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I honestly just really hate baseball and want to make it sound as pointless as possible. And golf >_>

well then in that case....

I use to play golf. It's physically demanding because if you don't scream and shoot someone your're grinding your teeth. So ****ing hard.
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Prove me wrong. It's a game of skill, athletic ability may be advantageous, but it's not necessary to be a "professional" in baseball. Some baseball players may be very skilled, but it doesn't change the fact that they're fat and unathletic. Yes, there are plenty of athletes in baseball, but it's still a game of skill at heart.

On the other hand, soccer takes both skill and extreme fitness, as does hockey, football, tennis, swimming, basketball, whatever. Bowling, golf, baseball =/= sports.

You aren't debating anything. You're just mixing up the relation between the word and what it's actually representing; getting caught up in language games. The word sport can't explain anything it can only describe things. So to say this is a sport and this isn't doesn;t make much sense.
Internet chess is the best sports game no debate.
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stop hanging out at the mall. thats dumb ***** central.

Well I was in the barnes and noble buying a book.
Don't know anywhere else to go, I'm new here.
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I thought they were only good at sucking dick and making sammiches

Yeah I really wish I felt that way sometimes it would be a lot easier.
But I like the idea of a relationship with a girl that can hold a conversation.
it sucks:<
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..Am i reading this right? One of them pushed the other one over onto the floor to make conversation with you?

Yes, and thank you pit.
I thought for a second something was wrong with me.
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Do you live in New Jersey or something?

Just moved here two days ago:s
I went to the mall to buy a book yesterday. I was reading it when these two attractive ladies had walked into the store. I was checking themout and vice versa. Then out of now where one girl pushes the other to the ground. They both start yelling "OMG DID YOU SEE THAT I'M SUCH A DUMB BETCH OMG DID YOU SEE THAT?" They walked up to me and with the same volume and tone asked me the same damn question. I thought they were hot but they were so obnoxious and loud I was turned off. I tend to feel this way about most of my peers. They love da dramas and attention whoring. Not that I'm much more mature but isn't yelling in a boookstore something we did in intermediate? When can I find a girl that I can walk up to and start talking about venture capatilism or man being political animals by nature without people thinking I'm stupid(not that I know anything about that). end rant.

tl;dr: Why can't some people be more mature and adult about things?
Or am I a strange because I don't like getting shit faced and watching t.v?

Please give it a listen. We will be working on the next cd soon, I know the myspace profile is messed up but it's the music that matters.

please and thanks, also what kind of metalz do we play? We think death metal.\

and zelda is the shit my good sir.
any time zelda is present I can't help but give it 10 stars.
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Any Ron Paul fans here?

Oh yeah ron paul for 2012!
Get this lying bastard out of the oval office.
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china will buy america

Doubt it, history repeats and this has happened before.
When America loaned money to Britain during ww2 they gave everything they had to pay the loans. When they could no longer pay the loans Britain allowed America to build bases in Britain. I imagine something similar will happen. Britain didn't pay it's debt off until 2008 I believe, how long will it take America to pay off it's debt?
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What if your legs grow together.

I hate what if questions.

Well in the land economics you can't say you know something is going to happen.
So if your making an economic prediction you can only guess.

and if you think this only effects Americans you are wrong.
The collapse of the most widely accepted and reserved paper money will be bad for everyone.
Let's say interest rates start to creep up ,which they are, and commodity prices continue to rise. What happens if there's no growth in GDP and run away inflation starts to take effect. What would you do if the us dollar was no longer worth anything?
Do you even think it's possible? Because I'm 80% sure it will happen.

I'm thinking about building an underground shelter and learning how to use guns.
In a new land of wonders away from this cold and solitary island.
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Natural instincts? Capitalism allows for disgusting amounts of greed to take place, but it hardly creates it. People have been greedy since we started walking on two legs (hell, before that)... I don't know what you can do about it, all I know is that it's basically inherent.

EDIT: Er, ^ that

Capitalism has never been carried in it's true forms in the same fashion socialism never was. The greed that takes place in capitalism is from a giant bureaucracy of a government regulating and taxing everything and being convinced by every lobbyist that walks up on capital hill.
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But why do you think people tend to be greedy? Where does it come from?

There's no point in discussing the philosophy and the interest of self at this point. What's necessary is to know it exists. This world has been spinning for millions of years we've seen it all before. There is no cure to human greed so it must be calculated.
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Exactly. Capitalism in its current form is heavily regulated and has governmental intervention. However that doesn't mean that all capitalism relies on governmental intervention to operate successfully.

In the exact same way, socialism does not inherently require government intervention. As I said, you could have an anarchist community that implements socialism.

I totally agree with you, but like I said before I'm a business man. It looks amazing on paper and is the work of great minds. But the numbers and pure immorality of some human beings will always disallow for a system like this to work in my eyes.

Just like I believe in complete free markets I doubt it will ever really happen people are just crooked.
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socialism is a system whereby the means of production are collectively owned. You could have an anarchist socialist community, just because the government may end up involved does not mean that socialism is government intervention.

Similarly capitalism is the system whereby the means of production are privately owned. And usually the ideal operation of this system is a completely free market economy allowing for the most efficient allocation of resources. However, in the current system, the government regulates, it taxes, it provides services itself in some instances but does that mean that capitalism is inherently controlled by a central state?

We participate in central economic planning. We have the privately owned national bank set our monetary policy while they work hand in hand with the president to form his fiscal policy. So the economy is very much controlled in it's current state of affairs with the fed participating and influencing interest rates and various markets.

As for free market allowing efficient allocation of resources such as labor in china I believe to be a false claim. In a true free market economy we don't have trade agreements and heavy regulations that make it unsightly to produce here in America. In a true free market we would still be producing instead of just consuming.
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Well I'd argue that it always ends that way because we've yet to see any form of socialised government that hasnt been run and controlled by the corrupt and the rich. Any political revolution resulting in a socialist government thus far has ended with exactly the same people at the top: the wealthy elite. Obviously if you start off with a ruling class in a socialist society you're doing it wrong.

Whoever controls the money has absolute power, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Having a national bank totally destroys the logic of there not being a elitist wealthy class.
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Socialism has everything to do with government intervention. You could argue that that's not what it was designed for (I guess), but it almost always ends with the government taking control.
Also, that's essentially what government was created for. To protect your natural-born rights and liberties. They don't remember, but that's what they were made for.

ITT: A bunch of people that don't know jack shit about politics argue about politics. This is fun!

Thank you>.>
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you don't have an opinion on it?

your non-state sponsored education has served you well.

you can try to save as many as possible, but that doesn't suit your selfish viewpoint, does it?

Self-fish? Look I'm not a politician, I'm a business man. I see the looming debt bomb and see are state spending and inflation and socialism would be impossible. I'd be for universal health care lets say if we cut our defense budget by over half and stop policing the world. I'm willing to compromise I'm in no way self-fish. But america can't fund a welfare state.
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So I assume you're a great believer in people earning what they receive?

what's your stance on inheritance?

I don't have a stance on inheritance.
That's someones personal business I have no say. The government has no say in gay marriage the government has no say in medical. People are better off if they take care of themselves instead of relying on a powerful government that will fail in a debt bomb. There will always be poor people and people in pain get over it you can't save everyone.
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No it's not. You're claiming that economically socialism wouldn't work. I simply stated that there has never been a socialism government. You have no proof for what you're saying, it's just something you pulled out of your ass to try to make a point.

Your just claiming it would.
Your being a hypocrite here.
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Since we've seen so many socialist governments we know this is true.

It's besides the point really. I don't believe in government intervention so it's completely out of the question for me. They are here to protect my liberty's as an individual not to fund a welfare state.

No what he described is socialism lol.

The government that governs best governs lest.
Socialism is proven to fail by economic standards. We need a gold standard and need to get off the fed gravy train.
I didn't say they were related.
The picture of glenn beck made think you were trying to paint me as a republican.
You like to attack me scary internet dude.
I actually don't believe in capitalism;3
I'm a libertarian and I'm just trying to get some opinions.
But non the less my ship is sank.
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Should have clarified.
I meant when our government was run by the constitution it was backed by gold.
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It is working. We have employee-owned companies like WinCo that are expanding.

You're not understanding the idea that money has value because of:
-its limited quantity
-its ability to exchange for virtually anything.
We give it its value, if tomorrow everyone decided they don't want paper money, but demand payment in gold, paper money literally becomes worthless, regardless of any economic equations or what not.

If you would read a book you would find the government back it's paper money with gold. Why would you back what has worth with something worthless?
Even the ability to exchange doesn't make your currency worth exchanging for.
Paper is worthless, read the constitution, it will tell you the only was to avoid economic collapse would be to back all our paper by gold to keep government spending and debts low.
capitalism isn't the problem.
it's corporatism and large goverment.

srsly makes me laugh you think gold is worthless.
I wonder why so many people invest in it.
If gold is worthless why can't the federal reserve print out trillions of dollars and pay off the American deficit? Because they can't without disrupting the economy which they control.

and socialism is a great fantastic idea.
But it will never work.
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Yes, but they have "value" because people gave them value. They didn't inherently have it.

What your saying is invalid to the discussion.
Would you rather we have a barter system?
You need gold for capitalism to work.
I'm asking if your ok with the current monetary system the US government has.
precious metals were seen as currency long before the people who *wrote*(haha) the constitution said it would be used as currency in the US.

The onion is a satire website.
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Really, when it's all said and done, people ahve the final say as to how much anything is worth. I say it's not necessary.

that is not true.
you can't just make more currency and give it the same worth.
that's how inflation happens.
it has to be backed by something, which the constitution says should always be gold or silver.
I've been doing a lot of reading on economics lately.
One of the most surprising things I've learned about so far is the governments monetary system and the fact that we only back the dollar by 40% gold. I could talk about the federal reserve all day but I was wondering if any one else here believes in sound money or has an opinion at all?
What do you do when you can;t find anyone you like talking to?
I'm not anti-social, I go to college and have a good amount of friends. But talking to any of them is like driving nails in my head. We don't agree on anything and we have different ideas of what fun is. All my peers want to do is get drunk and take pictures of them getting drunk so they can facebook about it.
Like what the ****, I can't find anyone that makes me genuinely laugh, It's been like this for years, I hate living in Hawaii
If it makes you feel better it could be worse.
You could be wheelchair bound.

is there any good new anime to watch? something cute bro.
you would **** a dude.

but you wouldn't **** an 8 year old girl?

ah I see, thanks a lot.
I imagine being a nihilist would have the same effect as cooking my brain in a vat full of paint.
How silly.