Here's something anime related

I'm going to sleep.
Yes they still play it, that's not even a question.

Yes random people.

I can play HL 2 easily, however I can't run L4D on this laptop, check the specs. =_=
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i wanted something with some kind of flavor, why go camping to eat cardboard?

Ramen is ****ing delicious.
I don't know my dog is too smart for his own good, so when we were like YOU PISS OUTSIDE.

He was all like lolkay.
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I actually don't really like #2 and #3 at all.

Kim, Departure, and Cliffs of Rock City are my favs from that album.

Kim and Departure are a bit slower.

Listen to Departure when u get ur wifi back.

But yeah, Cliffs is a tribute to EJ. They're friends.

Playing with Fire is a tribute to SRV.

Les is More is a tribute to Les Paul.

Ah and now you know why I said it is all generic.

Tributes. =_=
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Ok I really really like the first one, as I can here some great EJ refrences in his soloing. for #1

#2....not bad, but as syndy mentiond, generic. I give it a

#3......well the wifi died again, no emoticon based review for it.

I heard that in the first one as well, then I scrolled down and saw that someone said Cliffs of Dover was crap. =_=

#3 Is Jazz FTW.
Correction, everyone that has heard, knows that Chet Atkins is amazing.
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I refuse to believe u listened through them all already.

Well I refuse to listen to more then what I have heard.

*insert jazz doodlies*
^ Generic.

That last jazz song was decent though.
I saw it, I didn't have the attention span or motovation for legos as a child I just played video games
I didn't think that video was that bad, not good, but not bad.

Anyway, you're welcome Nihil and as Hendrix said "Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel."
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What do you think of Brad Paisley playing surf guitar music?

? Link ? The only thing I know about him is that I like his blue telecaster.

Anyway I was talking more along the lines of stuff like

The playing in the beginning, I love that jazzmaster/jaguar tone.
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I don't post stoned as much here as you think, I usually am playing games then.

But worklurking is a pastime of mine. I actually made my account at the job I worked at in 07.

Plus: eveything on my profile was recorded and masterd by me, while high.

Bwhaha you get stoned and play the blues?

Now I just checked out your music for the first time, that fleeting daylight song is really good.

Now back to my surf guitar music.
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You have obviouly never worked the kind of crappy schedule I do.

Doesn't matter, for the majority of your posts you are stoned and at work and lurking UG.

Not that I don't envy you, but tsk tsk tsk.
Tsk, tsk, tsk Nihil, tsk, tsk, tsk.
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I'm a girl and I hate that stuff. Explain me.

*looks at avatar, looks at favorite bands*

If I could, I'd wear a suit/business everyday.
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I'll be Here a While - 311

Wait a minute... just about every music video of bands I like

Good song is good.
You don't go to the movies alone.

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Ofcourse i do i just don't get the joke.
I can't work out if it's read right to left or.. either way i'm bloody confused

It goes left right.


Ichi you're a mess.

Edit:Right left?

Now you have me confused.

Editx2: I'm going with left right.
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There will be more when HK writes them in.

Tenchi is from the Tenchi Muyo series. He's the protagonist. All the girls dig him.
Kujo is from Ichi's Jojo mangas.
Miroku is the pervy monk from Inuyasha with the black hole on his hand.
Near is the gay looking kid with the white hair from Death Note.
Shinji is the guy with the weird hair + face from bleach. lol

I see, well I only needed to know who Near and Kujo are.

Hmm, I didn't know that Kat wrote it.

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I love how i only have one line and i don't even know wtf i said.. it's some kind of joke right? .. i don't get it

Better then not having a character/being in it at all, eh.

The equator goes in a circle.
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Read the comments.

I barely know who those characters are.


I mean, when are there going to be more?
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Bwhahahaha that actually exceeded my expectations.

Although I do wish I knew who each is?
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****ing 09ers!

EDIT: seriously dude, girls aren't going to eat you alive like in a tag commercial just because you can play guitar, cause everyone does these days. You still need to work at it, that's how it works in the ral world, dumbass.

No you have to do a double pit to chestie first.
Bwhahahaha that actually exceeded my expectations.

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Video is priceless.
Also I brought up PS3 VS 360 to the clerk there and he said it really depends on the exclusive games, but now that Metal Gear (and a few other) will be on 360...

So I was naming 360 only games (Gears, Halo, Fable) And he goes yeah and Left 4 Dead,

So me being the big Valve / PC fan I am brought up about how those types of games are better on PC because of the mods and I told him about the Teletubby mod for L4D and he didn't believe me
I never understood how American bands get so popular in Japan, like do they honestly understand what the songs are saying? And I don't mean that in an ignorant way or anything but ****, I know tons of people who love Du Hast by Rammstein and don't have any idea what they are saying.

The and why Daft Punk is from Paris but makes songs in English, boggles my mind.
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... i don't see any joke potential.

Yeah I really wish I could come up with a pun here.
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That's just sexy. Buy only when a girl says it. An attractive girl with an attractive accent.

Everything is sexy when it involves an attractive girl with an attractive accent.
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You're calling a band full of bisexuals gay?

You're clever

You're making fun of someone who is obviously in some aspect challenged because they listen to Blink 182?


can carry on.
Well hey, if you like the game then who cares, good for you.

The guy at gamedoc kept talking like Assassin's Creed 2 was going to be a epic,

does anyone else here actually like Assassin's Creed? Cause I know myself and the few gamers I know in real life don't.
New and exciting in a video game?

From recently?

**** that hasn't happened since like Grim Fandango or Psychonauts.
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im excited

id be more excited if people said they liked my AMV!

I liked 2:58

AMV's aren't my thing.
When is it going to be released?
Dime is actually in a bromance in real life.
Great now Tank! is going to be stuck in my head, thanks Nihil.

Also, later Dime.
Rev is not really UG's 3rd nicest guy.
I read the thread backwards
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i dont see how anything ive said in this thread makes me immature.

plus ive been playing for 10 years...that would mean i started when i was five? wow i really am getting it for posting this

You make posts like a 12 year old.