Second Chris Cornell, Second Jared Leto and Myles Kennedy from AB
its good man props, its probably not that easy to sing a song thts not in ur first language and u did a pretty good job regardless
yea basically what chemical said but i suggest u stick with epiphone if ur gnna buy one cus gibsons are pretty expensive and not worth it unless u buy one of the higher up models. Personally id go with another brand like ibanez or jackson u get a lot more more for a lot less with them
try the semour duncan quarter pound stl-3 and str-3 or the dimarzio area t combo my friend had the area t's and they sounded great when he played banquet
Yea as said before the way you alternate pick is up to you, it shouldnt make a difference what stroke you end on or what you start with, it all depends on the circumstances.

Secondly a good excercise to change your barring style would be to play a simple bar chord progression without taking off the index bar and sliding your index down to whatever fret your chord starts on and then adding on the extra fingers.

Hope that helped
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Can someone unjumble this sentence for me?

ym epnsi si revy nyti
Go for scarified, it'll definitely impress them because its such a technical song. I relli suggest Racer X cus they use a lot of the technical stuff. If you don't wanna do Scarified do Tecnical Difficulties.
Buy an Ibanez RGT6EXFX.... I'm not joking its abosolutely perfect for metalcore.
I know I'm a HUGE KsE fan. Also make sure when you buy your guitar you buy 12 gauge strings or Drop C IS gonna be pretty difficult
Personally I lube up and wait for it to come to me
LOOOOOOL Unlucky man... But this was definately done by a stupid ****ing European dude probably Danish or Swedish. But still he made me LOL This is my imitation jackson with a sticker on the headstock, seymour DUNKASS pickups hahahhaha. It has buttons but they don't work.

Oh yea btw, being a master of accents who can do any ****ing accent flawlessly, his shitty british impersonation makes me wanna rip his balls off

EDIT: Oh wtf? you australian? What a dumbass, Australian and british accents don't sound similar one bit
Its either Van Helsing or Bram Stoker's Dracula
yeah go for it XPRO200 is a good guitar for 500 AUS thts not bad
That was pretty good :O:
Try a DiMarzio tone zone or a breed bridge
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He said he wants something with decent playback quality.

Used or New?
What music you listen to?
Price Range?
What amp you got?
If you want even more glossy, you could put an egg wash coating and bake it in the over at 350 degrees for 2 minutes
I'ts say its "meh" at best... Sorry man way too rushed and quite a few mistakes :S
Lol I think those suggestions are pretty good, I've played classical for 5 years so the fingers on my right hand are stronger than the ones on the left :S
Dude that was absolutely sexy, but I hear the metal influence :P With the scale shredding xD
but I prefer this over normal jazz, its so much more lively. WELL DONE I'm sure a jazz club wudnt mind buying this. BUT watch out at the beginning the bass didnt really go with the chords, just change that. but still that was AWESOME!!!!
play a lead as in a melody over it while the chords are playing? Just start on an F note somewhere on the fretboard and play some sort of scale pattern over the chords. Or if you want to be more complex try playing the F major scale over it.
looks nice but i think 1 humbucker for 150 quid is preeeeety silly
I'm pretty sure Justin Bieber learnt how to get past 2nd grade in 2007
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Where's Mustaine?

Lol nice joke
put in a chorus and you have got a masterpiece
I think that there is enough advice on this thread but so far I've realised that this can cheer anyone up

Nah it wont do anything, I've tried it with a school violin
yea lol personally I'd go for a lesser known brand, you get more for less...
But if he likes popular brands he can go for it
Try some scales up and down, this might not be the best example and you may hate the band but this came up at the top of my mind
Alrite I'll go over everything

Body - Mahogany body with flame top - great sustain, flame top creates the smoothness you get when u play an LP (try the neck pup)
Neck - Mother****wizz***fazz**ribbity***dibb**** 5 piece titanium reinforced neck which is faster than a green potato chip
Knobs - Collet knobs no slipping
Pup Selector - 5 way with this plastic cover thing for support
Hot grinder pups - It is hot, the bridge has a bar magnet nuff said. I said the necks like like an LP and the middle is awesome for the twangy sound you hear in the beginning of smells like teen spirit
Frets - 24 jumbo
Paint - Nice an shiny
Tuners - Great (who cares)
Bridge - ZP3 with zero point, drop tuning is easy as.... umm... cookies?
Nuts(LOL) - Locking nut so you dont get outta tune

OK I am tired typing
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Well I try
Ibanez S Prestige - S5470F

Take it and never think about another guitar. End of
It's in our human nature now, with the worlds culture moulded to this 'be nice to others' mentality. You also learn this type of stuff from your parents and religion "love thy neighbour".
Not sayin its bad or anythin btw or I wudnt help you with this question
Lol... Where's paul gilbert??? Fix it or I will boycott this
Wow NGD man, I like how its red... Pretty rare colour. Looks like its in great condition, nice pick man. ENJOY it
lol.... Guitar hero wasn't enough was it? Still looks pretty cool I think its worth it for $30, it'll be awesome when some guy shows off with it and u make fun of him for playin a paper guitar. OR kick his ass on freestyle mode
if your worried about that, unstring it and change the action, but if you only change it a little bit I suggest you try stretching your strings a bit before doing it. It shouldnt be too much of a prob
Maybe Corey Beaulieu, I heard he's got the Downs