wait, so an emulated line out is like an external speaker jack?
hi there,

been listening to thrash for some time now, pretty much covered all the great ones (the big four, kreator, sepultura, sodom, overkill, metal church, exodus, testament and am now starting out with destruction).

anything really good that i'm missing out on?
i dont have any shop selling H&K here, so i cant try them out, and buying an amp without any experience with it isnt something i can afford.

can anyone explain to me please what are the differences between managing an SS and a tube?
even their cheaper tubes? like the LC15? and how exactly does the 1 channel work with distortion? do i have to buy a pedal? or does it require me to crank the volume?
what about the laney TFX1? music123 offers free shipping, which i am not sure how "free" it is, but whatever...

anyone got any thoughts about the TFX1?
ok, tried the roland earlier today, and it was pretty good, but it's sound is a bit boring...i'd take it as an option, and buy it if i find nothing better in my price range, but still, are there any other amps?
but thats through e-bay, and the delivery also costs some (i live in israel). and like i said, 400 is really pushing it...
i have about 400 USD at my disposal, and even that is pushing it.
i'm dirt poor, so its not going to be any more than 40 watts solid state. i play 90% metal and rock, so a heavy, healthy distortion is a must, cleans need to be no more than average, if they are good then thats just a bonus.

it must be able to go from thick, fat sabbath-ish distortion to harsh children of bodom distortion.

i've been looking mainly at peavy and randall, although laney has also caught my attention recently. please no vox suggestions, i didnt like them.
about that MTS, are those modules like plug-and-play or do they require any meddling with wires?
you could just install 2 multi-buckers (like the kent armstrong motherbucker) and install splitting switches.
my first guitar had a floyd too...a very, very ****ty one which was horribly set up. after seeing how much annoyance it can cause, it doesnt seem so great...
uuhh...laquered necks?

i think you mean oiled necks, though i might be wrong, i'm not very knowledgeable with all these terms...
get a jackson. higher end ESP's are better than higher end jacksons, but for 500 dollars you would get a better deal with jackson.

also try schecter, good guitars for good money.
played it. very good for it's specs, and very good price for it. if thats more or less your budget, it's a good pick.
randall is probably the best way to go if on a budget. the new T2 is supposed to be good...
i say go for randall if you want to keep it cheaper. but you're in england, and i hear england's prices of american brands are kuku, and i assume randall is american...

anyway, a good randall will do you good.
yes, there is. a regular guitar amp isnt built for a bass's low end and it could damage your amp. however, you could plug a regular electric into a bass amp...
euros... god damn those, i'm planning on ordering like 50 new shirts from poland for about 12 zloti (**** me if i know how to spell that..) each... (rough equivelant of less than 5 dollars...)

anyway, like everybody here said, a vox valvetronix or a roland cube is a good way to go, also look into randall and peavey.
giggin big venues...with an MG? that's a problem right there...

whats your budget?
go to BK's forum. they have samples there.

dimarzio, EMG and swineshead have samples at their website.

seymour duncan have really ****ty samples. good examples are blink 182 (invader), megadeth (JB) and i think andreas kisser from sepultura uses or used the SD distortion...
burn out your amp on what?

well, you say you know how to, so why dont you? but if you think about it, all the materials you need to get for building an amp might cost you more than buying one... unless you have the parts for free?
i think your better off with the ESP out of all of them. but go to a store and try them all out, they are all quality guitars.
wow man. excellent job on the recessed knobs. looks amazing. what color are you finishing it?
having bigger speakers doesnt help. the amp feeds the speakers, not the other way.

i say save up for a better amp, unless you know your electronics quite well and know how to build stuff properly.
well, if you want to keep the neck stock, EMG's are practically out of the question, unless you're willing to go through a lot of wiring annoyance which arent really worth it considering you could get better pickups anyway.

i would say a bareknuckle nailbomb would be the best choice. good output, organic sound to counter that 'unnatural' sound you described. personally, i think it kinda lacks bass, but you have a pretty bassy amp.

a dimarzio X2N should also be very good for you. it's kinda treble-y from what i remember.

seymour duncan JB/distortion/invader, the JB being the lowest output and the invader being the highest. i dont really like them myself, sound a bit thin to me, but you're putting them into a mahogony body so maybe it will balance out.

you could also try and get the swineshead Xbucker, but it has A LOT of bass and it might sound a bit muddy.

if you really want EMG's, i geuss you could get the HZ. i think alexi laiho from children of bodom uses them...supposed to be the passive version of the 81/85, but i wouldnt count on it sounding as big as them.
^ what is that place of "too much gain" that you speak of?
GAIN!!!!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF GAIN!!!!!! there is always room for more, even if you have BK warpig with a built in afterburner in your ESP going into the deadliest ENGL ever with a 100 OD pedals through it. NOT ENOUGH!!!! MORE, I SAY! MORE!!!!!!!!!
yes, it has the same effect as pole-piece magnets.
right now it's either primus' "tommy the cat", since it has a lot of spaces for impro's and kreator's "voices of the dead" because... well, it just kicks ass.
a couple of questions:

what wood is your guitar?
what amp are you currently using?
what kind of tone are you looking for?
are your current pickups active?
meshuggah. that'll keep you busy for a while...
i say get it. from what i know, its the best distortion you could get from an SS, and its a 100 watter for the price of an MG...
is the body real wood or some plywood/paper mache'/something like that?
precise bass = miracle man. i hear they're pretty versatile too. but i think they are ceramic, not alnico 5...

i think the swineshead warthog would be a good pick for the neck.
well, it would be stupid if they made an amp that can go over its abilities therefore damaging itself, wouldnt it?
open it up and see. i geuss there will be, but you'll to squeeze it in a little bit...
^he said he had the amp SINCE he was 15...

thread starter: do you know anything about electronics? since its an old amp then maybe a wire just went loose. that can be soldered back in a minute.

if not it is.
the maple isnt that expensive, except the burl, which isnt as nice as the flamed anyway, IMO.