Check back in a day or two
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k.lainad Old people are not boring, Kids just suck the fun right out of you

i always had capri sun as a kid

i remember adults getting all in a fuss over sugar levels in sunny d
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wait i didn't finish the sentence

if i ever see one in real life i'm gonna hug them and tell them i think they're kinda weird but that's ok

I'm sure for the most part they're otherwise normal but as a hobby/interest/identity I find it harder to parse especially as it moves into the sex realm
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The prosecution presents exhibit D

ah yes the Strong D
The best thing about that kind of shit is there are real professors writing Very Hard about it lmao
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furries for me 

i swear to god if i ever see one in real life

what if you accidentally dated one

you're about to enjoy some nuru nuru and they tell you they're gounna slip into something more comfortable and they come out as Rexar the WolfDragon instead

anyway my date didn't go well
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you realise that you are empty inside and no amount of sex will change that because you are and will always be broken :'(

how can you be empty inside if you're having sex fam Explain Yourself
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Sex is a huge motivator in the early part of a relationship. Values change. Not that sex isn't important, but it falls on the totem poll as you two start to develop more important values and motivators.

Makes sense. I got to the two year mark in a past one before we got there, but we both had pretty bad health problems that interfered one step too far so I find it hard to have perspective.

And likewise, I sometimes hear people mention that decline with a degree of lament which I find weird at times. IDK. 

jakesmellspoo enzymes
This is bordering on a cat thread now but I found this article about Fukase's cat series which when I saw it in person made me cry
idk I vaguely remember hearing tons of jokes in sitcoms, adults talking with one another about it as a kid and such. When I got older people would kind of reference it with only a bit of irony in regards to present or past relationships. As a pair stay together longer they stop smashing each other's brains out so much, sometimes alltogether 

Stress? Boredom? Satisfaction with other areas of life? Some kinf of natural progression from duracell bunnies to hen coops? 

idk have you had this before or seen/heard about it and if so why you think happens
actually are the medals/badges things still used to count the intervals, or is that mostly a TV thing?
Can rec PFTG too, it looked kinda cool.

I'm still kinda bummed out about the sequet to SOTC, would have bought a console to play that were it not just "ok" etc etc

kinda dropped the ball with gaming these days. Might try those cute things indie devs make that can be played relatively quickly or something so I don't eat into free time too much
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I malign him for the greater NICENING of the forum

He's trash and brings the place down

There's not even a point to alternating between borderline-shock value images of electronics covered in semen (real or not real, doesn't matter) and undergraduate level meta-introspection or apologist-ironic Marxist nonsense, it's all equally bad.

you got emotional judgment issues bro, you gotta calm down and hit the kush dude, all this negative energy will need lots of crystals to disperse my brother, sister, lover.

it reminds me strongly of something Engels once said that one time "kill the rich nasty men and make history real, or something". now that my friend is a depth thought yes
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Won’t you ever stop being fucking weird

Give up your shitty schtick, or if it’s just your “personality”, change your shitty way of being

You need Bullying as a Corrective Social Mechanism(tm) so bad

I have no stchik, personality. To quote the great poet Okonma, 

I'm a fucking walking paradox, no I'm not
Threesomes with a fucking triceratops

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You can. It's the poophole loophole.

sounds like a shitty situation HahA


idk op this is all very What IF??????? like you sorta get that "yeah maybe there are circumstantial things" answer in yr question
Cans have strength and anti-breakability bonuses but nothing gives you a +1 to your RetroCool aesthetic like a cold bottle of cola
google: "hikkikomori room" and sit back and Jerk OFF
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I’m in a forgiving kind of mood today, so Banjocal, meet Banjo cat (that is honestly his name and he’s about 28 years old)

Good cat, very fluffy and excellent tones, a solid 7/10, maybe 8/10 if snuggles.
I have been banned for being overly aggressive over the use of autotune, posting pictures I found on 4chan, posting a laughing pear, and in approximately 49 months time, violent pornography.

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I have the softest spot for sloths

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Girl who posted it is the cutest thing about this.

consider sudoku
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How do I achieve the "Mayor of a Thread" badge

if you direct abusive and sexually aggressive personal messages to zgr0826 that usually does the trick

also I think of the mars volta when i think of you and i have no idea whty

bitch has ALL the kimonos

also that faceless cat is alive and happy by the looks of it

just a few more
So yeah this is a niche market but I feel it is one that our meme economy is missing and I did a search

yeah idk share the most heartwarming shit, doesn't need to be just cats and dogs anything qt or nice

inspired by linked below

The problem I have with the Thai is putting them on properly /horrificallyunfunny
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If you want a relative newcomer’s perspective, as someone who has been visiting for a year but never posted in this particular forum on the site before, when I’ve visited threads with interesting subjects I’ve tended to find they’re not actually about those subjects, but consist of a group of people who have known each other for years swapping in-jokes. Nothing wrong with that, of course. It’s the nature of every long-standing online community. But it’s why most of those communities have a limited lifespan, even if you can measure that in 10-15 years. There’s no way in for somebody new, so as people drift away, there’s nobody to replace them.

I’ve also been somewhat put off in the more specific forums by established posters taking umbrage with an opinion they don’t like and then getting their pals to pile in on someone. Life’s too short to bother with other people’s insecurities, especially online.

fwiw I think we all appreciate users who are just "real" and don't try to be popular. Places like the pit don't exclude contrary values as much when they're packaged in someone sincere (or insincere but "fun" or otherwise self aware) and who can get on the same page

I've always stuck with the pit bc it's as open to real talk as it is meaningless bullshit or pedantic arguing.
yes try this

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Sodomy law in the states, Europe, and most of the world is defined as those sex acts that are considered immoral or unnatural. Within the court system this is understood to represent anal sex, oral sex, beastiality, and in some courts, pedophilia. The presence of fecal matter in and of itself does not denote an immoral or unnatural sex act.

On the other hand, lets consider a different case and you can tell me how you think it works with your assessment.

Guy (we will call him Joe) eats three mini-mart hot dogs with extra nacho cheese sauce, with a Monster energy drink. He boards a bus on his way to a friends house. During the ride, Joe feels his stomach begin to cramp and gurgle. He's known this feeling before - Joe is plagued by IBS. He looks out the window plotting his escape, hoping a grocery store is near. But his worst fear becomes reality and his stomach drops to his bottom, and with no control his anus opens and thick hot dog goo sprays inside of his khaki pants. Everyone on the bus can smell it, and those sitting near him have gotten up and moved. One woman cries out "omg, I can taste it." The bus pulls over, and Joe walks off the bus in shame. He makes his way to a bathroom and inspects the situation. Everything is coated in hot dog goo.

According to your assessment, Joe is guilty of masturbating in public, the lady is guilty of sodomy for performing oral sex, and the transit system is liable for the production of a voyeuristic pornographic recording with its security camera. What say you?

Joe is clearly a paedophile. Children go on buses and he has wilfully shat himself in their presence, coating them with his Inhuman Filth. I especially disagree with the bolded text, which is something only a filthy peasant would not believe. All of these children have ate Joe's ass. 
Shite I gotta read Beserk

Outta interest, I'm interested in technical degrees of animation; is there a particular show that stands out to you guys as being "virtuoso level" animation, comparable for example to how Crysis made people lose their shit when it first came out?
oh right

yeah sprog means "child" in Bong語
whoomit lmao glory holes always look so fucking gross and dirty, you'd at least hope there'd be some disinfectant wipes there or some shit

I read a book once that was about glory holes and dive bars though, it was very edgy
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If SJW's aren't real then the Alt-Right isn't real. 

is this some like yin-yang shit? Does a time paradox lead to Fry the SJW shagging Fry's Mom, the Nazette?
I swear it used to snow more when I was a sprog. Maybe I just spent a bit more time up North idk. I really miss it these days; English weather can be so fucking grim
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you are not as amusing as you think you are

Oh believe me I know I'm not amusing
As a forum's publicly accessible (useful) content raises, the need to ask questions lowers. And so fewer people will attend save for time-wasting like this board.

This is ok and I have come to appreciate the communal quality to such places, as you can get to know people without needing to talk to them.
They told me that the future would be bright
i. If a man enters a public lavatory and defecates, his Smell will enter the room.
ii. If, following this, another man enters the lavatory, he may smell this smell.
iii. To smell something is to receive small particles of a substance in the air within the nose, and to receive the resultant chemical signals as such.
iv. Therefore, small particles are in the air.
v. This means that if the second man enters the cubicle and detrousers himself upon the throne, such fecal particles will touch his penis.
vi. This is Sodomy, and therefore a Sin in the eyes of Arnold.

Thank you.
The way i see it we are waiting in a long struggle match of endless waiting to become the last poster. he or she who succeeds in this achievement will be able to double or triplepost without threat of ban. ergo king of board, ergo, Ultimate Guitar Forum will become an elaborate Russian Tumblr page. Thank you