Small titted woman are superior to man tits.

It's John Lennon

Holy ****.
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Pat, are you e-analyzing people again?

From what I've seen he is always Mr. Serious.

Which isn't fair because that's my role in real life, everyone on the internet should be all LOLBUTTS.

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I think I don't like you that much because you're a lot like me. I tend to not like people with my personality.

It would appear we're in the same boat then I would have said something sooner, but I have respect for you, and you know

I'm such a nice guy an all.
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I was on /a/ and thought, "what the hell, haven't been to /s/ in a while"

know what i get, FREAKIN TRAINS!!

I ****ing laughed so hard. >_>

4chan is like my Ravenholm now.

Also to my previous post, though I am chill and quiet I am also very hot headed and defensive, but enough about me.

You're right Kat I am a frustrated robot .

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Your e-persona is clunky. And you spell lol weirdly. Online, you're somewhat uncouth.

Go see my old sig that said
"I don't know who I am, but I know just who I've been"

You and your ****ing words that I have to google.

How do I spell lol weird?
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I'm not even going to bother...

The person who posted a few before me has the same point as me.
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You aren't chill enough to be Urahara. You aren't cool enough to be Kratos.

Therefore, you are a frustrated robot.

I actually am the most calm and laid back person in real life, like I mentioned I'm pretty much apathetic/meh to everything(excluding a few things).

On here it might not sound the same but this is literally my face the whole time ಠ_ಠ.

But that doesn't make me anything but a robot either now does it.

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Stopped by /s/ to see what was going on, possilby pick up some fapping material for later, and they are being spammed BY PICTURES OF TRAINS!!

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i know it's not that hard, but i guess it's sort of on the same lines as 21 guns, and it sounds fine with 1 or 2 guys playing acoustically.

Grinspoon - Chemical Heart

Why don't you stop being a wanker.

Why don't you complain to someone who gives a **** about your opinion,

he want's to busk and he is going to sing 21 guns, then you give him a song that I doubt many people know,

which when people know a song they usually enjoy it more which means they will be more willing to help him,

so my comment to him and you is


Now **** off.
You've already made like 3 assessments of me, just pick one and stick to it, first I was urahara, then I was Kratos, now I'm a frustrated robot.

Though I must say that last one does ring a certain chip with in my main processor.

I like socialism and communism.


Not that Stalin **** communism, not the poorly executed Soviet Communism, I mean the actual idea of it, though it will never work because humans are **** creatures that should be wiped from the face of the earth, it is still a good idea.
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What about all those instrumentals people enjoy?

Well I like most songs that I like because of the lyrics, although I like to listen to some instrumentals from Nobuo Uematsu to say Joe Satriani, it usually is hooked to a feeling or sense of nostalgia or something of the sort, which pretty much goes hand in hand with lyrics to life only it's the actual music instead.
Areola is a weird word.

Kat and his big word, nit picking, nazi ways.
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Ever wonder what it's like to drop $149,975 worth of acid at once? 'Cuz I just did.

You just typed this message using wet noodles.

The relation of lyrics to life.
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I see the top of an areola.

So do I

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He wasn't a Stoic, just stoic. There's a bit of a difference between capital S Stoicism and lowercase S stoicism.

This thing you are referencing, I can't not find, all google leads to is what I posted.

Which is ftw.
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Why is W U T censored all of a sudden?

I saw that earlier today myself. ಠ_ಠ
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I am about to be all alone in here again.

They fall one by one.

Night Sean.

I am forever ಠ_ಠ

I use my brain waves to lurk even when I'm sleeping


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Kratos is cool, but a bit, erm, stoic.

Elfen Lied is hailed by idiot fanboys as a masterpiece, when it's really just okay.

The stoics considered destructive emotions to be the result of errors in judgment, and that a sage, or person of "moral and intellectual perfection," would not undergo such emotions?

Makes perfect sense to me.
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Cool,story bro
I'm 12 and what is this

Seems like all the memes don't use Es

Meme has two E's though


eh is a cool guy and eh doesn't afraid of anything.

has three E's.
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Tan girls are good, but I like a nice creamy white one too.

Yeah I bet you do like that creamy white stuff >_>

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you know I did

and that Piper Fawn bitch is fucking fine!

I know right, yeah you're welcome fanta pants lover.
I think this part of the board is a bunch of bullocks especially the particular part I am posting in.

But I kid, this part is okay.
I guess I'm just into the whole tan thing.
Likes easter colors,

Man those last two posts were horrible, harry potter sucks and colbert is amazing.
Likes dat dere Tarintino film.
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I didn't know she was overrated, I just think she is good looking, and realistc looking at the same time.

Yeah she's definitely good looking.
I don't understand the big deal about Raven Riley to be honest.
OH **** I forgot Liz Vicious >_>
I don't venture outside of the first 3 I named really =_=

Where's Rev he needs to go look up Piper Fawn.
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And to the guys saying it's melodramatic, I tell my girlfriend how much I love her. I just felt like telling The Pit, too. I really just wanted to hear the Pit talk about their loves (not necessarily people).

I love my guitar so much that since I can't play it because it needs new strings I feel like a piece of me has died
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Lexi Belle is one kinky bitch.

I saw her doing some femdom with cock torture and everything.

I love Stoya. Totally forgot about her.

Allie Sin and Riley Mason are FTW.

I don't remember **** torture or anything though from any of those 4,

though I did see a video of Riley Mason punching some dude in the balls,

I found it lulzy.

And yes Lexi Belle = :3
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What's going on here?

Nothing that would interest you.
Needz moar

Lexi Belle
Riley Mason
Allie Sin


And then some websites I can't talk about that have cool stuff for free without viruses >_>

Lol ^ RTube is fail, needz moar wankspider.
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... if i have any ammo for it.

Lol man you're really up ****s creek, you better watch your back then mate
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Before I got my laptop I would try to picture porn with my eyes closed.
Now that I think about it, it is kinda weird that I can go to bed after hearing Tom Araya scream "WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!"

I would rather listen to Araya (mind you I don't even listen to metal anymore)

Then the majority of the screaming asians you will find around, they make my ears bleed.