1. Age? 15
2. In school - what grade? Year 10
3. What instruments do you play? Just guitar
4. If any, how long? around 2 and a half years now
5. Are you male or female? female
6. Virgin? yes
7. How often do you masturbate a week? oh, um... 2-4 times? Quite personal but i'll answer truthfully on this occassion
8. Do you drive? no
9. Have both parents? yes
10. Do any drugs? no
11. How often do you do them?
12. How long have you been doing them?
13. Ever been in trouble with the law? no
14. If so, what for?
15. Single or taken? single
16. Pregnant, or have any kids? no
17. What would you do if you were super admin for a day? have a party
18. Do you ride dirt-bikes or motorcycles? no, never have been on one
19. Ride minibikes? no
20. Skateboard? I tried once but I fell off!!!
21. When's your birthday? Feb 12th
22. Where were you born? England
23. Favorite game system? Playstation
24. Favorite genre's of music? Classic rock, punk, some metal...
25. Least favorite UG'er? I'm new here!
26. Ugliest UG'er?
27. Favorite UG'er?
28. Hottest UG'er?
29. Any siblings? yes
30. How many, if any? one younger brother
31. Do you wipe your butt standing up, or sitting? sitting!
32. Do you use a washcloth, or just soap while showering? just rub myself over with shower gel.... I dont mean that to sound sexual, this is how i shower!
33. What's your hairstyle? long, straight and brown
34. Have a myspace, what is it? I never bothered, went straight to facebook!
35. Are you in a band? nope, would like to someday
37. *********? wah?
38. What's your favorite holiday? Christmas time!!!!! I like presents
39. Favorite time of year? Autumn, its sooo preetty
40. Favorite food? scallops
41. Do you have a job? I help around the house, not old enough yet for a proper job
42. Do you want a job? soon, i want to get some new clothes
43. If you have a job, do you like it?
44. Ever been fired? no
45. If so, what for?
46. Did you noticed that I missed #36? i didnt no
47. Did you check to see if I actually did? nope
48. Did you noticed I missed #16? you didn't miss #16, but I did check that time!
49. If you could go ANYWHERE in the universe, where would you go? andromeda
50. If I paid you $450.00, would you suck on my biggest toe? absolutely

becks xx
In case anyone is wondering, these are what I'm wearing right now:

Quote by Heminator89
Manly for a 'gay' thing. Isn't it an oxymoron?

Technically no, not in the context I was using it in.

If I said something was 'Manly Gay' then perhaps this would be an oxymoron since (in the stereotypical sense) gay people are often perceived to be 'unmanly'

However I said he was 'too manly for a gay thing' which is just a straightforward statement rather than two words put together in an indistinguishable context as is the use of 'oxymoron'. Hope that makes sense.

We're getting off topic though, don't you have any funky socks Heminator89?

Quote by Eradicated
I'll top yours. Brb


These are great! I think I have some penguin socks, they're blue.

See I knew the pit had a cool sense of humour, unlike Cobain_Is_King he is clearly too 'manly' for this sort of gay thing...

Hey, pit!

I'm a n00b here but I thought this could be different and fun for the pit. Post any pictures you have of your Funky socks, they should be as fun or colourful as possible!!

Here's two of mine (with my friend emma):

How about yours guys and girls?

Becks xx