What We Must - Jaga Jazzist

Just listened to this, holy shit.
Phone, Wallet, Keys, 60p, Used scratchcard and betting slip.

I can't think of a better song than that.
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holy shit Vessels are incredible live

Did you see them at 2000trees?
If so, did you also happen to catch Yndi Halda?
They blew my mind.
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John and Hank are two incredibly smart, genuine, funny guys. Highly recommended.

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I look like a fat hipster (thick glasses and converse, but no skinny jeans!) And I like a lot of hipsterry things like NPR, craft beer, and reading.

Do you know exactly what mods have been made to the fuzz factory clone?
For those UK post-rock fans in here, something a little special.
I'm super horny right now, I could literally mount anyone right now.
God I need to get laid...
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alter bridge


Not the most difficult one :P
Creedance clearwater revival
Practice going twosies while hovering above the toilet.
It's all about the technique.
Honestly, I think it sounds a hell of a lot better using the 9v adapter!
As long as it's not going to do any damage to the pedal, I'm going keep using as is (:
It's a very old very battered 80's MIJ Boss HM-2!
Sorry about the crappy pictures, my phone is all I have handy.

First off, I can't understand why this is called a Heavy Metal pedal. As I cannot for the life of my coax a decent metal tone out of this thing.
What this pedal is though, is a great fuzz pedal. It can achieve some great wall of sound type fuzz effects and has some very use able fuzz tones in there.
Here's something that I don't understand though, running this thing of a 9V battery it sounds like a bad attempt at a metal pedal with some decent fuzz tones.
But when I plug it into a 9v adapter it takes on a whole new starved fuzz characteristic and it sounds brilliant, the only thing it doesn't really do is a vintage fuzz face type sound. Any pedal buffs know why this would happen?
Best thing about this pedal?
I got it absolutely free!
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You sound just like my grandparents.

Do you also have a mistrust of "the Asians"?

No problem with "the Asians" at all, I just hate laziness.
That people feel that it is acceptable to contribute nothing to society and live entirely off the state.
In reference to Megan Fox's penis, is the 7.3 inches when flaccid or errect?
There is one thing I have never understood about America, spray cheese.
Could someone explain the point of it to me?
Why is everyone posting bass players?
TS asked for the hottest female musicians
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Godspeed You! Black Emperor. SO. EXCITED.

Words can not express my jealousy.

I have tickets to;
Four Year Strong
Frank Turner
Glassjaw (On my birthday )
Frank Turner
I have everything that man has ever put out.
From the albums to the limited edition 7" singles!
Aswell as a few t shirts and a hoody ;D
Just a tad obsessed me.
Honestly, I'd push the budget a bit and go for this;
It's just about as good as it gets in my opinion.
Any chance of a picture of the NES?
I'll take it off you for £20 posted if you like!
Is the Big Muff from your other thread (linked in your sig) still available?
Okay, I think I'll just keep my stock nut and using a little bit of pencil to lubricate it.
Thanks for your help, this is a damn helpful thread and everyone is so friendly!
I tend to stick in standard tuning and my guitar doesn't even have a trem.
But, I do use a lot of big bends in my playing.. Should that be something to take into consideration?
I was thinking about making some upgrades to my telecaster and was wondering how much difference changing to a brass nut would make?
Would it make much tonal difference? Tuning Stability?
Would a graphite be better?
Thanks in advance
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What do Englishmen find in Australia?

Success in the ashes.
I've been struggling to cope lately, everything is building up on me and I really can't deal with it. My depression has been getting a lot worse and my anxiety problems are really starting to take over my life.
But, It's New Years tomorrow and I'm feeling optimistic about 2011. I'm going to go the Doctor and sort myself out and really focus my attentions on college as well as fixing some burnt bridges that have been long overdue fixing.
In summary; Stuffs pretty shit right now, but I have hopes for the new year being much better.
Happy New Year everyone!
Go to the Wiring Thread in GB&C, people in there will be able to sort out your problems.
Pictures would also help.
I tried feeding a wire through the hole but the wire just kept getting bent and didn't actually got any where.
I'm not sure how I'm meant to get the wire through.
Okay, I've updated the OP with much better pictures.
I re-soldered the input jack the other way around and the amount of noise has significantly decreased.
I found the hole where there the ground wire is meant to go, but there is nothing going in to it.
Will any wire do for grounding or do I need a special type?
Do I solder it to one of the bridge bolt things?
I just got a Epiphone Les Paul for next to nothing, but the problem is that it is hugely noisy.
It not just a little bit of unwanted buzz or hum, the noise is as loud as the output of the amp.
Here are some pictures of the inside of the guitar;

Sorry for the crappy pictures, web cam was all I had at hand.
Also, where are les paul's grounded?

Thanks in advance.
Post-rock/ambient/experimental stuff
I used to think it was dull and boring back when i was a proper METULZ kid.
Now it makes up the majority of what I listen to!