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Because Garrard/Holt is not even in the same stratosphere as Schaub/Johnson

2 people will not save Houston's defense.
I stopped reading at

The pyrotechnics were way cool,
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The only thing I've seen outside of the games is AC, so I can't comment on all the spin offs. For that matter I've not even played all the games yet, some of them are very much very hard to find around here, and my brother(s) broke the ps2 so I can't play most of the rest anyway.

And before I forget again *goes off to get AC soundtrack*

All the FF games for the most part, (6-9) are amazing, atleast IMO.

Also most of spin off media are bullocks IMO, (Dirge of Cerebus,Advent Children, etc)
Crisis Core was decent though >_>

However if you haven't seen this

(Last Order) You need to, only good (and sensible) spin off media, and tells a lot.
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I never even considered subs until I popped the Advent Children disk in and found it defaulted to Japanese with subs. Probably because the only anime I've watched at any point in the last couple years was on the TV, so subs weren't really an option.

It is rather haphazard and all over the place really. But it's Final Fantasy, and I love FF .

It also happens to have some absolute kickass versions of FFVII songs. Especially J-E-N-O-V-A and Advent: One Winged Angel.

Well so do I, FF7 is my favorite game, has been for god knows like 12 years? xD.
But everything besides the one anime they made and maybe one of the spin off games are absolutely horrid IMO.

Also I agree, the remakes for AC are awesome, especially one winged angel.
I agree Cinci is legit this year, anyway my picks for this weekend I'm (34-14) so far.

DET @ CHI Chicagoooo
SEA @ IND Indi
TEN @ JAC Hmm, Jax.
NYG @ KC New Yark (someone call KC for an upset, I DARE YOU TO.)
TB @ WAS Tampa
BAL @ NE Balti
OAK @ HOU Oakland
CIN @ CLE Cinci
BUF @ MIA Miamu
NYJ @ NO Hmm, New Orleans
DAL @ DEN Dallas
STL @ SF San fran
SD @ PIT Pitt
GB @ MIN Minni

Oakland vs Houston bwhahaha.
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I have rarely even seen Syndy, or Sean mention Anime in a long time

*comes from shadows*

That is a damn lie and you know it, I'm the one who says we should be talking anime, I got called a noob because I didn't know this this thread was never on topic.

Tsk tsk tsk.

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So actual anime talk; why was I not informed of the greatness of english subtitles earlier? Although I'm yet to watch an actual anime with subs instead of english dubs, I watched Advent Children last week with the subs, was much more enjoyable, even though there is virtually no difference between the subs and the dub.

That movie confuses the hell out of me.

Also to the above^ I only watch dubs, I know they aren't as good, but I'm lazy and if I wanted to read I'd buy the manga.
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I've never heard it.

TBH, intelligence really doesn't have anything to do with music appreciation.
If sounds bad to you, then it sounds bad, regardless if you're dumb or smart.

It has nothing to do with your opinion of the music it does have something to do with appreciation, someone who is lacking intelligence or music knowledge will not understand the complexity or emotion put into a certain song or etcetera.
What a ****ing awesome video.

Also this
That would be a better sense of humour.
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Should've just ended the scene there before him bleeding.

Exactly my point.
Yeah I kind of figured, Momen only posts when we are actually on topic here.

And we all know that is often and everything.
This thread is beyond quiet, Momen is always around but he doesn't post in here.

Speaking of which I barely see Ichi post in here anymore either.
You forgot? You said I wasn't chill enough to be Urahara.

Anywho, I understand that.
The 14th entry totally ruined it for me.
Who me? I thought I was Urahara.
So everyone is pretty much from a different series so far?
Lol these videos are pretty decent.
Those have to be the most obvious shoops I've seen in a while.
Grim Fandango is ****ing amazing.

But in my opinion a walkthrough is needed, unless you want to spend thousands of mindless hours looking for what you should be doing, going back, or just being straight up confused.
No, what a stupid ****ing story.
This is made like every week.

And Marlboro Reds.
Do a barrel roll!
Uncle Teir on forest ride
We trust so good
Sou scorching fire
And hard *** other options
Across the roads gyltnir Helmets sing
Step on their horses Teir burst
Hoyrast kundi Kangar prevent some teirra spur ring
Across the roads gyltnir Helmets sing

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Some would say there's water on Mars.

Yes or you could say, Mars is under Water.
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Then I notice most of the other adds are in Spanish. Is this site not in the US???

Bwhahaha you're kidding right?
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His rhymes are so potent, he got all the ladies in the manger pregnant.

His rhymes are so potent, that in this small segment, he got all the ladies in the front three rows pregnant.
"I thought this was the Anime Thread?"

"Oh ****!!! An outsider!!! Bleach anyone?"

Can you speak louder in to the microphone?
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I used the term 'Not that Popular', is because they never got the rave that, say, Metal Gear Solid or Tekken 3 got, but they were freaking awesome to play back then.

I also shied away form the 'underrated' label, because some games got many reviewers amped up, but they weren't really that popular.

My take:


Your picks, guys.

PS: I was feeling nostalgic after playing my Wii. Got me thinking bout my first real console, the PSOne.

I just got hit by a wave of nostalgia.
Well basically Fender was all like I'm going to make the coolest guitar ever, and Gibson was all like yeah we'll I'm gonna go draw boobs on the etchasketch.
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AVGN videos

A winner is you.
^ Charlie Brooker is ****ing awesome.
Man, if you're telling the truth.

That is one hell of an ex girlfriend.
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Yes! My iPhone is holding a full charge again!!

So who used to watch Digimon? I watched it up until the season after the Digieggs and Digimon Emporer. It got too stupid after that.

The movie was awesome!

I liked Digimon more as a child then Pokemon but it never caught on as big.