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Bitch, please.

Nesquik is good as ****.
Except the chunks of powdery chocolate lava.

Also to whoever posted the Half Life parody video

Best Machinma Series Ever IMO.

He also makes another Half Life Series called Civil Protection which I also find hilarious
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I've almost beaten the Nihilanth

/eleven years late

Tsk tsk tsk, it's a shame cause once you know how to beat him he's very easy =_=.

The last battle in HL2 is easy as **** too.

Anywho another classic video,

Always makes me laugh but it's probably just me.
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Same, but I have to make it with a lot of mix.

Nigga what the **** is Mix, get some chocolate syrup.
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I remember the Opeth thread in the metal forum was so off-topic it spawned an exclusively off-topic thread. That's been closed like, 3 times

Anyways, this video is beautiful:

I will admit when I first saw it , it made me laugh, but god damn it's so retarded.

Half Life = <3
Obviously has a kiddie porn dungeon.
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My dad was from Sheboygan, Wisconson. I have had some AWESOME cheese.

What about Bratwurst?

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If only the rules to these forums my friend weren't so harsh, then we would reach full potential.
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Jesus Christ, this thread moves fast. It went from roughly 10,500 replies to over 12,000 in about a week or so.

That's what happens when you have a thread that is never on topic.

Who want's to guess what Momen's favorite Concert Tour is?
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But that's not animu.

Actually totally reminded me of the show Kiddy Grade.
H-Palm changed their layout

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Back off, she's mine!

Woah if we're going to go into this I call dibs on Soi Fon and Emma Watson <_<
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It's ok, I'm quite a Church sometimes as well

EDIT: and I never said I didn't like Church. The fact that he's a dick makes him one of my favorite characters.

Not like he doesn't have a reason to be a dick after all seems like the ****ty stuff is always happening to him lol.
Actually I'm surprised I never see these in this thread

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Church is a dick. So I voted for him, because I knew no one else would.

If not for that fact, I'd have voted Griff, because his personality matches mine exactly.

But I like Church cause he is like me
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What exactly is a "true friend", anyways?

It is a rumor made up by people who like to simplify things.


I just went there.
Needs less EVA.
I liked Read Or Die >_>

Rev please if you're going to do that at least don't post big pics >_>
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What a silly boy. The future is written. Whatever has happened has happened, and whatever will happen is already going to happen because of what we're doing now. Whatever we do will be what is done, and so trying to change what we're doing will not change what happens, because what happens is always going to be what happens just as a result of what we've done now.

Well tell me then me all knowing future man, did you predict that I would tell you to blow it out your ass?
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Let's see some actual older anime ladies!

Like older than 25.

I literally can't think of a single one.
I didn't like Pearl Jam's new album, but if you're listening to Siamese Dream you might as well get Mellon Colie and the Infinite Sadness

Caboose FTW.

Then Church.

Edit: LOL someone beat me to that quote.


My Name is Michael J Caboose and I hate babiesssss.
This photo creeps me out

He is my wallpaper right now,

it is a "quote" by him, and yes if you are interested in it, the documentary is good.
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*Checks Username*

Hmmmm, it doesn't say 'Leviathan' OR Momentosis....

I think you have me mixed up with someone else.

Oh I'm sorry I indeed thought you were momen.
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I sticky ed that thread, right under the hot chicks thread.



Which are both bookmarked under your loliporn dungeon.

Pretty much everything around 6.


Edit: Oh I get it but I can't find a girl that matches mine >: |
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Asian enough for you, Momie?

I just find them creepy.
Needs to learn to capitalize.

I'm still waiting for someone to actually know what my sig is from.
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o i c lol

thats ok then

it is a favorite of mine

except i hate the idea of multi player. i just don't understand why games today need it. TBH some of my favorite games on ps3 where 1 player only.

but i guess it is hard to compete with other games that offer it but i just don't see myself playing deathmatch on it IDK why

I'd say Multiplayer is huge now especially because of Halo 3 and Cod 4 respectively,

for instance the story mode in CoD is short yet the multiplayer is fun as hell in my opinion and replayable over and over.