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oh yeah, I've actually met them all. Its funny how they each act like their own characters.

Recently they started making shorts using their actual selves

here is their latest

Geoff is the best stoner ever

Bwhaha I actually saw one of those when they first started making them, it involved those last two guys sitting at the last table in the beginning.

i.e the two at 1:10

Edit: Also did they change the actor for caboose between like season 1 and 2 or whatever.
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I agree with you. I know some people who don't like white people and some that don't like black people. But it doesn't make since to not like a whole race for maybe two or three people's actions. My mother doesn't really like many white people but she knows that not all are bad people. Me I don't care what race or problem you have physically. If you seem like a good person I'm not going to hate you because someone of your race doesn't like me. My bestfriend is white sooo when I hear people talking reckless I just shake my head at them.

Here's my opinion.

**** the entire human race.

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I'd rather not watch that...

All it really is a bunch of "African - Americans" (what a stupid ignorant term)

running around with 2x4's and fighting and ****.
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Yeah i didn't think that part through. It just came into my head and i though 'yeah that'll show him!' My bad.

See exactly, no harm no foul.

Yes I get it too.
Marlboro Reds and food.
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You wouldn't have really. I mean AT LEAST show your comment was a joke, trust me i'm not being a dick and sucking up to the mods. I'm giving you advice from personal experience.

Yes I would have really.

And how was I joking?
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Kiss my ass, if it was white people I would have said crazy ass white people.

And etc, etc.
Lol crazy ass black people.
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this thread was supposed to be about the actual people who voice the characters and not the characters themselves. But ok we'll go with this...

I have no idea who any of them are, in fact, untill now I didn't know each person had their own voice actor.

That, Grand Valse Brillante by Chopin.

Frederick Chopin

Grand Valse Brillante
in E flat major
Op. 18

Kthx /thread.
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a fanboy?


Atleast my name isn't Fender_Syn or some **** like SG_Dave.
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What's the difference between The_Casinator and a greyhound?

They greyhound waits for the hare to appear.

Bwhahahah that was a good one.
Why the **** did I click this thread?
If you can't make your own band name, you shouldn't have a band.
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Wait, what?

I thought they were the same thing?

No that's the Easter Bunny.
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I think there is a connection. It's sort of like that whole, you get a dog that's like you type of thing. I know I'll probably never own a V or an Explorer or something crazy because that's just not who I am, I don't like to attract attention that way.

It seems to make sense to a point. It makes sense to me anyway.

I know I'll never own a guitar that isn't a Fender, what does that make me?
Yeah really, grow a pair and tell her, she'll get over it.
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Thread, more like bread amirite?

Moar lyke, cool story bro.
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You do realize the secret service is watching us? At least that's what Jackal and Kensai tell us.

Viva la Resistance.
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What is the difference between Pete Doherty and a Panda?
one eats shoots and leaves.
the other eats, shoots up and leaves.

Typical Pit thread going totally off from where it was supposed to go.
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You sure get beaten up a lot, kid...

Nah I'm just worn out
That was mostly because of their QB Hasselback was out and they had to use his back up Seneca Williams who wasn't too good, and it was after they lost a few good players.
Yes, you are really crazy.

Wait that's not a stereotype.
Yes that is correct.
I don't use emulators cause I can never get them to work >: |
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Hey sport fans.

So my family recently got foxtel so I've been able to enjoy for the first time the wonder which is NFL. The only problem is that since I don't hail from the states, I have no particular loyalty to any team, which sort of stops me from getting into it fully. Is there any team which has a reputation for being awesome? They don't necessarily have to be that dominant or anything, just awesome in some way.

Also, I have a few questions about the rules.
- What are downs ? (I know they have something to do with making yards)
- What does (for example) 2nd & 10 mean?
- What is a sack?

Other than those things I can follow a game with a reasonable amount of comprehension...

Loving this sport.

Every time the the one team has the ball they have 4 downs to get 10 or more yards (TD's included), if they don't make it in 4 downs then the other team gets the ball (which is why they usually punt)

2nd & 10 means they are on their second try of getting a new set of downs (A.k.a getting more then 10 yards. (does not include penalties, if say, on the second down a penalty is called for 5 yards then the team would be 2 and 15 and would need 15 yards before getting a new "set" of downs.

A sack is when the QB is tackled to the ground behind the line of scrimmage I.E If the QB doesn't make it past where they started on that down (the line of scrimmage) and is tackled then he has been sacked.

Hope I helped.
Oi, **** me my head feels like I got hit with a bat.
I'd say the only things out of that I enjoy are music and psychology, to hell with everything else it's not worth the effort or the time, but then again I've always been the pessimist.

But I am leaving now y'all have fun, especially you Nihil trolling 4chan at work

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*Trys to think of a way to offend all of those topics, but cannot*

But seriously, what kind of movies do you like?

Go for abortion.
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You copied and pasted that off wikipedia. (

Thankyou to all the people who have actually replied with decent songs. I believe I was quite clear with my question. I wanted a list of songs I could use to busk. Most of you just started degrading like a bunch of bambling, bumbling, band of baboons. Shame on you. If you wish to actually post a decnt song, feel free to do so. Otherwise, please create some other thread which you can all use to abuse each other mindlessly...

Do something like Dust in the Wind or All Along The Watchtower, both are accommodated by acoustic guitar and songs pretty much everyone knows.
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I am awaiting HK's analysis.

You don't get a goodnight.
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Get trashed and go play some flash games.

Try THIS one....

That game was so boring
He reminds me of one those people who think too much and can't just go with the flow.

Oh well I have more posts then Levi nao and so I am going to sleep.

G'Night Nihil y Kat.
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Could someone please explain to me what busking is?

Busking is the practice of performing in public places for tips and gratuities. People engaging in this practice are called buskers or street performers. Busking performances can be just about anything that people find entertaining. Buskers may do acrobatics, animal tricks, balloon twisting, card tricks, clowning, comedy, contortions & escapes, dance, fire eating, fortune-telling, juggling, magic, mime and a mime variation where the artist performs as a living statue, musical performance, puppeteering, snake charming, storytelling or recite poetry or prose as a bard, street art (sketching and painting, etc.), street theatre, sword swallowing, or even present a flea circus.


Street Performers.