Sorry to German.
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Interracial? Well, kind of. My fiancee has Native American blood, though you wouldn't know it to look at her.

You mean she dosent wear a warbonnet? Thats why we wouldnt know she's indian?

EDIT. Sorry, Native American.
We need more threads about Abigail and Brittany Hensel
Danish is the worse. It sounds like they have a pillow down their throat.
Hydra 150
A Korina V with black pickguard is so sexy.
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I dated a Mexican girl once, but I felt awkward being almost 2 full feet taller than her.

i bet she was sleepy all the time. Did you find the sombrero annoying? Or maybe the poncho?
i don't care anymore, i'm afraid.
I took the old Pit and turned it into ok Pit
Go back in time and do a helicopter in front of Jesus.
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Well, they are halflings..

Find the halflings!
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nah m8 its all about preserving the master race

No, but i should.
Its quite gay to have several threads to ones hair, even if its snazzes hair.

Them threads are yes homo.
Top Gear and QI.
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dont even go there, man.

Also, happy NGD to your daughter!

Sorry, no homo.
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No, this is a shitty thread.

Happy NGD! And you are lucky this isnt 4chan.
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Not slang, but "negr" is a commonly used and accepted word for black people in Russia.

its ''neger'' in Norway.
Yeah! Burn down the rainforest!

I didnt watch the video, but i guess its about that.

its korina wood you arse.
How many jews fits in a VW Beetle?

5 in the seats and 200 in the ashtray.
A sunburst 69 original strat.Or a 59 Les Paul, could trade a house with that.
Its not fathers day yet in Norway.
Yes, because im outa this world.
Foxes gets eaten where i live.
it is!? Damn it! I have posted so many updates without #Swag#YOLO

Thats really cool! The finish reminds me of the old PRS Modern Eagle finish.
A Cage elephant.

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I love you.

Love you too Philip.
I wouldnt buy it. And how the hell do one skateboard into a guitar?