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By being a damn commie Muslim, that's how.

It's scary that anyone would even entertain the thought of reverting to the old voting restrictions. Are women and minorities next?

DAMN those Muslims and their hive mind! Operating together with the sole intention of bringing the west to their knees with their combined thoughts!

+ A tea party candidate was criticising the civil rights act earlier as well.
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they might have alot of problems, but they haven't screwed this country up as bad as Obama's Admin has...

Alot of people criticise Obama forget about state Bush left it in. You cant just change something in 18 months. Plus, the bad side about democracy, you will have people on the opposition who try and undo everything you do merely as a kneejerk reaction.

The most hilarious thing, is how people blame him for the recession... when he was in power AFTER it started

Also, allow me to illustrate deficits that different types of president inflict upon their country with a little cartoon:

Uploaded with
Along with Marshall MGs, it is terrible.
By any chance does Ethan work in customer services? Because most people like him seem to do so from my experience.

The whole kidding themselves they work hard because they have a full time job (but are really a loser in their 20s with no prospects, and take out their inadequacies on other people, and hate everyone because of their job)
Banned you for having ball cancer. We cannot allow it to spread.
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And Cerelil is a doctor.

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Hehe, cancer. Sorry, but it's impossible for someone as awesome as me to have something like cancer - I graduated with top honours from Awesome university with a doctorate in Awesomology in Awesometown, USA, in the awesomest of states, North Dakota.

Cancelled out by going to a university in an unawesome country. Unlike Nigeria, best country ever.
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Reported this post too.

Two is enough, I don't want to over do-it with reporting.

Hopefully you'll get banned or at the very least warned.

You sure are sadistic.
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All day today I've seen you post stupid comments like this that are completely irrelevant to the thread at hand.

You can't make a name for yourself by spamming and pretending to be a doctor.

I'll just start reporting your posts. Starting with this one.

I am a doctor though.

I think... I think you have ball cancer... do you want a prescription for it?
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No because if they were smart enough to vote, they'd be smart enough to own a home. Durr

What happens then? Does the disease start seeing unicorns and just go away?

Thats PCP you are talking about.

LSD refreshes your psyche, opening up new neuron pathways and synapses, reactivating the frontal lobe, which sends signals to cancer cells to stop dividing, then it is a simple case for the immune system to overpower the sterile cells.
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An honourary university, as I'd expect.

Its real, if you don't believe me, I wont tell you about the ball cancer you have and you will just die from it.
I think you have ball cancer
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Which was noted. It's honourary, you have the qualifications of someone with a masters.

Its not honourary! I got it from the university of Umwoppapopo in Nigeria!
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Don't take his word - He's not a real doctor, he's an honorary doctor of depressology. He only has a masters.

Anyway, don't Sennheisers come with a two-year warranty?

I am a doctor, I have a PHd!
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How'd you do it?

Same way I cure everything. I inject LSD into the tumour.
I am a doctor, and I have reason to believe your headphones have ball cancer.
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You have penis cancer.

Nope, I'm a doctor, so I cured myself.
Remember, if you don't own property, you can't vote on this thread
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Yes, if they're legal citizens.

Even if they have ball cancer.

Sir...I think you have ball cancer
Note, you cant vote on this poll if you don't own property.
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I known it's a dead subject, but ethan hanus issued a stark rebuttle against some degree of sarcasm by Jackal58, where he mentioned how stupid progressives are. But didn't he notice that it was the Tea Party who declared this???

Anyway, dead subject, people shouldn't get so riled up about politics. Pay attention to them and vote, but don't get angry because someone else was raised differently, experienced liffe differently, and now has different ideas. The only 'wrong' person in a debate is an angry one.

Teabaggers keep going on about their anger though : /
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Episodes 1 & 2:
Being filmed in America. Two parter. River Song. Big plot revelation. Apparently "the scariest villian yet". Mark Sheppard is confirmed to be appearing in these episodes (awesomeeeee). Written by Moffat.

There is no way they are going to make anything scarier than weeping angels.

Though on a side note, has The Doctor killed like, more people than any other sci-fi villain? Indirectly included.
The founding fathers are dead, so their opinions are irrelevant.
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Too bad none of this will ever be agreed on by a majority or ever be upheld in the Supreme Court. It's just a few people raving about how America's going to shit.

What's the big deal about socialism, anyways? Plenty of European countries are somewhat socialist, and they have fantastic qualities of life. Free education, free universities, public transportation, etc. Yeah, they have high as hell taxes, but isn't it worth it?

The taxes are higher, but you don't bankrupt yourself for things you would have to buy in the states, especially education and healthcare.
You can get metronomes that count in different time signatures.
I want to get to a sort of Shawn Lane speed with my picking and accuracy of it
Its mainly right hand speed I need to develop.

Example of sort of thing I'm aiming for:

What sort of method should I use in my practice for this?

And if possible, could someone tab that link out for me as an exercise please? :>
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... i like suicide silence

I have a strange feeling by looking at your name that you hate slipknot
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I am very closed minded.

Polkacore or nothing.

Polkacore? Mainstream rubbish. Try pornobilly or breakdubproto-post-psychadelic avant garde blackened brutal technical doomjazzcore.
Im open minded, but I despise almost all metalcore, deathcore, indie and pretty much any form punk. I've tried to get into them, but I find the <insertgenrecore> too angsty, and punk and indie too musically boring.
I have AIDS
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Lyrics aren't music. I don't know why people are including that in this.


So true, people use lyricism to cover up for the fact they cant play their instruments well nowadays lolol
Ethan, I'm a doctor, and I have reason to believe you have testicular cancer.
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Are you saying that black people don't own property? You racist.

You guys are all idiots. They are not saying that only white male property owners should be allowed to vote, they are saying that ANYONE who owns property, as in a HOUSE, should be allowed to vote, and those that live in APARTMENTS, or in SHELTERS, should not be able to vote because they contribute less to society on a tax basis. I mean, even a socialist should agree with that.

As a home owner, you have more to loose if some dick head politician was elected to tax the shit out of homeowners because all the poor people feel like they deserve the people with homes money.

Again, let me repeat it clearer so you progressive idiots understand what I'm saying. Allow anyone who owns property, such as a house, can vote, and those who don't own a house, can't vote. No where does it racially profile anyone.

You know what over 50% of your taxpayers money is spent on? Your military. In the UK, 6% is spent on military. High price to pay for patriotism isn't it? How about you stop whining about money being spent on social issues, and start whining about the money the war takes up?

Also, sorry, but you guys use this as a cover up for racial profiling. They KNOW more white people own property than black people.

Where back in the 50s you could have gotten away with saying "black people can't vote", you can't now, so they have to go to even more wiley levels to try and enforce this sort of agenda. Also, its to stop young people (who tend to vote democrat more often) from being able to vote, getting rid of political opposition.

And alot of rich people arn't exactly rich because they earned it. Hey check it out, my parents are rich, so am I, I totally deserved this inheritance that I worked really hard for.

Way to go democracy.
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Oh my god.. I feel so bad, but I burst out laughing at the guy in 2:25 and 1:05.. All I could keep thinking is "Wookie"

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1 You aren't talking about Socialism or Marxism.
2 1 in 5 people being stupid does not = 1 in 5 voting "against the anti christ"
3 It is. It is painfully repugnant to make it illegal not to however.
4 Yeaahhhh!!!!!! Exclamation points ftw!!!!!!
5 Still not buying it.
6 I agree. The blow me was because I hate your generalization of old people.

For 5, as the poster above me stated, conservatism rejects change, so would put an idealism on a particular era.

And for 6...
I'm old too, I just lie about my age =(
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Does he not realize that that's one of the EXACT things that caused the Revolutionary War? I thought the Tea Party was trying to relate to the Founding Fathers.

Yeah, but the founding fathers are dead, their opinions are irrelevant.
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Do you think people are actually going to believe that if you just say it often enough?

I am a doctor though
I'll diagnose you with ball cancer. Nuff said.