dude, green day just uses power chords and most of their songs are in the same key!
HA! lol!
its true. i like a ton of genres.
she is such a teeny bopper. and now she's trying to be a real singer while still being on a stupid little girl show on Disney channel. also, she is pole dancing in her new party in the usa music video. hello!! little girls and boys are watching this !
kanye west's new album kinda sucked. he was trying to sing stuff and he tweaked his voice so much that it wasnt even his voice anymore. he doesnt have a lot ofmusical talent, though i did like heartless.
ya. eminem is awesome. also, he has really clever lyrics.
Quote by ACDCfrontman
I've always really disliked rap but today my friend threw on Jay-Z's Forever young (remix of a mid 80's song). It was really chill and I liked it a lot, so could someone throw out some chill rappers that might be somewhat similar to this song?

Thanks in advance

i agree with GODhimself37. all of those songs are either awesome or really funny . another good one is run this town by jay z and rihanna. also anything in the jay z/linkin park album collision course.