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This. Also, +44 - Baby Come On

"And she said, 'I think we're running out of alcohol, tonight I hate this ****ing town.'"

Also, anyone heard the new track by A Day to Remember, called "2nd Sucks"?
One of the best parts is: "So set your ego to the side and just get the **** over it."
New album RULES. <3
2 For Today
August Burns Red
Impending Doom
2 blink-182
And the Greatest of These
These Hearts
Death Cab For Cutie
2 Write This Down
For All Those Sleeping
My Chemical Romance
Drum lessons from Matt Greiner of August Burns Red.
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The Devil Wears Prada - I'm confused as to why they would name their band after a book about fashion of all things. I've heard they never even read the book, they just thought it would be a good band name.

They actually picked it to represent their views on materialism. Like, a lot of the times kids are mislead to think they need to dress a certain way and buy certain things to be appreciated, when that's really just a bunch of BS.
Bright Eyes - Landlocked Blues
Thuggish Splicer from BioShock.
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Cool Spot

I actually really liked Donkey Kong Country 3 for SNES.
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Thank ya sir.
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still debating wether I should remove the title or not.

also, rainmeter ftw.

Holy crap. That's the coolest desktop I've ever seen. Where can I get all of that fancy stuff?
For Today - Breaker.
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I like how I was saying earlier that I usually don't have much angst, and now it's kicking in full force. So, the girl I've been going for is still not over her ex. I guess that's what I get when I go for my best friend's ex. Also, when I got home my dad made sure to read me a letter from the school saying I'm failing English for missing something I actually turned in a ****ing week ago. And then he got pissed off at me for being mad and yelling about it.
I don't usually have much angst, though my favorite album title is "Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count."
When my angst does kick in, it's usually about my lack of a girlfriend or when I start to do poorly in school.
City and Colour - Comin' Home "I've never been to Alaska, but I can tell you this: I've been to Lincoln, Nebraska, and hell, you know it ain't worth shit."

Asking Alexandria - A Prophecy "WE CAN STILL MAKE IT OUT. *chugchug* FUCK!"
blink-182 came to your house party, pooped in the tub, and fed the hash-brownies to your dog.
I suppose NMH and Iron & Wine ARE relatively known.
Iron & Wine. Sam Beam makes gorgeous tunes.
Iron & Wine was the kid who smelled and looked like a homeless hippie, but he still got laid, and only did good in Art class.
Asking Alexandria was the kid who got thrown out of the Homecoming dance because he hit the English teacher in the face while Hardcore 2-Stepping to Sandstorm.
Song of Healing sounds so awesome backwards.
August Burns Red was that kid who looked like a preppy tool, but always started a circle pit at the Homecoming dance.
Waltz Rossdale Waltz

Taking Back Sunday
We're gonna personify bands as people we knew/know in high school.
I'll start it off.
John Mayer was the drama fag who always brought his guitar to school and played every chance he got.
Most - My friends Molly and Kirby. We're the type of best friends that think the same exact thing and or/say the exact same thing at the same time.

Least - Probably my friends Paul and David. We have quite a few differences, yet they're still some of my best friends. And they both go on UG. So they're awesome.
1. Old Gregg [The Mighty Boosh]
2. Solid Snake [Metal Gear Solid series]
3. Rorschach [Watchmen]
All he wanted was a Pepsi...

Atmosphere - God's Bathroom Floor.
I'm seeing a lot of posts including "therefore I am." They're a band. .D