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god no. please not smash mouth.

what kind of music do you play? whats the rest of your setlist? and what is your skill level?

lets say we can play anything but we need a song that everyone knows

that still will be fun for the band to play.
Last show in highschool.. at the end

What should we play? something like all star by smash mouth

Any Ideas?
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Is this you TS?

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSs
HI there pit e
so im planning travel to berlin and amsterdam this summer..
need some good ideas what to do there: attractions, resturatns etc.

If you have some recommendations feel free to share. Thx
We can play anything but we all 90s fans..
So there's a band competition that my band is participating... GRAND PRIZE $30,000.

So... DEAR Pit what two songs do you think will makes us get the first place?

im looking for more rocking irish influenced bands..
Hi there,

so as the title says.. im looking for good irish bands, any ideas?

So start a conversation about something i'll participate... so you wont get bored
Im not sure if TOOL counts as a metal band but..

DANEY CARREY is best drummer i've ever heard!!
Some girl from a shampoo commercial...

Can you lick your knee?
Once upon a time there was a Chat on UG...

Where the hell is it?
Over Now - Alice In Chains.... From the unplugged concert

One of the GREATEST if not THE..

Being Human (just till next season.. but it still counts for me)
Let's say that James equals 75... so the answer is: 8.660254038

When Will I Live? if you know what i mean...
The right answer is........ Jack Black, " CG Man16" WINS!!!!!

Your prize is.... plz dont be shamely nothing

Sorry nothing personal
Who knows who was the guy (not the Girl THe guy) who said that sentence?

I have prizes for the people who will guess right

Hi; i came to a conclusion that there is too many bands that i dont know of...
please help me find them.. if you can and want write your top bands down/
(thxz for sharing \\m// \\m// )
This is my list....

Alice in Chains - Nutshell
Staind - Tangled Up In You
John Frusciante - Time Tonight
RHCP - Tear , Venice Queen
Shinedown - Simple Man
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thx for the fast replay but when I said loud I meant something like heavy grunge or something and not metal.
Hi There,

Im looking for some good songs to play with my band,

something like Alice In Chains, they should be loud!!!!

I need some easy songs for ear training...
If you have something write it down. THX
What about the best band here which called ALTER BRIDGE?!?!?!?!?!
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the version that was being sold on the Creed tour (dubbed, the tour edition. lol. it's just the show. no extras) is now available for sale on (US only. should be getting it). it's sold around 10,000 copies and spent the better part of a week as the #1 selling music DVD! completely caught amazon off guard. they thought it'd take a month to sell 600-700 copies. HAHAHAHA!! never underestimate AB Nation! the deluxe edition (2 discs with extras including a 60min documentary) likely won't be released until 2010 (now due to issues with just Universal. apparently whatever the issue was with WU is now resolved).

Hey thx for that info. I can't wait to see the whole thing!!!!
Alter Bridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi there,
I realized that training your hearing is very important, the problem is that I don't know how...
If you have any good exercises plz write them down.
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Thx man, you dont realize how much this info is important
Haaaallllloooooo You !

plz help me... does anyone got the dvd of Alter Bridge, plz I need to know it....
...tell me everything!!!!!!!
Hi there,
my friend says that sweep picking is not important, but I try to convince him that it is important... I need some backup, plz write why do you think it's important or why do you think it isn't.
Hi there,
did anyone got the new album of AIC or just heared a few songs from it?

plz write your opinion about it and about the new lead singer.