I got a BB gun when I was a kid instead of a cap gun. Pffft pussies...
Stalin was probably the most efficient leader but was a complete dick. I really don't know about the others so I'll just go by Lenin.
I think shes going to tell my dad she told me she definetley will, I'm screwed, pit...
edit: I feel like shit pit, my mom is so sad, shes really disappointed, I hate to see her like this.
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Pot is cool with your buddies, or when your living on your own. Just stop.

Otherwise, it isn't worth the hassle when your folks aren't okay with it.

Yeah man, you're right, I do need to change my ways, but my dad cant find out, the guy is strict as shit and just like my mother doesn't know anything about drugs, and will obviously assume the worst.
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Try to tell her you only wanted to try it. Say you've only done it once but you didn't know how to properly dispose of it.

Thats the problem there was A LOT of weed there.
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OMG your birthday on your profile is September 11, 2001

So edgy!

I made it a long time ago.. I'm going to change it...
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Smoke a joint with her? Or say you'll quit?

I told her I quit, she took my bowls and all my weed.
Problem is she never knew I smoked and she found a lot of pot. I've been a lazy asshole lately (even before I started smoking), and she says that pot is the cause of my "attitude change"(keep in my mind my mother has no experience with drugs). Anyhow this isn't the problem, she told me that she might tell my dad (who lives somewhere else) and I might have to move there. Anyhow I need to convince her not to tell the guy, or else I'm screwed, she just found out less than half an hour ago, and I'm pretty shook up I've always been the "good kid".
Dumbass left it right on the desk, it was brand new.
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David "Se7en" Gallegos – lead vocals, male genitalia
Michael "Mikl" Shea – clean vocals, penises
Julian "Phat J" McLellan – keyboards, synthesizers, guitars, bass guitar, programming, vocals, cocks
Anthony "Antz" Trujillo – programming, fog machine, lights, backing vocals, dicks


God, thats awful.
If its middle school then the appropriate comeback is, "shut up faggit"
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Make of it what you will

7/10, bleh same music taste anyone form the 70s has.
These are probably the two bands I listen to the most right now:
At the Drive-in
Rage Against the Machine
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I'd be V.I. Lenin, and choose a different successor. With the success of a milder communism in Russia, minus the years of oppression, there would never have been a rise of competing superpowers. We could all just chill. Y'know, maybe.

No you couldnt chill Americans would stil have been assholes.
One time a friend of mine started wearing combat boots, we started making fun of him and he hasn't wore them since then.
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Input some text, then it will be translated through 20 random languages and then back to English. You can get some interesting results:

My best one was:
Input - I took a big shit in the sink
Output - Shit serious accident

The best one I came across was:
Input - Capitalism: God's way of determining who is smart and who is poor.
Output - Capitalism: the path of God, what a smart decision that was wrong.

So pit, try and come up with some interesting results!

Input-Capitalism can suck my dick.
Output-Capitalism can suck my dick.
Bands that are like none other out there. An example could be RATM, extremely unique band.
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My favorite is the commentary on Holy Katana. There seems to be some intense hatred there.

I'm jealous because I'm not mentioned. But maybe it means they like me.

...God I hope.

Oh yeah Holy Katana's one is hilarious
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No kill, who knows what might happen otherwise.... don't mess with the past!

This exactly
Pets are good for company. Dogs are better than cats if you have time for them IMHO, but if you don't have too much time to care for them a cat is surely better, but cats aren' t usually friendly.
wait where are the triggers of the guns?
I saw some stuff on fallout and im definetley getting both fallout 3 and NV
have i been whitelisted yet?
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Yes and no. Really fun games, but the constant freezing and bugs is enough to make you throw your controller through the TV. Start off with Fallout 3. Fewer bugs so you'll likely enjoy the game more. Then when you get to New Vegas, you'll likely be more forgiving at how crippling the bugs can be.

It's because im trying to decide between red dead redemption and fallout, my friends said fallout sucked but i have a diffrent taste than them
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Oh, I might say something BACK, but it doesn't mean I'd have any real issue with it. You'd be shocked at how much I can tolerate.

Aight guys its time to chill the **** out.
Is this game good? I'm buying a ps3 soon should i buy fallout?
Kensai of course.

Who will be the father of your child?
have i gotten whitelisted yet?
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Was called IKEA-boy by some german guys once.

can i be whitelisted im jose morello
can i be whitelisted im Jose Morello
guys can i invited?
me i dont actually live in bhutan its just a joke its usa
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what does CP mean?

name it gaylord
I really wanna play with you guys, Is the server Vanilla? Can you please invite