you can rate and critique all of it or one song...

post the link to yours and i'll do the same
yo man i love the song! im an experimental singer, could i put in some vocals in it and see if you like it? if yeah then FUn if not it ok, but yeah man it sounds good i wish i could create badass sounding drums for free but i can't find the software
yo man i could give it a shot if you'd like? if the offer still stands of course email me the song
thank you guys for the crits. i love all your music aswell!
HELL NO!! man this is original fresh and is trippy. i love the vocal track man. let me rephrase it i love the vocals. and the music.. well the music my friend is a door into the vast experimenting abbys. in a nutshell id buy this in a heart beat and i know someone who will love our music as i do. thank you for this wonderful music and inspiration.
like i said in the comment this music is off the wall you should seriously think of writing more if your interested i could lay some vocals on your music. check mine out if u have a chance to see if your interested.
i listened to all three man: july angel took me somewhere i heavent been in awhile. (music does that) politician was good too man keep making this beautiful music. theres nothing wrong with it just that it would be cool if you played with the pans more actively but those songs are perfect.
definitely something id buy it could use a lil bit more tweaks here and there(tempo wise) but i like where it takes me. like i said on the comment i like your voice and how it compliments the music.

crit mine please?
also listen to it on headphones which would definitely give you better experience.
Wrote a new song it is quite different. the guitars are raw vocals are too a bit out of tone in parts but its a rough draft. tell me what you think please

Song: Best of Me

thank you guys,

- Sik Mind
im not yet finished but i think its going good i really cant put my finger on genre it could be but check it out, also if you have music i can check out. thanks

"On The inside"

- Sik Mind
well its a work in process misspelled some words on the lyrics but it a deep song for anyone with problems in their homes probably will understand the intensity of this song
Song is called "same Old Story" C4C if youd like. i hope you guys like it if not tell me what i could do to fix it or intensify the feeling of it. thanks!

- Sik Mind
actually i have already man most of your songs they are freaking A! and DowninFlames i like that calmness you bring with each song.
i like this song and like someone said before me its gonna sound repetetive due to the lack of vocals. but overall my friend its a freaking beautiful song. i like all your work. you have a good singing voice and the quality of the music is 100% clear. but that is just me. Very well done.
Like i said man title fits with the music wish i could have an mp3 version. so i can go to sleep to it. also if it were to transition at the end into like a nightmarish type of sound. just an idea. puting it out there... :P
well im working on a new album thing deal so any song you listen is good {remember its the demo of it} tell me what you think
last few "album" that ive done have been anything from extremly crazy to ridiculous. but in my opinion its what i felt at the time. This new album is a different type of emotions. it's everything left to be told. most of you will not understand but i hope you enjoy some of this songs and get to exhale some stress.

this is some of the new material i would like if yo guys could help me out here by telling me your opinion on what it would sound nice or what doesnt. that could count as colab and will give the credit.

i would return the favor if you take the time to help me out here.

- Sik Mind
Ok i have posted this already but this post is more informative for each song

1.Moving on - acoustic guitar mixed with screams and really experimental groove melodies. with different effects.
2. Acid Shawers - really solid acoustic song aswell experimental with a trippy ending
3. Voices - short song acoustic too
4. Dark side - strong lyrics and melodies powerful solo
5. Bleed me out - another short song
6. H.(home) - a short song with powerful lyrics
7. the other side - experimental vocals and melodies
8. laying awake - acoustic song with a hard to forget chorus
9. no peace - definite one of the most experimental songs on the list first song write
10. untitled feelings - dedicated to a special someone. mixed feeling with a nice grove and effects
11. Wonderland - bilingual song that has a powerful earcatching sound to it
12. fade away - sad song with good melodies to it
13. love struck - this one is a hard one to describe but is acoustic vocal experimental
14. where is my sunshine - weird weird song here folks
15. smell your dead - trippy song with trippy lyrics great closing to the list. one of my favorite ones to play

again guys feel free to listen to these songs i will listen to your music aswell. if you want to collab i am defenitivly into that. and drop a comment here or on my page i will return the favor. as we all are trying to make our music be heard.
hey man sorry it took awhile to listen to your music but i just have had long hours at work. but i listen to the song (the first one) and i loved it the piano man is epic and raw the chord progressions were solid man. but theres is alot of room for other instruments or even a vocal track. but you have talent
well really man wow!.. the guitar is perfect instrumental orcherstra are just perfect for this song. my favorite part is Time will whisper words I cannot hear
The fade-out of our harmony is near
It seems the end of my road isn't here
Am I free?

theres a lil part where the piano isnt sync'd with the guitar but its a 10/10 perfecto

could you rate mine? just pick any of the songs
the opening man its monsterous amazing. the voice its just perfect for the music. the riffs are raw and powerful. few flaws the bass tone and just like the guy above said its just subjective. but i dig the song actually i head bopped to it. very well done mate!

Crit mine?
New Album Moving on check out any song on there and ill do the same for you. tell me what you like what you dont anything in the middle. and enjoy! thanks!
Hey nick... all i can say is man.... Beautiful music man unbelievable that is only you??! your voice is so trained and serene... why heavent you been signed?!... well crit on the song i like the mellow heavy arrangement... i like the lyrics pretty catchy... love all the music!
crit mine if u have time

we should collab someday...

OneLove (king of your world)

its kinda comical tell me what you think its for a special girl in my life... she knows who she is... haha thanks and ill crit yours too just leave the link down there

the Vocals are Really clear man.. this is music i could Listen Lay down and relax a good Summer Breese... i like the different sounds coming togather -It's not far.

really smooth sound throught all the song and catchy vocals we should do a collaboration sometime..-Where have you been if you care to have a listen to my side
the link is

the song is hide its off the new album that i selft produce and self recorded its pretty decent for my own crappy little Sound.. tell me what you think thanks!! ohh And Happy New Year!

i played with pitches and tempos on the vocals added alot of different themes in this one... tell me what you think... thanks like always C4C

no i have no band im promoting new songs.. of a new album
New Album im about to finish it heres the Almost Final Product tell me what you think tell me the flaws if you may.. or what sounds good or what should be thrown out heres the link

and remember C4C

Thanks, enjoy

Damn ****ing Heavy the snare Sounds acoustic.. a lil bit digital but it kicks ass where are the vocals? i could try doing some just for the **** of it... well check my shit out
if u can
Really Mellow man... Head boppin'... and i like Your name aswell Really mellow all your songs... Nice Job i added ya! Check mine out if u have time on your hands
New Album im about to finish it heres the Almost Final Product tell me what you think tell me the flaws if you may.. or what sounds good or what should be thrown out heres the link

and remember C4C

Thanks, enjoy

they are crazy riffs that started out of Drinking and Cocaine! check em out tell me what you think u can find the full songs on my mp3 tab thanks again ill crit your stuff now and for those two people i heavent crit on them i will do that right now! thanks again

hey i played with pitches on this song tell me what you think
this song is called goodbye and its for all humanity from my heart.... tell me what you think and the usual C4C if requested so thanks for atleast listening to it. heres the link

-Sik Mind
hey well im making a new song but idk if im going in the right usually i dont care i follow my intuition or whatever but idk i want some opinions the song is on my myspace so check out "results may vary"