Oh then in that case songs like Bulletproof I wish I was by Radiohead as well as Fake Plastic Trees. And Hallelujuah by Jeff Buckley is bad if you think about the talent he had and how young (and how weird) he died. Maybe Positive Negative by Modest Mouse and Trailer Trash.

But those aren't really make me cry songs they're just depressing =_=

Anime Related - I have gotten no where with bleach I just can't sit still long enough and concentrate to watch it.
I wish pre-merger g4tv was still around, sad face.
Hack hack cough cough.

Excuse me.

Well with skimming above posts and getting on topic, I can't really think of any anime related songs that have made me sad, I can remember sad parts though like coughtheendofchobitsandcowboybebopcough. However no songs.

Real Folk Blues is a good one though.
Gaming Thread, I have a conundrum =_=,

Back in say, March? When they released both DLC packs for Fable 2 I got them and installed them, however now when I went to play them (yes months later I had no interested) they do not show up in game?

This could be a few things.

1. When I downloaded them I downloaded the free one of each first then the paid for one
2. When I paid and downloaded them I was on a different live account but the DLC is on the same harddrive.
3. I have no idea.


Bill Gates/Microsoft ****ed me over. AGAIN.
Although now that I think about it, that's pretty messed up supposing this is really a movie that only kids and people over 12 that shouldn't read about wizards.

So they should make the scene and release it on a directors cut DVD/Blu Ray.

Extra Cash ftw.
I'm torn between the woman I'm infatuated with and that troll kid that creeps me out.

But hold on I have to go change my pants from the former.
About two weeks later I finally got my FFIX to work with ePSXe >_>
Quote by Holy Katana
I have no idea. A ton of other forums do them all the time. UG appears to prefer the CYOA method of collective storytelling, probably because people can freeload if they don't want to write.

I used to belong to a few RP forums way back, years ago.

They were a lot different the CYOA though, but it doesn't really involve any writing I mean basically you start the thread with the plot and then people just add their own characters and background stories etc when needed.

Though I agree, I don't think one would fit in well here on UG =_=

Quote by DollSteak
Role-Playing Thread? How would it work? the only role playing i remember was during middle school, when we memorized short dialogues to learn english or french XD

PS. the connection problem persists, the whole local area is involved: I hate this company

Basically someone makes a plot for the thread then people fill in the roles and etc, it just goes on from there. It's a simple idea really but complex to execute because for it to roll along smoothly you need people who are really active and are willing to create and write up new ideas and etc.
Why isn't there just an actual RP thread?
Where the **** is Rev, I have a picture for him =_=
Quote by Holy Katana
At first, I thought you actually meant with you. Like you'd put it up on your webcam and you could watch it together with someone.

But no, I'm not watching any lame yuri. It has the same problems yaoi does.

Paranoia Agent.

Jeez, I thought you'd be all over it, since you tend to be a snob anyway. Not like being a snob is a bad thing. The world needs more snobs like us.

I am so confused, I mentioned it and then Nihil was like you haven't seen it?


And since when did I become a snob?
Quote by whitenihilist
Have you never seen it?

Seen what?
Paranoia Agent?

I leave for a few hours and then people post =_=

Nihil and Kat were having a serious conversation then momen came and was all like LOL YURI GOGGLES.

Then everything went downhill again.

Edit: I don't know exactly what is going on but I also agree with the .hack suggestion


Quote by Selkies921

I've heard about One Piece and everything you've said about it, might check that eventually too, I know it has something like 400 episodes.

Make sure you don't watch the English version.
Quote by Nexium

That video is ****ing awesome

Holy Katana
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a two and a two always makes a FIVE.
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You can rot and decay!!!

I already am....

On the inside
Hair Metal can rot and decay.
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Isn't Nnoitra a character from bleach???

Lol **** I meant one piece character. xD

Me, Kensai,Casinator > Your Thread.
Quote by Vauxite

But how?

I though space was a vacuum with no air.
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and then some elitist pretentious tossers on a forum started telling metallica they weren't very good. Most of them couldn't write decent music themselves or play their instruments very well so the metallica gang told them to FO.

Here I got something for, hold on let me get it, oh here it is...

If I fart in space,

Does it still smell?
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It feels a bit short, even though it's at the standard 19 pages. There's not enough dialogue. He didn't even do any double-page spreads and it felt short.

Although it goes back to the Mashiro/WW fight, which is cool.

I see I see, I will stick by the fact that the turn back the pendulum arc was the best.

>_> Or atleast the most interesting IMO.

Edit : On a side note , am I the only person who doesn't like how Nnoitra looks like a bleach character.

Edit: One Piece Character.
Quote by Holy Katana
Have you read the new one yet? I'm doing it right now.

Not at the moment no, is it any good so far?

Edit: Wait what?
Quote by Holy Katana
Which one? Bount? Amagai? Zanpakuto Unknown Tales?

The last one >_>

I liked the Bount arc.

Quote by Momentosis
Giant Samurai is cool I guess.

But flowers are pretteh.

So that's 3 for byakuya?

Komamura's bankai needs to be mentioned on the basis of pure awesomeness.

Also I agree this whole meebo bar thing sucks ass.
Quote by DollSteak

Well everyone should know how I feel about So Fon's bankai by now, her being my favorite female character, then kenpachi being the best male one but he doesn't have a bankai.


Tousen has a cool bankai but it didn't work against Kenpachi

Renji's bankai is cool too but he fails =_=

Mayuri's bankai is just...strange.

So on to my 3rd favorite character

Byakuya, who happens to also have my favorite bankai.

There you go then.

Byakuya's bankai ftmfw. Edit: Yes all 3(?) of them.

Edit: To the random guitar girl dump, where can I find a real life version of that first one?
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Sad thing is i don't think TS is trolling.

Check the above post.
Quote by Le_Bunny
FF7 Boss Battle Theme.

This indefinitely.
Y'all postin in a troll thread.
Who and what?
Quote by TheReverend724
well, you talk about Bleach a lot too

Bleach is never a negative.

Though about an entire arc of the show sucks.



*looks around*

She's Leaving Home
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
I've Just Seen a Face