She's self conscious about the smell of her down stairs mix up.

End thread.
Built To Spill


Or Pavement, weezer sounds like them

Keane sounds like The Killers

Editors they sound like Interpol.
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I admit I had to look at a guide to solve some of the puzzles in the game. I don't think it's an age or generation thing, the more you play point and click games the more you get into the mindset of the genre, so you get used to trying all the weird combinations of objects on anything that clickable in the room. I think its more the games you grew up playing than anything else.

I grew up playing Final Fantasy 7 and Castlevania Symphony of the Night which is probably why I love music so much (two of the best soundtracks ever (Symphony is an actual orchestral soundtrack)) and probably why I'm so oblivious now because in those games it's all straight forward go here now go here and here, where as Grim Fandango was like you're here and yeah, have fun.
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Was it supposed to be funny?

I laughed at cummyback.

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Spirituality is grand, but it's got nothing on conciousness.

Anyway, moving on, the point is, I do not fear death.

And thus I will live longer then you who do.
Duplicate Threads Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

On that note that's the same sound I'll be making if they make it and I see it.
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^What was it?
I once heard a car horn from my sister's room at 3AM...

Lol it actually was the noise those venom headcrabs make in Half Life 2 it was loud as shit and at the top of my steps BUT NOTHING WAS THERE.

That was an odd occurence though I usually just hear my phone ringing or vibrating and I look and NO ONE IS PHONE.
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I agree

Would you even go as far as to say it was Epic for the win?
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How could you comprehend those sensations, if you didn't exist?

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Oh my god that's one of the worst things I've ever heard.

Also, I'm pretty sure the utterance of the phrase "epic for the win" caused healthy children to starve and starving children to die in some corner of the world.

That reminded me of Brokncyde
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It dose suffer from some nonsensical puzzles, though that doesn't make it any less awesome.

Well of course that's what makes it such a unique and awesome game.

My favorite being when you have to get the Balloons at the beginning and he tells the clown to make a balloon animal of Robert Frost.

But that whole part with *spoilers?* having to get the playing cards put a hole in one then get those balloons and all that crazy shit for the mail room in the beginning*end*
how the **** is anyone supposed to know that?

Maybe I was just raised in a different generation of gamers where we just play mindless violent games?
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Good Athlete? Sure

Dumb as hell? Absolutely.

Who cheats on their supermodel wife?

A dude with some pretty big golf balls.
Yes really as I don't even use Live so if the single is even shorter then it was in the first I'm going to be so pissed.

But playing as a big daddy is going to awesome.

I wonder if they're will be new plasmids as well? I'm sure.
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Emma Watson
Emma Watson
Meg Griffin

Son of a bitch.

I was going to say
F Fox just to say I did
M Emma Watson cause the first would just be excluded.
and kill anyone else, doesn't matter really.
Epic game is epic.

Delaying the second made me rage though I was like FIRST Half Life delays a billions years, now this?!?!

But when bio2 come out it will be ****ing amazing.
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You can't think about being dead, that's impossible.

I'm thinking about being dead right now, me nice and cold under some dirt, so peaceful.

Maybe some nice flowers on my grave.
Pft I'd just get high as shit and take a bath in some new dollar bills.
*notices your signature*

Bioshock eh?
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Just about everything.
It's nice to be alive, you can do stuff.

Yeah but just think about all the more stuff you do being dead.
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I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but they have these great new things called condoms...........

You mean raincoats?
What's so important about living?
I'm sure if your resourceful you could find it somewhere on the internet cough cough.

But be forewarned, if you're the oblivious type like me and you don't want to use a walk through Grim Fandango can be a toughy.
Yes, and even though you didn't ask, Emma Watson.

Also first and inb4 haters and Hayley Williams
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Why? The original if fine as it is.

I know but it is unstable on XP and now with Vista and Windows 7 out and you know Macs it has to at least be updated/patched.
Monkey Island remake I want a Grim Fandango remake.
Relationship thread I broke up with my girlfriend because I found her physically and mentally boring and then didn't tell her why and said it wasn't her it was me, does that make me a bad person?
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I'd like one as a pet.

****ing ditto.

Beat me to it.
Did you check under the desk?
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I saw this on Cracked ages ago.


And then I saw it on the Colbert Report.


I just wear windbreakers.

Hold on while I go capture some, breed it to attack human tongues then put millions into the water supplies.
If the Flyers don't win a game soon or give Marty his record breaking shut out tonight, I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT I'LL DO.
Older then that lunchmeat in my fridge that's rotting.
I recently oddly enough, yesterday just told my friend who just got God Of War 1&2 to get SoftheC and he was like wat.

and I was all like

I haven't done one of these since I left weeks ago and I was like 44-20

But anyway

NO @ ATL Saints FOO
SEA @ HOU Texans
CAR @ NE Pats
BUF @ KC Bills
DET @ BAL Ravens
NYJ @ TB Jets
GB @ CHI Bay
WAS @ OAK Oakland?
SD @ DAL Diego
ARI @ SF Ari
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Obvious Pit Answer: Join in

Damn and here I thought I was going to original.
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You must be new here.

No actually?

The puns are always bad(some witty ones eventually), I just wanted to contribute and couldn't think of one. >: |