Thx steven

Ok just found out it was rejected and there was no explination who can i contact for a explination?
How and when will i know if my tab is rejected or accepted?
try a lighter guage string try lights
play rythm
anything from static-x to ac/dc
kingston ontario area
its late and it'll have to wait till tomorow for a pic of the epi till then
i bought the guitar second hand dont know what model it is.

i play everything from acoustic hence the name to hard industrilized metal , three bands that somewhat cover the spectrum would be fantomas, the melvins, to godsmack
need your input

i have a epiphone stock no mods yet but the sound is not quite what im looking for, so its far cheaper for me to replace the pick ups instead of buying new.
im replacing the stock pick ups the bucker is going to be replaced with a EMG-H3

and the singles are being replaced by EMG-S3

hopeing this will get me the sound im looking for

oh almost forgot im running all this through a 1969 - 74 traynor ybm - 3 200 wats
hey all

I'm a new traynor owner.
i just purchsed a 69-74 traynor ygm-1 or a ygm-3 reverberation amp, its in the shop right now getting the tubes changed and cleaned shall i say up to par.
havent played it yet when i get it back on the 30th i'll record some sound bites and i'll take pics and post them
i have not had a chance to play with it yet, when its done i'll play on it for a week or 2 and then decide if i get rid of it ( i really want a marshall) or be blown away and decide to keep it.
then i'll need it buy some pedals lol, on the front it says guitar reverberation amp it uses old termonology.
Ok a few months ago i bought a old tube amp for about $150, finally got around to getting to my local music store to get new tubes and to get it cleaned up and back up to par (up until that moment i dident even know the make of it),
I was told i had a 1969 to 1974 traynor YGM-1 or a YGM-3 i have no experance with traynor amps and was wondering what thoughts or experances other people had or have with them. (when i get it back i will have serial numbers and all other info on this particular amp).
the amp on the top of the pic is my amp not the black one on the bottom.

i forgot it is a 200w amp
hey thx i am usually wrong lol...... put in word now praticing it thanks a lot dude i aprecate it
Does any1 know were i can find Duane allmans Dobro rendition of amazing grace in tab??????????
Hey all

I'm just learning to play the slide guitar i set up a guitar espically for slide (took a old broken guitar and re-built it from the tuners up)

I have done a few lessions from the net but im looking for easy tabs or scales for slide to get started off i have learned a bit but need more to inprove can you all help with suggestions?


hey srthompson i just did a basic bar all the way accross it's just for basic finger placement.

ya i could have shown bar for C and D but this is just the basics maybe in the future i'll finish the bar cords, I only did A and E and look at how many cords there even i dident finish A or E there is still more.

But i still wished i had this much when i started, oh btw i wont even attempt open cords i'll leave that for someone else, if someone finds a cord diagram for the open cords let me know im trying to get a full library of open and bar cords.
I did not know were to put these there is a couple of places but i stuck them here, If there not in the aproperate spot please move.

Well here's some chord diagrams in bar form hope it helps, I wish i had these years ago.
i could not upload them here so i uploaded them to photo bucket here is the link.

Hope you find these useful.
Hell no it wont hurt to play 3/4 size.. I just foung my old 3/4 size guitar even though i have 2 other (full size) i baught all new parts for it and fixed it up and i still love to play it from time to time, i'm currintly setting it up to play slide (too lazy to keep down tuning)

Have fun with it....
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I never quite got into playing with a slide- guess it was just something I never picked up on. That's a really odd shaped guitar- can't say I've ever seen one of those!

Well i dont know the name of it but it is old, and it a 3/4 size guitar.

thanks for the replys and i will try thoes songs.

Well i need a new nut for my guitar (pic above) the strings were to close to the frets, i messed around with it and broke the nut ( how do u break a nut? Dont ask!!!!!) so soon i will make my journey to the guitar shop and get a new 1 until then i have to put my slide learning on hold only for about a week.

if anyone has more great slide songs tell me BTW i love the blues!!!!!
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Rolling and Tumbling

By what artist?
Hey all it's been a wile since i've been here, So who all plays SLIDE? Do you have a dedicated guitar for slide?

Well i've recently started learning to play slide and i took a guitar (my very first) and have dedicated it for slide (the strings are still a lil too close to the frets so i'll get a new nut to remedy that)

The guitar is a old 1 dont know the make but i had to rebuild it from the tuners to saddle ( i had to glue a new bridge on and tryed a number of different glues and even some apoxys but i had no luck so i got p'ed off and bolted the !@#$% neck on lol)and it sounds great for a 3/4 size lol.

As i said i'm just starting to learn to play slide does anybody know any beginner songs i can start off with?

(oh ya what i'm using for a slide is a 5/8" deep socket and a 3/4" deep socket i havent decided what finger to use my ring or pinkey finger)
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Martin SP Bronze 80/20's

Nice strings that are sort of bright sounding. The price is right too. Just around $4.00 per set.

I perfer the .12's myself and love them when they're new. They'll die out rather quick if you play them everyday, but at that price, who can fuss about them?

I would highly recommend these strings to anyone looking for budget strings with a good tone.

These ard the brand i use
Mine are

Pink Floyd
B.B. King
Stevie ray vaughan
Since i've changed the strings a couple days ago i really havent had a issue with the small e going out of tune i think it was just a bad set of strings whew.

I have a project under way so i dont have the money to replace or fix my good gear, i will still do some maintence on the machine heads when i change my strings next.

thx all for the help and advice.

Oasis- wonderwall
Capo the second fret and play Em-G-D-A7
just get the music and listen to it n play along

Oh try pictures by kid rock and sheryl crow
Well the strings were on the guitar for about 3 weeks now there changed.

I usually play on a daily basis or bi-daily.

Try out martin SP lights i use them regulary and really.
my fav's were

Dean koontz- Phantoms

john saul- The devil's labyrinth
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Dean Koontz novels.

I've read most of his. try john saul
Next time i change my strings i'll take apart my machine headsa and check them out see if there loose.
There are some cool books here, i will be looking for at my local book store.
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my absolute favorite is Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

I've herd of that book but never read it i will look for it
Ok simply what is your fav book, from past or present magazines don't count you sick freaks lmao.

OK here's mine

Catcher in the rye- J.D. salanger
Hey all i dont have or play a hollow body but i am very courious, i have a couple of questions.

1. what applications (genre) r they usually used in?

2. How r they diff from acoustic eletric?

3. what are the advantages?

4. can they be used in any genre?

Sorry for the nube questions i know nothing about them but have always been courious about hollow bodys.

Hey all i've been here for a couple months and just now introducing myself.

Fenix XL-30 jumbo by young chang(Korean made)

i play a wide mix of music from rock to country to folk, Alan jackson, bob marley,cat stevens, Oasis, Nickleback, pink floyd, Roy Orbison, etc (just to name a few).

Been playing for over 15 years usually play rythm my fingers r too lazy and big to play lead.

i have a project under way its the first guitar i ever had in my hands just repearing it.

I also give lessons on the side to begginers.

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Could be something simple like your machine heads need tightening m8 ?

hhmmmmm I've never taken apart machine heads, now when i change the strings i do make sure the sleaves r tight is that what u mean?
BKGMorley said
B) your machine heads are shit. out of interest, what sort of guitar do u have? i had a samick for ages and i had the same problem but for me it was the g string (rofl). some machine heads just arnt strong enough.

the machine heads are shit theory just doesent fly with me, I've done some searching and there are alot of "shitty" machine heads out there, gotoh are not amone them just because there not made in the USA or say grover doesent mean there "shit" now that doesent mean im saying there among the top brands i'm saying there not "shit"
i play a fenix XL-30 jumbo, i use Martin SP lights e-.012 B-.016 G-.025 D-.032 A-.042 E-.054 (check out link to pic). just changed my strings, the ones i took off were only about 3 weeks old.
How do you tell and what does that mead vibrating string?
If the machine heads were not strong enough wouldent i have the same problem on the heavier strings?
well the tuning machines are GOTOH i dont know the aspect ratio, could be a bad batch i use martin acoustic SP lights i've used them for a long time, i've been stringing guitars for over 10 years the same way and never had a problem till the last month, i've had the guitar for about 10 years.

here's some picks.
just using the same brand and guage of strings, even after a couple of days of playing i'll tune up and after 2-3 minunits its out of tune e