I think i got banned from okcupid. I recall answering a test and finding out that almost everybody was my enemy.
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Save a little more and buy a used Gibson for 500$

This. I think you can find a Flying V for around $500-700 used in good state.
I'm 13 but I look swole. I am a jacked 200 pound 13 year old.
So I knew this kid at school who got his nuts tied up.

His favorite topic for discussion would be how having one ball is just as good as having two.
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lol, have you seen your canines? Now look at a real meat eater's canines. Try ripping a chicken up with your teeth and eat it, you won't feel like much of a meat eater. Besides, the nature argument is bullshit anyway, since there's no need for meat at all. Our bodies straight up don't need meat, in fact, vegetarians generally live longer than meat-eaters.

NAHP! wrong

edit: you guys are farking ninjas

PS - I eat more than 2 pounds of meat a day you veggie hippy weirdos
step off the platform and he briefly made he briefly made the news

Truth be told, I think suicide is one of those things you just have to be really creative with.
boring because extremely repetitive up till 3:40 and then boring from there on
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Klipsch Image S4. They're great as well as being less expensive than the Bose headphones (which are an overhyped brand anyway).

The S4's come with a metal case. Mine have lasted 2 years. You must not treat them very well, or mine are just an anomaly.

Yeah. I constantly wear them to the gym and tuck the cord under my powerbelt so it won't hang loose :/

but s4's are the headphones jesus uses to listen to black metal so i just keep on buying
Well since I have canines, my body was obviously built to eat meat. Meat, along with dairy and eggs, is the only source of protein with the correct amino chains. And also meat tastes awesome.
Go with Bose if a set of those lasted you for 3-4 years. The white iphone headphones(the ones that they sell for 10$, the 50$ ones are obviously better) lasted me for about 1.5-2 months, and after that I've just been constantly buying Klipsch(~80$) which last me around 3-5 months.
Beats are gay as it goes.
When I was like 16 I always had this thought of jumping out of the third storey window and falling atop the gothic fence that surrounds my house.
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The man got a whole nation to fight the entire world in order to kill millions of people and gain world domination....

But he does the brainwashing not vice versa. I believe he was a man of incredible will power and charisma.
How is adolf hitler "brainwashy"?
meh it's for poor and stupid people
It sounds like a woman whispering and random noises in a bad way to me.
as I grow older I find it harder to give a ****. I think the same is happening to you, laddy.
brutal death metal shit this is
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What platform was it on? How old are we talking?

PC. Really old? Like 90s old.
I have often been described as narcissistic and sociopathic. Never noticed those features in myself though. I'm just an asshole at times.
Help me remember the name of the game please. It's an old first person shooter where you play as a long haired blonde dude with a beard and sunglasses and he wears a trenchcoat. He like walks around and shoots demons. Was pretty awesome. Thanks.
Nutella looks like dogshit.
I'm gonna attach a pair of m60s to that flying car and some anti-missile flares. YEEHAAAW
I have all the TBDM band shirts because the art is just that awesome.

187cm at around 80kg with about 10-12 body fat. Want to add another 2-3kgs during this spring and cut that body fat to around 8%.
mother****er, considering that I use it alot
isn't that what terrorists are supposed to do? Break shit and kill people?
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What do you mean by "aborted the mission?" Are you done talking to her or are you done trying to ask her out over facebook?

Done trying to ask out by FB. I really don't see the problem of asking a girl out on a date via FB.
should I jsut like ask her out on a date on FB? cool enough?
edit: done
edit2: I wasn't blunt enough. She's calling her friends. what to do what to do
edit3: i have aborted the mission. will think more thoroughly next time
Hazel hair. Dark Green-Blue eyes. Sexysexy me.
the illustrations in Dr. Seuss books are really ****ed up
Don't know how to start. Never thought that this shit could happen to me, but it did. So there's this chick which I met like a couple of months ago and first we were like chilling, chatting and the idea of a relationship like almost never crossed my mind. The more I got to know her the more I started to like her, but as a friend. But then, all of the sudden, like some gypsy voodoo curse or whatever I get this crush on her. I'm not sure if I want to ask her out on a date or should I. I know this is like ballsdeep in friendzone, but the idea almost never escapes my mind.
Look at the number of us who are against the current system. We should like totally consider an armed revolution.
must agree with all that good tats can make a chick look hotter then Mercury.
Limp Bizkit
Justin Bieber
Avril Lavigne
"She will remain for the rest of her life with the mind of a baby..."

that ****ing sucks
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The fuck?

What did he do that made you react in such a way?

can't even remember. It's usually cumulative.