Hey guys, we just released a new song today. Here it is. FFO: old ETID and Vanna
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Did you buy the Ampeg new or used? I'd recommend taking it to an amp technician.

I bought the Ampeg used. I'll definitely look into that.
So I just upgraded my head to this Ampeg SVT 350H, from a 200 watt Acoustic head. I currently have a GK 410SBX for a cab and every time I turn the gain up to about 3 or higher on the Ampeg head, it peaks and sounds incredibly muddy. Is there anything I'm doing wrong as far as wattage, ohms, etc. or is there something incorrect about the EQ I'm using? I know this sounds like a very novice question but I'm honestly sure what to do at this point.
Welp, after two months being overdue from the release, here's our new album. check it out!
Yes, I was actually thinking that. His vocals really sound like them. New song. I really dig it. People don't really like the recordings but I do a lot.
Yeah, the band that won that poll isn't Christian either.
Nah, we're not. But we got on the War of Ages show.
I played with Power Trip recently and they are doing some awesome things. They rule. It's also cool to see Blacklisted, Bane, Twitching Tongues, GB, and Nails on here. Really wish I could go to this. You should go vote for us on this poll so we can open for Scream the Prayer/War of Ages show. You can also check out our new song here. Thanks!
Alert the Sky is way better. Except for their first stuff. ATS's first stuff is so shitty.
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Did not know that.

Yeah, their bass player was in Alert the Sky. And Alert the Sky is playing in Nashville on Saturday.
New Hundredth isn't as bad as their previous album. Probably because they have a member of Alert the Sky in it now.
This is kind of a stupid thread.
My friend showed them to me a couple weeks ago. They're sooo good.
We just posted a new song!
You shouldn't send it my way because I don't want it.
$100 says Dead End Path plays this year.
I dig it a lot. At least on first listen through. Home of the Grave was sweet.
Got the new album if anyone wants it.
Oh, word. Enfold Darkness is from Nashville. They're good guys.
That's pretty awesome. We're trying to get on bigger shows, but it's tough in Nashville. A lot of people in Nashville don't like us anyway. We try to play out of state as much as possible.
This is nice. Who is this?
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I actually really like that, save for the singing being overdone. Sucks that you guys aren't playing though, how easy it for you score shows like this over there?

Yeah, they're really good guys. My guitarist and I went to Waffle House with them afterwards. And it's kinda hard to get on big shows here. The biggest one we ever played was with Within the Ruins and Structures. The bands that always play big shows are The Human Condition, With His Blood, or Ancients . But the guy that booked that BOTB and that All Shall Perish show said we should've won. He said he's gonna put us on bigger shows soon once our new album is released. He also called us Straylene at that show.
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I played a BOTB to open for this show. We lost to this band.
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State buddies!

What band are you in?
Same goes for my band. My band is the only southerncore in the Nashville scene that I know of, but we're not really that much different from bands such as Maylene.
got the leak if anyone wants it This band is sweet. Everyone should check them out.
When I saw them, all of Counterparts stage dove during Stray's set, Stray's guitarist's stuff messed up at the end of Damien and then he just threw down his guitar and stage dove. It was ridiculous. This is the one I was at. I'm in there somewhere in the Lucky Me Killing the Dream shirt.
Make Your Own History sounded awesome when I saw them last month. There were so many stage dives but so many fights at that show.
Their old stuff is an influence on my band. But their new stuff is garbage.
Did you check out This is Not The Place I'm Supposed to Be? It's such a good album. Really heavy. For fans of Weekend Nachos, Full of Hell, Advent

An awesome new band out of Detroit, MI. If you like bands like Shai Hulud and Poison the Well, you should check them out.
And I don't expect to get a guarantee from everywhere anyway, some of the gas money and food and stuff will come out of my own pocket that i've been saving up for the past semester
Yeah, I actually messaged Vincent Jones today and he has yet to message me back but I'm gonna talk to him about playing a show with you guys and maybe Kong! since we were supposed to play with them last summer but they had van troubles.
So we're planning on booking a tour this summer and we were wondering if there was anyone that would wanna help us book a show anywhere in the US/Canada. Please no bullshit responses.
New song is heavy as hell. I love it.