i dont care for the olympics! but GO CANADA! **** YEAH!...also...RIP to that dude who lost his life lol
I never been injured in a mosh pit...usually if someone falls other people help them up.

One show I went to some stupid douche bag stomped on some other guys leg and broke his ankle..the bone was sticking out! it was so gross lol
ever lame
smells like children, antichrist superstar, and holywood were my fav albums.

Manson is fat now....he looks like a disgruntled old man w/ bad makeup lol
I used to LOVE the ninja turles!! not so much power rangers.....they were lame! lol
awwww! she will be ok! at least they detected it early, and not later on.
I totally think it should be legalized! It's a ****ing plant for christ sakes! and weed has never killed ANYONE! compared to alchohol, smoking etc!
I got SO hammered one night I guess I smashed a beer bootle on the floor? lol

I blacked out...then when I came inside from having a smoke the owner, whos name is Ouner, just stood infront of me smiling. I started poking him the the belly. He put his hands on his hips and told me politely "get out!" and I replied "why?" and he said " you smashed a bottle on the floor..right in front of me!" "yeah right" I said. I looked over to my BF and he smiled and said "yeah you did" hahahaha fun times...I still can believe I smashed a bottle on the floor!
thats ****ed...why not get them peirced?
some wierd elevator music :S
it'a a G-G-G-G-GHOOOST!
I like this FML site...stumbled upon it awhile ago...makes me laugh
alice in chains
tom petty
neil young
king diamond
tenacious D
black label society
guns n roses
steve miller
alice cooper
rob zombie
blind guardian

i can go on! lol
has your cat had its shots? could be feline fever? take him to the vet!
Lame!!! E-marrage Is A Sham!
i think the paranormal is so interesting to me! I have so many storys...I dont know where to start....
Quote by Butthead
Yes, and I think it is wrong. Stepsister or not, it still is his sister. Hope he enjoys his 12 toed kids.

If they had kids they would be totally fine...I dont think they are blood related..or are they? lol are gonna post a pic of a naked chick? :S lol
yeah i hear superglue works for cuts and that liquid band-aid stuff ( pretty much the same thing)

A friend of mine who plays guitar had sliced his finger open at he used super glue to seal it and it worked
curb stomp him!
I mostly like beer and wine, and maybe mimosa (champagne & orange juice) in the mornings..nothing like getting drunk in the morning lol
maybe you are just depressed...get some happy pills from your doc! OR it could just be a stage your going through....i get the same way will get over it
maybe the guitar is out of tune?
I ****in hate those PREPPY mother ****ers!!!
I either want to be mumified, or cremated....
I usually bring my own alchohol to the bar in a flask, so me and some friends have bathroom shots, and I dont feel embarrased. I sometimes offer! saves money that way :P
.....I hate guns....
turn off your computer, go outside and enjoy!
For all you haters out there, this thread is for people to say what they hate the most!!!

for example:

I hate it when people dont push in their chairs!!
I hate smelly people!
I absolutley hate it when people walk slow infront of me!!! ****!
etc. etc. etc

I think you guys got the idea!

So go ahead and start hating!!!
I was SO tired...I went to put the milk back into the fridge, but then I realized I was putting it in the cupboard lol
baseball is LAME!
Pfft! just go anyways! who cares what your parents think. Go have a blast!!
Very nice!! *thumbs up*
silencer- peirce me
I remember me and my sister pretending the bottom drawers of our dresser were cars...then the dresser fell on top of us. :S