I covered all the guitar parts including the bass while my friend used some program to get the drums. I know some of the guitar is off at parts, becuase I rushed through it and was learning parts as I went along. But I plan on redoing it soon, so hopefully it will come out better this time around.
You can check it out on my UG profile page, or at my myspace below.
Well are you willing to save up and buy new gear? And the bands I listed are the types of bands you'd be interested in playing in?
Well the more experience the better. You don't need to have show experience, becuase I do not have any myself (I being the guitarist). If you don't have good gear or show worthy gear you need to be willing to save and buy the necessary gear. You're profile says that you are 17 so that is fine. Do you like to play lead or rhythm? Are you good at writing or do you write your own material? Do you have any recordings of your playing?
Trying to start a Post-hardcore/Metalcore type of band in the Southern NH around Nashua and Manchester area. Currently have a vocalist and one guitarist. Searching for a second guitar player, bassist, and drummer. A keyboard player and clean vocalist would be a great additions as well.

Influences include bands such as The Devil Wears Prada, Our Last Night, Blessthefall, Of Mice & Men, As I Lay Dying among others.
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Hayley Williams. I'd just stand naked in front of a mirror all day.


That or John Petrucci. I'd love to know what it's like to have that much talent.
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Nice win for the Arizona Cardinals over the Minnesota Favres. They completely dominated and shut the Farves down. AP had no where to run. I think the Cards are a lot better than people think. Some people just think they're the best team in a weak division. Not so!

That's the same with last year, Nobody even thought they would make it through the first round, but they made it all the way to the super bowl and played a great game against the Steelers. They are a damn good team, and one to watch out for if they make the playoffs.

at the Minnesota Favres.
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Okay well picks for this week:

NE/MIA - Upset pick number 1
NO/Was - Going way out an a limb with upset pick number 2

I very much enjoy all these picks, and your first upset is great, and I'm glad they won. Hate the pats. Your second upset pick was even close as well and a hell of a game. I wish Tampa beat Carolina though.
You do realize it's all opinion...If you think the bands sucks, then screw you don't listen to them and get over the fact that they are famous and you are not, or whatever reason it is that gets your panties all bunched up. You cannot go and put words in there mouths that they don't like there music, and they are doing it for the chicks....that's just ridiculous.

But like I said, stop making up excuses that have nothing to do with anything and no proof whatsoever. If you don't like them, great, don't listen to them. If you do like, also great, keep listening to them and support them.
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oh thank god he made the field goal, Go Giants!

now lets all root for the Jets and hope they beat the Patriots.

We can root for the Jets, but the pats will win with bogus calls and disgrace the NFL some more.
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I was thinking about the Blackjack C1

That's probably what I would go with.
I don't understand why everyone gets so worked up, becuase a band is "generic" or "unoriginal" or "talentless" or what ever words you want to use to describe it. If you don't like them...then don't listen to's really not that hard? Or just get over it, I'm pretty sure you need a slight bit of talent to put together full songs like bands like this anyway. Plus I guess people are to caught up on bands having to have so much skill to write good music then realizing what music is really about. It's about having fun. Not every musician is as skilled as Dream Theater or BTBAM, and that shouldn't stop any band from writing music.
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For fun, although I would hope to make money out of it one day.

This. Plus I love writing music with people, and you meet so many cool people playing shows.
Definitely Eli Manning.
I'd want a crazy guy on coke to be my hitman.
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I thought you meant early as in 7am, and by someone lying next to you. 4am via phone would just annoy me.

My thoughts exactly. And that wouldn't really bother me.

but at 4 a.m. via phone call or text...I would not enjoy that. Why would you want to wake up to that at 4 a.m. when you could hear the same thing at a rational hour?
good thing I keep a list.

Trivium (2x)
Avenged Sevenfold (2x)
Lamb of God
Machine Head
As I Lay Dying
All That Remains
Bullet for my Valentine (2x)
Coheed and Cambria
New Found Glory
The Starting line
Circa Survive
Killswitch Engage
Death By Stereo
Opiate For the Masses
The Sword
Protest the Hero
The Confession (2x)
Dream Theater (3x)
Into Eternity
Between the Buried and Me
Escape the Fate (2x)
The Drop Kick Murphys
The Devil Wears Prada
A Day To Remember
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Dance Gavin Dance
I Set My Friends On Fire
All Time Low
Zappa Plays Zappa
I really only get a lot of energy and pump myself up for skateboarding when I listen to music. Usually of a punkish style band such as Sum 41, and bands alike. What music or bands do you guys like to skate to? If any at all.
The solo in Tunguska is one of my favorite solos that I've heard.
I like them better then attack attack, I think they are more catchy. Their drummer has a lot of chops too. Otherwise they are nothing to special, although I really do like them and I've been listening to them a lot lately.
I don't think it so. It's good, but it's not the best. I'd have to put Lost as the best. I can't wait for the final season.
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Batman, lol, just cuz he doesn't need superpowers to be awesome

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There is no correct way of writing a song but there are many things that make a trained musician's ear go "ouch". whether it is right or wrong or it doesn't matter, that isn't something a musician would do.

Do I have to again put this out there? I thought i said this enough in the last attack attack thread. Yes hardcore is mostly the same. But it has been around for 20+ years and is still alive and kicking. Bands like these capitalize on the things that kids like to hear nowadays, like breakdowns, and water the music down so it is accessible to anyone. That is why it angers us. Not only is the music, if you can call it that, terribly written, but the motives behind it are stupid. Hardcore isn't about how many breakdowns you can have or how many scene chicks you can get to love your band by playing the most trance sing along parts.

No self respecting musician would write music like that and not be doing it on purpose, to make money. If they are actually amazing but writing music like this to get popular and make money, all the more power to them but that is not the case. they are writing terrible music that follows trends. you act like there is nothing wrong with following a trend. The reason its called a trend because it dies out. why would you want to dedicate yourself to something that is fake and temporary? The only reason would be to make money and get bitches.

i really don't know what else to say. i've told you all this a thousand times already and you still don't get it. If you really can't tell that this band cares more about their image then their music i don't know what to say. you just don't get it yet.

I'm sure you've talked to the band personally and they specifically said they care about their image more then the music, right? Plus I'm not sure if you made the comment on the band caring more about there myspace page rather then the music, but I will say that's probably the stupid comment anyone could make, becuase you are aware that most bands have someone create there layout for them...nothing to do with the band, or the music. Plus there's nothing wrong with good myspace layouts it's promoting the band. And just becuase you have an image, doesn't mean you care more about it then the music.

From what I get out of this your saying that just becuase this is a trend and it may die out in a couple years, your not allowed to enjoy the music even if you really do actually like it? You can only like it if you're in it for the image and the chicks and everything but the writing? That makes sense. Also I doubt this trend is going to die out any time soon...from what I'm seeing this trend has grown a lot recently. There are a ton of bands in this trend now, for them to all die within a year? I don't see that happening.

A lot of people are really interested in music, and playing music, and they may not be the greatest musicians but they write the best they can write, and do what they's the best they can do, and people seem to like it, so I don't see the problem. You shouldn't have to be the greatest musicians in the world to write music.

I follow this trend, I love the music created in this trend, I'll listen to this trend of music even if it "dies", becuase I enjoy it for the music. I'm sure many other people will do the same. But I'll be back here in 20+ years to let you know how the trend is going.
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+1 i was so upset when i found out they weren't actually horses

I laughed at that for so long...
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not so much?

DWP do not fail btw

They do not.
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What about..... acoustic grindcore???

Now THAT I would like to see.

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The new album stream is up!!! im 4 songs in and loving it so far.

Yeah dude, I was just coming on here to say that. It's really good so far. I'm on the third song, and I'm way more impressed then I thought I would be.
I agree with the other comments, the harmony sounds awesome. I like that tapping riff at the end too. Good stuff. I'll also give it a 9/10.
This is a song I was working on a while ago, I kind of forgot about it but just listened to it the other day and I think it's pretty cool. It's on the intro though, I'll need to write some more for it after I get some other opinions on it.

Don't focus to much on the drums, I just put them in there for the basic idea of what I want to them be like, that's not what they are really going to be.

Comedy band created for laughs. Check it out, I hope you enjoy. I also drew the default "Mr. Charles" in my honors genetics class.
BTBAM and Dream Theater already toured together, so it could possibly happen again, however I personally liked the line-up with 3. I wasn't a fan of them until I saw them.
Do both?

Buy the guitar and tell the girl how you feel anyway, you don't need to take her out for a nice dinner or whatever to tell her that...especially if she has a boy friend already. Your already taking her to prom and everything, so don't risk the chance to buy the guitar, for a girl who will still be there when you wake up the Saturday morning, it's not like shes disappearing.
"Fight for the right to party" is used in another song chanted like that, but I don't remember which one, or by whom. I will agree that is very lame though. Otherwise I say go for it and let them know that you're just going to test it out and see if it works for you so they don't expect you to be "officially" in the band right away.
The Collector (2009)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Shaun of the Dead
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Writing a song that at the time is awesome then sounds crap the next day.

God damn that pisses me off.

When you find a good tone, and someone messes with the pedals and amp settings.

People who think everything you play is incredible, no matter how bad it sounds.

People who think Thunderstruck is the hardest intro ever.

When little kids ask to play my guitars and I say no and they complain for hours about it.

EDIT: When you write a cool riff or something and play it over and over so you wont forget it, and then forget it the next day.