coupe. Which one do you vote for all kind of music? I will be using it with Orange crush 20RT with pedals like EHX Graphic Fuzz, delay EHX Memory Toy, and Bad monkey overdrive.

Please reply with your vote! thanks
which guitar did you finally buy?