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I thought an AMV was basically a lip-synch.

The good ones are but aren't limited to that.
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no, references to other things

anyway, anyone like AMV's?

I like AMV Hell >_>

This song is stuck in my head now because of the conversation

Some chick saw it on my phone earlier and was like you would have this song and I was like pffft, awesome song is awesome.
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Whenever I hear it pronounced like that I die a little inside.

Z = Zed?

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Booooooo. I've done all my homework except for this one teensy question...

Then post in the homework thread instead of make two separate threads.
It goes blue album>green album>make believe>red album>pinkerton>maldroit.
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I don't do drugs. And thanksgiving is being an asshole.

Neither do I anymore, I smoke that's about it, but I don't really classify smoking or drinking as being "drug conversation" worthy.

Thanksgiving is the second best holiday ever.
So liek does anyone live near a game store called "Game Doc"

Apparently they are some Chain out in Cali, but there is a new one near where I live (PA) and it is really nice there as well as the two guys I met who were chill though the one was too excited about gaming.

Anyway they have everything from like Atari 2600 games to the new releases for 360 etc, and have a game room in the back that they let you try out games before you buy them.

Totally, after I light myself on fire with gasoline and some matches.
Ah so I was right, very predictable Rev, very predictable.

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I need to get some confidence My lack of it makes the Relationship Thread rage.

I've never been in or read the relationship thread.


Or the drug thread because I think the FBI watch it.
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Blink 182 isnt punk dude.

Pop-Punk LOL.

My girlfriend just saw them in concert I had to bite my tongue not to say anything bad about it, so then I went and listened to the Dead Kennedys.
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A-before a consonant.
An-before a vowel

Yeah really.
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Dont scare me like that Syn!

I've actually been stopping in here a f ew times through out the day just to see what was going on.

All sneaky like.

Edit: You half-japanese girls do it to me every time?
And then something about a redhead....

I see where you're going with this
I wouldn't know, I like Jack Johnson.
*walks out from shadows*

Off topic as usual I see.
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I want to play the game, really bad. I read the manga, but haven't seen any of the anime.

The anime is fantastic in my opinion it's one of my favorites.
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idk if anybody here is still talking the animes buuut
i just watched episode 28 of .hack//sign, did anybody else ever watch the series and play the games who got their minds blow by this episode?

edit: link if you want it

I loved .hack//sign but I never played the game.
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I need to get a team because the Dolphins aren't doing it for me.

Just because your team isn't doing good doesn't mean you abandon them
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ok, but there still gay

Judging just by this single post I don't even think you have the intelligence or maturity to understand everything that is going on here.
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what your sister believes in is called "Intelligent Design" the combination of modern science and God at the wheel. in the eyes of Evangelical (hardcore) Christians, your sister isn't a real Christian because she doesn't believe the bible as it is.

however, let me make it clear to all who might not know, Deliriumbassist's sister is how most Christians are in this country. you hear and read about these Evangelicals, but i assure you the majority of religious people are not like them no matter how hard people try to portray them as such.

This is true, I am also one of these people.
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Not all gay people are pacifists you know.

Honestly, I really don't pay attention to Fassa's posts. In one eye, out the other...if that even makes sense.

I wouldn't blame you I'm starting to develop the same ability.
Looks legit to me.
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Commandment six. 'You shall not murder.' And where did you get the gun thing from? Guns weren't back then.

I'm talking about Fassa being all "I follow Paul" And **** like that.

The only Paul to listen to is McCartney.
Are you using a wifi or wired connection ^
Hey guys my name's Paul and even though I'm not Jesus you should listen to me, having guns and killing people is okay by me but you can't love the same sex.
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Buy PS2 extremely cheap.
Insert PS1 ga- oh.

No profit for you.

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My sister is a Christian. However, she has a head on her more than most other Christians. She doesn't believe that the whole 7 days story (neither of them, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, actually read the Bible), she believes that we got here from abiogenesis and evolution (albeit God-assisted or planned, but that's still a hell of a lot better than this creation rubbish). The main thing is, she doesn't believe Leviticus is an up to date set of ambiguous and flawed laws and guidelines are applicable to today, and that even if her God doesn't like them, she believes that the more important message of religion is to love everybody, no matter their skin colour, sexual preference or whatever. Anyone that condemns homosexuals is simply being a bigot, and in my eyes is not a Christian.

Your sister sounds like an intelligent person.
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Wow, that was quite the insightful and thought out post. /sarcasm

Yeah really,

Fassa do me a favor, go die in a hole somewhere.

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And hate leads to.... the daaaaaark siiide.

Here's another clue : You are any extreme position so long as people pay attention. Once they stop, you change. This is a well documented occurrence here in the Pit.

But the dark side leads to power, ultimate powerrrrr.
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I'll give you all a clue: I just happen to be an evangelical Christian. That should tell you what I think.

So ****ing what? So am I and I still think this is a bunch of horse ****.
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I thought all marines were gay.

No that's the Navy."

That is not a cover, but he has a bunch of his own good acoustic covers in his videos.

Also love the mario kart love song.
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But they're using the Army in said ad, and the Army does not allow gays.

Did you read the quote in my post, that would be the point of awareness they are raising dumbass, it is an injustice.
Quote by Gyroscope be fair, they are going beyond their business by making a billboard about it.

Not really last time I heard it was covered under freedom, it's not like they are promoting being homosexual they are just saying that they deserve their freedoms just like everyone else.

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Not really, if homosexuals are being deprived equal rights and/or opportunity (which happens to be the case) then they've got every right to bring attention to the issue.

Plus 1
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Go to Glasgow then, all the 'neds' go out to get drunk and litterally look for fights, the majority of them are white.

But there under the influence, where as look at Detroit, Philadelphia, New York (the 5 boroughs) and all the violence that goes on there at any point of the day.

I mean **** I live right outside of Philly there is a murder literally everday combined with either a shooting, arson or etc.
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he's still funny to me, even in the new ones where he somehow gets incredibly smart..................

you'll understand if you see it

I stopped watching around the end of season 3, or around when they met the alien and etc, it stopped being funny to me.
What a bunch of horse ****.
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ahh Gus and Geoff, yeah the two of them interact a lot.

No they never changed voice actors for Caboose, its always been Joel.

I see because I think his voice definitely changes from the halo 1 arc to when they start using halo 2 and he becomes less funny =_=.
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I'm sorry, but why were people recording that and not helping that poor kid out.

Personally I would have rallied up all those people scremaing OHMAGAWWWDD and the one pretty funny moment in the video, the guy shouting DAYUMMM, to actually do something. surely it's not hard to stop 5 people when the crowd is that big.

****ing hell.

Because human beings for the most part when faced with this kind of a problem they freeze or turn into deer caught in headlights.

And if say one brave soul had stepped in because another big flaw is that most people aren't selfless and fear for their own lifes, the person would have ended up just as badly.