Really good job man. I love it. Great song. I love the guitar, and you're voice is awesome. Kudos!
The guitar isn't crappy... It's a great guitar. What I would suggest to you is a better amp or an EQ pedal. Either would improve your tone greatly. The simple fact is people hate on B.C. Rich because of the shape. Yea... An ultra pointy guitar isn't for everyone. But who cares?

The pups that generally come in Warlocks are the B.D.S.M.s. If your are going for a deep, rich tone these pick ups are excellent. If you want a better lead tone then again, a quality amp, and an EQ pedal would work wonders. I have run mine through various amps. And When it's on a cheap amp... It sounds cheap. When it's on one of my nice amps... It sounds nice. Add an EQ pedal to the mix and your tonal options are limitless.

I would also suggest getting your guitar set up properly by a professional. It can help in ways you couldn't imagine.

I am currently re-recording everything I have with my Warlock. I used a Fender Standard Stratocaster before, and it lacked tone due to the single coils. My warlock has tone to spare! Just something to consider.
Definitely some great potential there. Keep it up!
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That was actually Voltaire but ok.

Anyways, the lead work is pretty well done. Get away from that fuzzy guitar tone in general. Sounds really amateur. Aside from that keep at it boys!

True, on the Voltaire quote. But isn't Peter Griffin more entertaining any day?...

My fuzzy crappy guitar tone from Downfall has been fixed. It sounds even better than it did on Revenge as well. I was working with out a preamp for my interface for both songs. Our program doesn't do much in terms of real time tone adjustment, so
I remedied the whole situation with a new amp, with much more direct control over my tone.

Thank you very much for the kind words man. We're going to be coming out with much more at much better quality, so keep checking back on our progress!
Thank you very much Parsons. I appreciate the kind words; And no problem on the feedback. I love new music, and you guys rock! I'll make sure I keep checking in for more. Thank you so much for the feedback. We're trying our best. It's just going to get better, and better, from here on out!
Well thanks for the input. That is but a couple songs that we have in the works. The progressiveness will shine through a bit more in up coming works we have coming out. As for our originality: that's your opinion; to each their own, and whatever floats your boat, or finds your lost remote, I say. In the words of Peter Griffin: "I don't agree with what you say, Sir... But I'll defend your right to say it to the death."

And, for a second, I was almost a titch upset ... Until I took a look at your page....

People in glass typo-houses.... shouldn't throw stones. =)

Best Wishes! Good Luck to ya buddy!
Sounds great man! I really like your original! Keep it up!
Hello! I am the rhythm guitarist for Remorseless Music International. We are a Heavy Metal/Progressive Metal band that formed right here on Ultimate Guitar. We are currently working on our demo, and have songs posted on various sites (including this one!). Please come check out our pages listed below, and give our songs a listen. Comments, ratings and messages are always appreciated. Thank you very much for your time, the read, and the listen!
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Sounded pretty cool to me!

Agreed. Sounds great man!
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There should be an option for half and half.

I agree.
Has to be Whitenihilist. Very bluesy, and melodic playing. Kept me interested the whole time. Great job!