Learning eruption is better then being a lameo and calling people tools over an internet forum for no real reason..
Theres nothing wrong with being stuck in the 80s doucher


dave mustaine is from the 80s. that is more than enough of a reason to get the **** out of that era.
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wow so now my music choice decides how much I know about pickups? nice one!

I suggested to the OP to use what he likes best and that actives will not completely kill his guitars natural tone, you however have a different opinion. The dimwit comment, if you know how to read properly, was directed at the UG dimwits on here who'll bash anything with active pickups and push their opinion onto others...kinda like yourself. Every pickup will colour your tone, however EMG's and other actives will still let some of the guitars tone come through, it would be stupid to think they don't especially considering you have such a vast experience playing actives

What can I say, its not my fault you're tone deaf

yes, im tone deaf. thats why i prefer passives over actives. hahahaha ****ing dumbest statement ive ever heard.

obviously ts doesnt know what he likes best if he is asking about passives and actives and how they effect tone. that should show you(obviously not because you actually think i was insulting the music you listen to when i myself am a evh fan and also the fact that such simple information into how this fella views the gear he is acustom to is blatantly infront of you). im not pushing anything on him. im telling him the truth. after 13+ years of guitar playing, im pretty sure i know enough to get by and to throw advice out if i can add something to the topic.

i do not own any guitars with actives, nor have i ever purchased a guitar that has any. ive played more than enough in stores and of friends who own guitars with actives. played them in enough different body styles and woods to know that they do not allow that natural tone of a guitar. you fight that good fight on telling people actives arent a one trick pony cause thats what they are.
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once again you're providing more evidence to go towards my original point. i'm sure there were some "purists" who said the very same thing about the gibson les paul.

which brings me on to the question... have you ever played one?

i haven't and thus i'm not going to judge the guitar in any way shape or form. from my perspective it looks like something i'd give a chance but ultimately i'll stick with my good old fashioned 20th century style electric guitars because i'm not really interested in the new features this thing has to offer.

dont make me slap the shit out of you.

no, i havent played one because no one stocks them around here (they know they wont sell so itd be pointless). id love to try one. id love to be floored and find out that these things are amazing and the ebst thing to happen to guitars. sadly though, from what ive heard from reliable friends who know a thing or 2, these will not be replacing shit.
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well that is a bit harsh. i mean they are some revolutionary features. and many guitars have active 95% of metal players out there using EMGs. are thier guitars toys?

its unfortuneate they make these things horridly the dust tiger. but i would love to foll with one. im sure it does unbelivable things once you get accustomed to it. and its still a high end gibson, and im pretty sure its pleked. i almost garantee it plays better than almost anyones guitar.

people are bashing based on looks...its stupid. once people get thier heads out of their *sses, they might see its incredible potential.

that aside,its too expensive, has too many features, and is more guitar than i need. and its a tad ugly. i would consider rocking it. if i was a really rich guy who wanted top of the line and culd afford any guitar...i would probably buy one for kicks.

your statistics for metal players seem way too off. like i said, if it needs a battery, its a toy. actives pick ups have their place, in the ****ing trash.
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Funny how you seem to have taken that line onto yourself and thought I was talking about you considering I posted before you. So yes NOW you are a dimwit.

Also, if you honestly think a Gibson Les Paul with EMG 81/85 set will sound the same as a Fender Strat with EMG 81/85 pickups you're also a f*cking retard.

considering your post was before mine, obviously i knew it wasnt directed at me, but someone saying some extremely stupid shit needs to know their place.

ive actually played a lp with actives and it sounded too much like the jackson i played before it. mind you it wasnt an actual gibson lp, but it has the girth which when compared to a thinner guitar, you hear a difference just from that. its ok, you seem to be stuck in the 80s and dont want to come to reality. keep trying to learn eruption while the rest of us actually can sit and not be a complete ****ing tool.
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Bullsh*t they do, might want to get your facts straight

obviously youve never picked up a alder bodies guitar with actives then picked up a mahogany bodies guitar wioth actives. they sound the ****ing same. same goes for if it was a maple body or nato or ****ign plywood.
Who cares what the norm is, play using what you like best. No I don't think actives kill the guitars natural sound, however passive will let the guitars own tone come through more. QUOTE]

please re read what you just posted. do you understand how this makes NO sense? he is asking if actives will allow the guitars natural organic tone to come through. actives will NOT allow this. hence why if you pick up any guitar that has actives in it, they all pretty much sound the ****ing same.

yes, all pick ups will alter the guitars tone to some degree.

also, who the **** are you calling a dimwit, when you obviously dont have a clue what this kids asking about. should probably know what youre talking about instead of pretending like you know. just a helpful little tid bit for you to let meld with your meld with your knowledge.
yes, they really do not allow the tone of a guitar to shine through. if you want high out put pick ups for cheap, seymour duncan and kent armstrong for kent armstrong pick ups. if you can afford a $300 or more for a complete set, id look into bareknuckles. amazing hand wound pick ups from the uk.
never played anything ibanez amp wise. never heard shit about them really so i can only assume they are blah. do you want solid state or tube? how much are you looking to actually spend? do you want new or used?
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Acoustic Mirror. He likes to make unusable noises

**** that guy. i stumbled across his blog last night(2am boredum). just straight talking shit and i dig it. need to explore more of the blogs from him and his inflated ego. its not an insult if its true acoustic mirror, so dont get all butt hurt.
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I'd say so. It can do the rock stuff like a charm and with a boost effect can handle all the metal you'd want. The 6505+ won't do the rock stuff and the cleans aren't really too great.

how would it not handle rock? arent kidding me? i dislike these amps with a passion, but even i know that they can pull off rock.

ts, look into marshall or laney since you were interested in the dsl. if you want dark, id go look at some orange rockerverb 50/100s.
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Because it's Min

listen you little bastard, i dont know what youre talking about.
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that's exactly the kind of thing people said about solidbodies at first.

in what way is the firebird X like a toy, other than that it looks like one?

it runs on batteries. that alone is more than enough to classify it as a toy. add in the moveable parts. toy. add in the overly tacky paint job (the story behind is cool but on the guitar its ****ing dumb) you have yourself a toy.

the fact that gibson has been the most revolutionary company for guitars gives them credit where its due, but this is a sad futuristic attempt at gimmicking people into thinking guitars need to go down this road to advance music. look at the leaps and bounds people have done with all genres. they used tried and true tube amps and good old fashioned wood instruments (minus bands like black flag where armstrong guitars where used). this guitar is nothing more than an over priced toy.
laney gh50l used they go for 400.
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What exactly is the point in making unhelpful posts of poor quality playing / recording to show how bad a seemingly good pedal can sound if it's set up to sound bad?

yeah, i was confused because it seemed like he was suggesting the pedal, but then i listened to a bit of the demo and was floored to why anyone would want to sound like that...
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word. watched this the other month. sick pedal when used properly.
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jet city has a 22 watt head and 1x12 cab for like $349, and its meant for high gain, I don't play metals so not my strong place

the 22 watt is NOT high gain. with a pedal it can do metal though. id look into this or maybe find a 50 watt combo of theirs used. also is a 20 watt combo so you dont have to worry about getting a cab.

last link is to all their amps and pedals.

edit: 20 watter is a single channel. run it clean and then use a pedal to make into a monster. if thats not up your alley i stand behind the 50 watt combo. look for one used or save up for a brandy new one. they are american voiced, but will suite you well.
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they are no more controversial than the les paul and the explorer/flying V were at first.

its not that they are controversial, theyre just trying to make guitars into something they dont need to be. you know, like a toy.
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in your opinion! aha

but then explain me why allmost all metal bands run a OD as boost in front of their lead channel. the od as boost tightens up your distorsion and gives it more chunk and bite.

almost all metal bands? maybe that bullshit metalcore weak shit, but this isnt the case. more likely than not, youll see the guitar go straight to the amp. step outside your comfort zone and find the good metal. you know, bands that dont use 6505s and all sound the ****ing same.

TS, the traynor or a used jcm 800 are your best bet. throwing a pedal infront of your amp will not get you the tone you desire.
i dont see any reason why it wouldnt be good for soloing. that is ultimately up to you if you can solo on it. its going to have a bit of a wider neck to make room for that extra string. seems like you need to play before you buy cause what you want to know is only going to be found out through playing it. as far as pick ups go, seymour duncans, kent armstrong if you want cheap solid pick ups. if you can afford hand wound custom shit, go look at bareknuckles.
the s is implying there are more than one object. this meaning the complete set of strings that goes along with the set for 11s. as for the original post, just go pick up bunch of different guages from different companies and see what feels ad sounds best to you.
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Happy New Gear Day! Enjoy it all!

Cool dog, too.

you can bet i am.
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I dunno about you but I don't expect an 'analstorm' to sound good...

no, it sounds like youre about to be shit on from the sky.
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Way too high man. First off, you gotta know how to adjust your bridge, etc. What kind of bridge do you have? Fixed, string-thru, etc. Once you've adjusted your action, go threw at various frets, usually higher up frets and see if you get any buzz. Personally, I go as low as I possibly can without having too much buzz. It also depends on your strings, I went from 10's to 12's and got major buzz and to adjust my whole bridge. Like others said, check your neck. If it's bowed, do some research about adjusting your truss rod and such. Good luck! Trust me, once you get that action lowered, it'll be a LOT easier to play.

easier doesnt always mean better. ts, read my previous post. though, you should check to make your neck is in proper order. if youre not comfortable doing this shit on your own, take it to someone who is capable. by no means is any of this hard, just takes patience.
laney. try something that isnt ****ing lame.
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Most modern metal uses a mid hum/bass cut boost. Most amps cannot emulate the effects of running a TS in front. There is a giant difference between a 6505, and a 6505 with a boost in front.

yeah, the difference is, the 6505 without the tubescreamer sounds like shit, the other sounds like shit with a tube screamer infront of it. the "moder" metal you speak of is a joke and you obviously aren't really listening to any actual modern metal if the bands youre listening to use ****ing 6505s. kids these days.
get an amp that has the ability to get heavy without a pedal infront of it...
cant afford a good analog delay? have you never tried a mxr carbon copy? awesome analog delay. yet youre willing to buy a blackstar pedal? makes no ****ing sense at all. if you want digital, try a hardwire deay/loop. its more than a carbon copy though, but has some awesome delays (minus the analog setting cause it doesnt compare to my carbon copy at all). as for fuzz, cant go wrong with a way huge swollen pickle. they also have te aqua puss delay which is analog, but the carbon copy ges as low as 600ms where as the way huge is 300 or 400ms.
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I wanna say this is the clip of it?

gotta start naming my files better.

not going to lie, if that is the pedal youre talking about, it sounds terrible.
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I'm a big fan of your Swollen Pickle too.


you silly guy/girl.
im a big fan of my swollen pickle. not the same sound, but it can do a lot of different styles of fuzz and can sound like the end of the earth.
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hella high. also your neck looks bowed.

that could be the lens making it look slightly tweaked.
only you will know what feels right to you. **** with different hights and see which is the most comfortable.
got some new stuff so i figured id post.

Laney gh50l, prestige heritage standard, mxr carbon copy, hardwire delay/loop, and lava cables.

The amp i got off ebay used. retubed prior to me getting it. if you like jcm 800s, this amp will make you dslike them. true marshall killer for sure. does metal brilliantly, but can also cover blues, rock, and whatever else you want to throw at it. single channel head with a drive circuit that adds another gain stage. without the drive engaged youre in 800 territory gain wise. still has more balls than an 800 without the drive engaged. has a resonance switch that beefy up the low end. would be nice if it was a knob like the drive circuit of a soldano but it serves its purpose and makes shit fall off my walls. so im happy as a pig in shit. can find these used for around 400. worth every penny. would buy this amp brand new for sure.

the prestige was a nice surprise when i first picked one up at a local shop. thin neck which normally is a killer for me, but on this guitar it is a very comfortable neck. build wise this thing is solid. 10 pounds and the beefy tone to go with it. the stock duncans (jb in te bridge in 59 in the neck) sound pretty good in this guitar, but im ready to put some kent armstrong or BKPs in this thing. guitar handles heavy stuff perfectly, but does blues and mellower shit brilliantly. has the LP style tone to it due to ts halfinch maple cap over a mahogany back and neck. pretty sure this thing doesnt have any weight relieving done to it. specialy since it sits at 10 ponds. got mine brand new for $600 on ebay from a shop in canada, can find these in the states for around $925. even at that price, they are worth it. good alternative to other lp style guitars out there.

carbon copy is a treat to use. sounds solid when in use and when bypassed. a lot of useable delays you can get out of it. does what i need it to do and then some. the internal pots i ****ed with a bit. with the amount of gain i use its too subtle to hear. cleaned up though you can get a good idea of whats going on. all around good buy and the mod switch is a nice little feature to add a little something to those clean settings.

the hardwire is another treat to play with. the reverse setting can brinv you some of tat hendrix magic. the analog setting is blah. no use for that setting when i actually own a true analog delay. the slap back, lofi, modulated, and tube are all useable and good sounding delays. the modulated is weird and fun to **** with chords and ower chords when in use. weird chorusy delay sound. i dig that one a lot. that plus the reverse get used a lot. ive messed with the loop a bit, but honestly have no use for it so i cant say much for it. the pedal has this tail switch. off its true bypass. on when you go to turn the pedal off whatever you just played will still be delaying away which is a pretty cool feature to avoid abrupt ends to the delay.

the lava cables are great. they live up to the hype. dont color my tone like cheaper cables. only got 2 for my effects loop. looking to do a complete swap of my monster cables for lava and just use the monsters as back ups (need me a coil cable). havent had them long enough to know how reliable they are, but they seem awesome thus far.

all in all, super pumped on these purchases. had a vox ac100 classic plus head and a peavey windsor which i sold shortly after getting the laney due to the laney making both amps sound like ****ing childs play. do miss the clean channel of the Vox, but thatll be fixed with my next amp purchase.

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simple.they are crazy!!!

you now have a good excuse for your parents to buy you a new guitar. it should be fine though. if youre worried about it, take it to someone to look at.
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Well you've certainly got me mate, I do literally go by what i've been taught in my Music lessons, guitar lessons and A level course. But I definitely see what you're saying, I'm not very risky with my tones through to composition work, very much by the books.

I'd be interested to know how you'd use effects, for discussions sake, and personal learning :p

i hope you didnt take that as an attack, it wasnt meant to be! wouldnt knock anyone for taking lessons or music theory. just as i hope no one would knock me for not giving a shit to follow music theory as its taught in schools.

i took guitar lessons for 2 months when i was 8 or 9. got a new teacher who wouldnt let me try anything except for what he taught me. my last session with him i was trying to place my hand differently to make it more comfortable and easier to fret the strings needed, he grabbed my hand and threw it off the neck and told me if i keep this up guitar isnt for me. after almost hitting him with a lock hanging from the wall i told him i was done and would learn on my own. so yeah, you and i are completely different haha.

i dont have a formula or anything like that when it comes to using effects, or even writing music. every riff ive wrote has come to me out of the blue or from just noodling (playing random shit to see what i can come up with) like i said previously, if i cant use just delay and reverb then im probably trying too hard to make something not sound liek shit. i always will think of effects after the fact. that is unless the effects im using combined spawn some idea in my head. i wish i had a more structured way of playing. itd make shit a lot easier on me probably but this way just works for me. i play like a ryhtem player or bass player, but i like playing lead...

i could never give another player advice on how to do something or how to look at something because i do my shit completely ass backwards. i have to be feeling what i do. there is always some kind of emotion and energy im trying to convey. wether it be just straight guitar to the amp with no effects or a fuzz thrown in or delay, it has to help convey that energy youre feeling. if it doesnt, its just a gimmick. thats looking at it from an all artsy rediculous way, but thats how it works for me. if it works for you, dont fix it.
i agree with this thread, but it is completely pointless. if someone cant figure this shit out for themselves, then thats their problem.
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I can see things like Pitch Shifters and octavers being musically useful? You could have a lot of fun with your compositions with different intervals.

For example if you had a lead part played on your GBE strings, I can see 5s being a fun interval to use, with effective results.

Obv you have your Reverb, Chorus as said before is okay to have (In low amounts, mind) running behind a slow, march-like metal riff.

Wah you're probably right, just something to play with - but I wouldn't rule it out entirely.

So I disagree to a certain extent that Effects can't be used much in music.

thats looking at it in a bleak way. i get what youre saying, but one of the great things about effects, is combining them. im not saying your examples are bad, but thats just a very blah way to look at using effects if you are to use them. this is going into realms of what could be over using effects though. there is a lot more that can be done than just looking at it from a "musical" standpoint. its like saying that you are only allowed to go by music theory the way its taught in a class, which is ****ing ubsurd. thats just my 2 cents on that.
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I'm gonna have to say delay and reverb. Outside of that, I don't really use many effects these days. I like to keep it as organic as possible.

same for me. i like to **** with effects, but when it comes to writing material if i cant just use delay and some reverb im probably trying too hard to make the riff not suck. though, i do think effects can bring something to a song that obviously having no effects cant.

pedals i use right now are mxr carbon copy and hardwire delay/loop. use the hardwire for its reverse delay. awesome setting.
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to the OP: call up the store you bought it from and ask them to send you a new tube

do not follow this advice.