Okay, this is an arguement that me and a friend had: Who is fatter, Gene Hoglan or Dino Cazares?
Strapping Young Lad - S.Y.L live, St. Louis 2004

Devin Townsend... WITHOUT A SKULLET?!

Also, notice how he breaks a string while playing
I liked the new metallica song, but hetfield's singing is beyond bad. Besides that, I think the music itself is a huge step up from St. Anger
I think you'd be best with the H1000. Too bad that headstock looks looks like crap...

But I geuss you'll be more than fine with any of those guitars.
Zeppelin's "Whole lotta love" is fairly easy, even the solo licks after that ambient part. Of course you'll have to drop that part in your performance...
Quote by ormsby guitars

Pickups: 2x humbucker with coil split

for trem models: floyd rose

pickups: black

tuners: locking

Inlays: std dots

Frets: jumbo

Frets: stainless steel (more $$)

oh, and tune-o-matic + tail-piece.
I'd think ENGL would work well. I think necrophagist uses them...
1. I think it was Amon Amarth, but I didn't like them very much at the time, so i would say Amorphis. Heard the opening riff to 'Drowned maid' and fell in love...

2. I would say Slayer. I like some of their songs, but they are just 'meh' most of the time...

3. Megadeth. I have immense respect for Dave Mustaine, way more than he deserves.

4. Arch Enemy. I like melodeath...
well, i like mikael stanne (i'm not sure if its it?) of dark tranquility, the guy from carcass (jeff walker?) and muhammed of necrophagist. also, the guy from amorphis on "tales from the thousand lakes" is pretty good, although not a death band.

good vocalists that i dont particularly care for are corpsegrinder and akerfeldt.
heathen! recently started listening to them, hella good soloing, especially that part in 'breaking the silence'.

best album?
invaders is really fun to play, and not that hard. havent tried the solo, though...
"i want it that way..."
holy mother! that's fookin' awesome!
can anyone please post some soundclips of grinds/blast beats/gravity blast/whatever blast? i fail to understand the difference...
^ bingo.

the country wants the people in japan to buy more home-made stuff instead of imports, so they print all the albums in japan with an extra track to convince them to buy the non-import.
well, right now its only in metal archives (search megadeth) and an israeli website.

speak hebrew?
megadeth have signed with roadrunner records!

anybody think something about this?
necrophagist - stabwound should keep you busy for a while
guy: wow, fred durst looks a lot like paul di'anno...
"**** this wizard of oz ****..."
dont know about you all, but i liked the stuff i heard off "the system has failed". "blackmail the universe" is one of me favorite songs of theirs.
ok, just to get this completely striaght because i got kinda confused when you explained yourself on the whole race issue:

would you have any problem sitting down and having a nice, friendly chat and a drink with a person who isn't white/christian/straight?

no disrespect meant, by the way. best of luck with your band.
weee i'm a cowboy! bang bang!
i'd recommend you drop C or standard D.
^ not exactly...
ze'ev tanenbaum, the vocalist of an israeli metal band called salem, used to be a pen-pal with varg, until varg discovered who was writing to him, so he sent ze'ev a bomb in the mail. luckily, the mail goes through a set of detectors and the bomb didn't hurt anybody.

and the israeli metal scene is a lot wider than seemed. melechesh are israeli too, and excessum, eternal gray and armilos are all great death bands.
and for those who dont know, gene simmons is israeli. (born haim waitz, and was also trained as a rabi)
you got terrible certainty twice...

wow, huge lack of 'coma of souls' material...i would have loved to hear 'agents of brutality' and 'when the sun burns red'...but otherwise, that's a good list.
ok, kreator are coming to do a show here soon, so does anybody know their set list for their recent shows or do they just mix it every time?
my friend plays 13's in drop C, says its great...
^ thank you, mr echo...

^x2 i tried a washburn x-10, didnt like the neck though.
is the trem any good or does it go out of tune alot?
what about the M-50/MH-50? any experiences with those?
assuming a person tried a low end ESP or BC rich (i.e. bronze series or -50 LTD's) and he liked their sound, would you say it was still a bad buy?

i mean, besides the sound, which is personal taste, are these guitars solidly built?
i don't really trust the reviews on UG. they're 90% just praise, and some of the guitars that got very high scores were pretty ****ty in my hands.
1. the JS series is said to be made of indian cedro. is that a real wood or some sort of plywood?

2. are the JS series worth buying?

3. how is the X series and MG series?
eagle: man...that norwegian pot is pretty ****ty...
right: "uuhh guys? i think i have crabs..."
center: "ewww dude! dont show me!"
left: "hang on, i'll hit it"
Pantera 9
Death 12 (Heal)
Iron Maiden 11
Megadeth 11
Amon Amarth 10
Motorhead 11
Hypocrisy 11
Dream Theater 12
In Flames 8
Black Label Society 7
Opeth 10
Slayer 6 (Hurt)
Nile 11
Carcass 10
Morbid Angel 11
orphaned land in april, maybe.
add harmonizing and trem picking.