Penis Rulez d00d
The Penis
Penis you want it
Give it Penis
Penis's Burst into Fire
Waking the Penis
Chop Penis
Lonely Penis
Penis Aim Fire
Penis Down
Your Guardian Penis
Penis Ain't so Sweet
Hit the Penis
Penis of War
Penis Song
^ lol

Man, wish I was at the Smashing Pumpkins tonight
Was playing football the other teams keeper was being real cocky and up himself. Just a overall dick so I drove the football right at his nuts. He caught it but in doing that broke his wrist and two fingers.
I love spending time with my family. We normally have a Sunday lunch kinda thing which normally ends with my dad, me, and whoever else feels like it having a jam on guitars and stuffs which is sweet.
Sorry guys got meeeeeega laggy. Had a sweet time though. I'm looking forward to building some more with you guys.

And thanks for the help at the start Vic
I know they used it in WW1 or WW2 to temporarily close wounds before moving a casualty to a suitable place of treatment.
I heard I was Cam 2.5 or Cam 5 or something?
Yeah I'd love to go to Bathurst but yeah man the crash was sweet. And the driver was all good as well.

Bathurst is pretty much the only motorsport I watch other than F1.
T'was a great race.
Lowndes 1st, Whincup 2nd, Tander 3rd.
Final Lap!!!!!!
Man Lowndes and Whincup are going for it.
^ This.
Safety car again. Man this is getting exciting.
Agreed. It's getting pretty intense right now.
Yea I wasn't impressed with the news just demanding screen time like that. Even if it was for 10 minutes.
Yea I'd love to see him up on the podium. What is Murph's position?
Yea I always watch the last 21 laps with excitement. Murph was really pushing it in the last 20 or so laps last year.
Been watching on and off all day. It's getting pretty intense now with 21 laps left.

Holden's Ftw.
I got crappy news

My mum isn't letting me go to the meet. My dad was fine with it that's why I said I could go but my mum found out this weekend she wasn't keen for me to go at all. Sorry guys, this fully sucks. I MIGHT be able to get out on Saturday by telling my mum I'm going to Hayden's to "study" for a "science exam" on Monday but my family has been going through a fairly rough time this year so I'm not to sure.

Once again guys, I'm sorry. Wish I could go. :'(
Oh sorry forgot to mention, it is still partially attached. Would this make a difference at all?
Alright so I am in dire need of help.

My little sister stood on my Epiphone SG and snapped the neck from the body. I guess thats the last time I let her use my guitar. This is a fixed neck btw. Pics will be up later on today. Will edit them into OP.

So basically, where the neck connects to the body it has snapped. It was a fairly clean break and so I was wondering is this repairable? Either by myself or by a instrument repairer? I have built 2 electric guitars from scratch so I guess I have experience building guitars but not so much repairing.

tl;dr My Epiphone SG's neck has snapped at the body. Is this repairable?

Thanks for the help in advance guys.
A wall.
Quote by adj209
Like all parents, I'd subtly force my failed hopes and dreams on my kids.

I reckon you should comfort your friend first of all. If she isn't open to talk about it, then wait until she is and discuss getting the police involved. She may not want to get the police involved and if she doesn't, I think you should respect that but if I was in you situation, I would definately try to get police involved with her permission though.

Hope that kinda helped even though I'm pretty sure this is pretty much the same as all the other posts.
Quote by RU Experienced?
That was really sad, I lost. Again.

I find it disappointing too. I was looking forward to having the ability to have the power to crawl through tunnels so I could make some tunnels back to my castle that the mobs couldn't get in after dark.

But like you said, not being able to fall of ledges while crouching is extremely helpful.
A little over $7000 NZD so maybe $3500 USD?

EDIT: Guess I should write up what I have spent that money on.

Drum Kit: $3500 ($1000 of that on cymbals)
Epi SG Gothic: $1000
Ibanez Acoustic: $1000
Ibanez acoustic amp: $500
Electric amp: $500
Bass: $450
Straps, tuners, picks, leads etc: $245

So yea, just over $7000 NZD
Gender : Male

Age : 10-20

Do you already own a guitar stand?: Yeap

Do you own more guitars than stands?: Yeap. 7 guitars, 2 stands

What did you pay for your stand (average)?: 20 NZD each. About £6 each I think.

How would you describe the appearance: Just your standard, metal, guitar stand

Are you happy with its appearance?: Well I guess. Could look better though.

What design styles do you like?:Modernism

How much do you spend on guitar related items per month?: $10-$20 NZD

Which rooms do your guitars stay in?: Bedroom and guitar room.
Don't close your eyes. Ever.
We were learning about Hitler and WW2 and were talking about Jews.

Teacher: *talking about Jews*

Friend "Wait, hold on a second. The Jews are from Jewland right?"


Teacher: Cameron (me) pretty much just said it all.

The sad thing is, we were the top class for my year group.
Am gunna pull this thread back from the brink of...DEATH.

So how's everyone goin'?
This is one I had to make for music:

Caramel, chocolate, cookies and cream.
Strawberry, vanilla, Cadbury Dream
Walkin' down the street with a cone in hand.
There's the Neapolitan Selling Ice Cream Man.
He gives me a scoop, then he give me two.
Now I have a double scoop (N1gger Woo)

I scream Ice cream makes me hop.
Give me some of them goody goody gumdrops
(Goody Gumdrops)
Yo Mr Whippy you so damn hip,
Give me a scoop of that jellytip (jellytip)

Feeling kinda hot, give me hokey pokey.
I look at the ice cream man and he says "Okie Dokie"
Do you want a double scoop, or should I make it tripple?
Actually, I want an orange ripple
How about your friends, over there, do they want some, creamy dairy care?
No thank you sir, they already ate a load

I scream Ice cream makes me hop.
Give me some of them goody goody gumdrops
(Goody Gumdrops)
Yo Mr Whippy you so damn hip,
Give me a scoop of that jellytip (jellytip)


And yes...It's about ice cream
Age: 14-16 (I'm 15)

Clothing style: casual/classy

Personality traits: Funny, kind, caring, artistic/musical

Hair color: Light or dark brown

Hair Style: Shoulder length

Eye Color: Blur

Any additional facial details:

Boob size: Doesn't worry me so much

Dress size: What?

Any other appearance details:
NZST which is GMT 12+.
Oh man we so need this to go with our APC
So e-famous I fail to comprehend how e-famous they are