Another thing that keeps coming up for me regarding the tab queue.
I often try to make suggestions or corrections to the authors of tabs submitted for approval -- And whether it's formatting issues, incorrect tablature, typos, or titling issues(song, artist)... I'd say 90% of the time I make those suggestions, they go unanswered and mistakes go uncorrected. Nobody ever seems to think to check on the tabs they've submitted for approval. Or they just naturally expect that they'd be notified of such things because they receive notifications when the tab is submitted, approved or rejected.
So people eventually end up getting their tab rejected, or it sits in the queue for a week or longer because the author is unresponsive when an issue arises. Only after the tab is rejected and the author appeals the rejection do they typically see the comments that had been made.
It just seems to me offering at least the OPTION of e-mail notification of comments on tabs awaiting approval could help to speed up the process and maybe even improve the quality of the tabs being approved.
I've been wondering if something could be done about Spam in the Tab Approval Queue. Someone previously posted a thread about it in the Advertising forum, which I replied to. But this is probably a more appropriate area for that issue to be brought forth.
Here is the link to the topic addressing the spam issue:
The better question is, what is your intended print size?

The graphics you're working with are too small for anything much larger than a few inches.
Your 1280x1810 graphic, for example, would only print out as a 4x6" card at a resolution of 300ppi(pixels per inch). The larger you print it out, the more you're stretching that graphic and the more you lower the quality of the print.

The ...And Justice For All graphic you referred to in your first post-- There's no way for you to get a better result out of that. You have to start with a larger image. That's just far too small to get a decent looking "poster" size. So like I said, the question is -- What is your intended print size?
Submitted a bass tab Saturday or Sunday.
This morning, I received an e-mail to make revisions to my tab(with no specifics), then a rejection e-mail less than a minute later with no stated reason. Really weird because I've double and triple-checked everything, including all guidelines as well as this thread.
Resubmitted this afternoon, currently in-queue.
First three songs I learned on bass(About 4 Yrs Ago):
"Comfortably Numb" - Pink Floyd
"Black Hole Sun" - Soundgarden
"Seven Nation Army" - White Stripes
"In The Meantime" by Spacehog. fun as hell.