yeah see there's nothing wrong with it. Just cuz its a "cheap guitar" doesn't mean its a bad one.
If they're so bad then tell me specifically whats wrong with them. Mines fine. And yes i did purposely buy this guitar I don't think you need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a "good guitar". If you're a good guitarist you can make any guitar sound good.
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It is not. It may be decent in the hands of a good guitarist and after a nice setup, but it will never be a good guitar.

whatever dude, my LP Jr. is a good guitar I don't care what you say.
its a good guitar they shouldn't be ashamed of it
I was just wondering why the Epiphone Les Paul Junior isn't on Epiphones bothered me...

I'm sorry but this just made my day lol.
I recommend using a ton of Frebreze and put a bunch of like car air fresheners in your case and leave it closed til the air fresheners ware out.
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same, I'm hating it... ugh, beyond hating it, I had to work tonight (halloween), it sucked ass

I had to work Halloween too...we were so freakin' busy. There wasn't a break in between customers at all...I had no idea so many people eat McDonalds on Halloween.
McDonalds badabababa...Im hatin' it...but I need money lol
lol guitar centers are so stupid, they'll do anything to sell a guitar
wow Australia is they have Squier Bullets for $200, in America they're $120
I just wouldn't buy a guitar without trying it, unless it was really cheap like $150 or lower...
doushon mandick :-P like from Bams Unholy Union
Dude:"Fret inlays can fall off"
Me:"What? No they cant"
Dude: Yeah they can Im gonna make mine wrap all the neck so they don't fall off"
Me: Are you talking about frets or fret inlays?
Dude: What's the difference?
Me: Omg fret inlays are the dots on the fretboard...
Dude: Oh well I mean frets.

Isn't that sad?
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fool *facepalm* there giving you display models to play, if u buy new at new price, ull get it brand new in a box, pickups with cellophane and everything. they cant give you a new one to play, then it wouldn't be new when someone brought it.

no they dont you get the one off the wall
Yeah I did pick it up off the walls, and I understand that they are pretty much all used but they were trying to sell ones that people bought and brought back as brand new guitars. This happened when I bought a recording software pack from them and I had to bring it back because it was already used and that copy of the software was licensed to someone else. They said it was new when I bought it and when I brought it back the would only take off $100 on a new recording pack...I hate guitar center but unfortunately my local guitar store doesn't sell the guitars i want.
I went to guitar center yesterday to buy a Squier Bullet...well let me just say they were trying to sell clearly used and messed with guitars as brand new. So i was like um alright let me see an Epiphone LP Junior, the first one they handed me was still clearly used it had none of the stickers that cover the pickups and pickgaurd and when I plugged it in the wiring was messed up and wouldn't work. So I said look I'm not buying a guitar unless you get me a good actual brand new guitar. So they finally got me a brand new LP Junior and it was awesome so I ended up buying it.
Does anyone else have these kind of problems with guitar center? I know that anyone can come in a play a guitar so they aren't "brand new". But the bullets pickups were really messed with and they didn't have any of the stickers like they should. And when they handed me the broken LP junior I almost just got up and left and tried my luck buying off the internet.
Quote by Alex Vik it? That would be like asking a bassist who bought a 5 string what he's supposed to do with his 4 string.

lol agreed!
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yes no problem. I do it all the time.. I guess that the quality isn't studio but it's fine for home use. I use a piece of free software called Audacity to record with.

I love Audacity I like it better than the Ableton software i bought.
a dude I work with is 50 something and hes a huge metal head
danelectro honeytone's are good, but there's also a mini amp called amp u plug n'play you can find it and sound quality examples at it sounds really good, Im getting one soon.
yeah..i dont mean to but i get bored and peel them off....
I think as soon as you have your license and can get yourself there...and pay for everything.
I'd offer $80-$100 depending on it's condition.
I don't think you would have too much of a problem if you filled it in. As long as the spot isn't that big.
yup the middle is the middle pickup only, the 1st position (the one closest to you if you are playing) is the neck pickup, then 2ns position is neck and middle, 3rd is the middle, 4th is middle and bridge, and 5th is just the bridge.
no the fender's don't fit the squiers if they did I wouldn't have posted this thread.
Slay 'Em is right the screws are aligned different
Nice, I like the transition in the song where it goes to like rappy/screamo..its cool.
my callouses get soft after a shower too, but mine never flake off...maybe don't play right after a shower and try some like repairing hand creme to help with flaky-ness.
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wow... are you serious right now?

Quote by SalemREIGN
you could probably get one precut that would fit it.

I looked and no one makes precuts for Squiers that I know of, only Fenders.
I love mirrored pickgaurds I think they look sweet. I want to get one for my Squier Affinity Strat. I was thinking about buying the mirrored pickgaurd blank and taking it somewhere where they could cut it to fit my Squier.
Has anyone ever done something like this and knows how much it costs?
Yeah guitar strings around here are more expensive like $10 a pack...our guitar store doesn't get a lot of business so prices of strings and accessories are higher to make up for the lack of business...stupid economy
So I really want to buy musicians gear electric guitar strings because they're wicked cheap lol $4 a pack. Has anyone ever used these strings? Are they actually good?
wow I just watched the video...he is a douche...he makes Squier look bad lol
Squiers kick ass! They can be just as good as a fender...what matters is the guitarist not the guitar.
I personally like anything Peavey, or Line 6, any particular reason why you don't play combos?
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I don't focus on fast shredding. It's not my style and I've always had a distaste for it. Call me old fashioned but I would take playing based on feeling rather than playing based on technique any day of the week.

Totally agree with you dude! BTW You sounded damn good
It's not that bad, I'm gonna be a senior this year. As long as you know you're a freshman and don't act like you rule the school then no one will mess with you. At lunch you might get some idiot trying to pick on the freshman but besides that know your place and all will be good.