I own a Ravelle Elite, and there's no catch, it's a great guitar.
Go for German. I know a little bit, and it's a fun language to speak.
I asked for something that will let me plug my guitar into my iPhone and use it as an amp. Hopefully an iRig. My amp is too loud to use sometimes.
Other than that, probably just some money, and little odds and ends my parents found.
I have a leather jacket that I wear when the weather is appropriate.
My wallet may be leather, as well as one of my straps, but they might be fake leather.
All I want out of school:
-The credentials to get a job I would like to do.
-The knowledge and skills to do said job.
Anything beyond that I don't really care about.
Some solos off of Billy Talent III do, The Dead Can't Testify is the only one I remember, but there's more.
I find potato chips/crisps to be overrated. They may not be hailed as the greatest snack food, but I can think of better ways to spend the money on a snack.
It was a close call for me between orange and peach, but I ended up choosing orange.
I drink from the tap, I have some of the best tap water I've had in my house.
I have a few metal reusable bottles, I just fill them up with tap water and take them whenever I don't have access to a tap.
Get rid of canned Diet Coke. The bottles taste great, but I find the cans suck, and no other soda does that.
The game 'Armada' was amazing. I'd love to play it again.
I'm born and raised Canadian, and I've lived all across the country, so I feel okay saying that. I guess I'll always be Canadian, even if I leave.
As of right now, I have no intention of having kids. If I were to have kids, I would hope between 30-35.
-Soda, or at least some type of beverage.
-A new video game, not entirely decided on which yet.
-A new laptop.
I have 3 really good friends, and a few other friends. Of the really good ones, one likes to molest me, the other one is really out there, and the third is pretty cool.
Nah, I don't see why I would. I don't spend large amounts of time on it, and it's time that I'm more or less trying to waste.
I need a "I still own a Blackberry and need a new damn phone" option.

My vote is for Android.
My friend told me that Red Dawn wasn't good, to the point where it's worth watching. I loved it.
I'd say anywhere between a $0.01 and $1,000,000.
I'm sure there's more, but the only thing I can think of now is watching Community for the first time.
Platformer, with Sandbox in a kinda close second.
Ratchet and Clank, Infamous, and GTA are some of my favorite games.
Not sure what to put on the poll for this one.
I'm Canadian, so I have close-enough states. I grew up in one province until I was 12, then moved to another, where I currently reside. I plan on moving back to the one I grew up in when I was young after university if I can find work.
I enjoyed the first bit of the show, but once they brought in Amy and Bernadette, it went downhill fast.
I never do. It's annoying when the crowd does nothing but shout the band's most popular song, and you can tell that they're practically there to hear that one song.
I'd say a 4. I try not to hate genres, and take music as a song-by-song basis. I hate all rap that isn't Chili Peppers, but that's the only genre that I essentially detest. I like some screaming, some jazz, some pop, and everything in between.
All I know about sitars, is that they are a ridiculous amount of work, and not too much of your guitar knowledge and skills will transfer over.
At least they're getting more creative.
I hung out with some friends and got pizza, then came home to study for a test I have next week. Decent balance of fun and work.
About 183 cm.
I binge drink almost everything besides alcohol, but I don't binge alcohol. Never plan to.
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Yeah, this.
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This. Totally this.
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Is Dragon's Dogma worth getting?

Personally, I don't think so. It was fun for a while, but it got old quick.
I would consider talking to your instructor, or even perhaps going to a few lessons with a 1 on 1 instructor. They are usually good at catching your problems, and providing solutions.
Of course, everything gets better with practice, and perhaps you just need a little more before you start getting it.
RBY- Mewtwo
GSC- I duped them.
RSE- Either Latios/Latias, or Rayquaza
DP- I believe it was Cresellia
HGSS- Raikou/Entei
Sadly, I haven't finished BW yet.
I'd go with the natural one.
I can't say anything specific about the Septor, but I can vouch for Agile as a brand.
I'm not sure if you can get a set for that much. I've never seen one. You might have to save a bit more, unless you want something more like a drum pad.
Username: ChamsRock
Real first name: Skylar
Sex: With your mom
Religion (or lack thereof): Lacking
Nationality: Canadian
First vegetable that comes to mind: Asparagus, which I hate
Favourite band: Breaking Benjamin at the moment
Favourite guitar player: John Petrucci
Favourite guitar: Fernandes Ravelle
Favourite album: We Are Not Alone
Best concert you've attended: Nazareth
Tea or coffee: Coffee, absolutely
Ever been to Spain? Nope
Do you drink? Nope
Do you smoke? Never
Wacky Baccy? Never
Ever taken a dump outside? Once
What's the weather like there? Kinda cold, could be better
Favourite film: Black Dynamite
Do you give money to hobos? If I have random small change
Ever bungy jumped or skydived? Nope
What present did you get for your mum's last birthday? Nothing
Favourite Simpsons character: Ned
Are you a virgin? Yeah...
Record no. of faps in a day: More than your mom
Favourite cheese: Gouda
Ever had a wet dream? Nope
Most f*cked up thing you've ever witnessed: I saw a cat get hit by a car
Favourite animal: Cat
Do you live on the coast? Yeah
Place you'd most like to visit (inb4 "Your mum's cooch"): Germany or Sweden
Favourite author + book: Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Any tattoos? Do you like them? Nope. I dislike tattoos.
Can you lick your elbow? I wish
Last thing you bought: Diet Dr Flave (Wal-Mart Dr Pepper clone)
Worst injury you've had, or disease contracted: Broke my arm when I was 5ish
Clean, overdriven or distorted? Distorted
Have you read LOTR? Not yet, I plan to
Ever broken someone's nose? No, sounds fun
Favourite passtime other than guitar and fapping: Random internet stuff
What's your dream job? To be a ground-breaking chemistry researcher
First thing you'd buy or do if you won the lottery: A Volkswagen Jetta
Ever jumped into the water from a large height? Not really, just a meter or two
Ever been in a car accident? I'd barely call it that, 5km/hr
Flamethrower or rocket launcher? Rocket launcher
And finally, what would you do if you woke up with a bare testicle stitched to the palm of your hand? Tickle it
Follow the group. Audience behavior can change from band to band within a genre, so just do whatever they/your friend is doing.