check out my buddies debut album!
SS is one of the only bands left that I grew up with my group of friends listening to. We were all stoked on their demos and was one of maybe 3 bands we all could agree on. I was 15 when The Cleansing came out, and we all jammed the shitty leak with the watermarks all over it. Normally this stuff doesn't affect me, but I was legitimately upset over it. Dude was nice as **** and an incredible frontman, regardless of your opinion on their music.

RIP buddy
I honestly don't know if any of you were around for this but someone tabbed out a few Cursed songs a couple years back. anyone have them?

Edit: now that I think about it, that wasn't even this site. carry on mates
It's 3 dudes from my area. They all share vocal duties and the fact that they can pull this off perfectly live is mind blowing
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new cancer bats shreds as well...
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You've heard it already?

the new record is retarded good. Stoked to see them at the end of march
if you want to lend me the money, by all means do so
hey gearheads...

EH Holy Grail reverb vs. DigiTech RV7
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Haha, did you get it from Bill? I haven't even listened to any of the singles yet.

yup haha

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I find that hard to believe with that pile of shit they have over on the AP site

i figure most people will hate it because of the leap from III, but **** it. I love it

Southern metal done right rules. Theres just very few bands that can pull it off
the new Maylene album is easily my album of the year
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I went to a show with a girl the other night and on the way there she put on Glass Casket. Swoon.

where do I find one of these?
wait when did pink lose his mod-ship?
so who wants to recommend me a new amp head?

i've been playing mostly indie-type stuff (like balance and composure) but i still want something that i can jam hardcore or metal on.

i was thinking a 5150 but I'm open to suggestions
welp, i came
everyone beat up cody until he leaks it to us
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By the way, Raekwon's newest album leaked a few days ago and releases next Tuesday. It's called Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang and it's pretty damn good.

holy **** linkmelinkmelinkme
this sucks
the thread title got me 100 views at least lol
high on fire > trash talk

real talk

although this isnt my favorite genre, the singer is one of my best friends and I have been in countless bands with him and the bassist. They're already starting to blow up and they didnt even release their debut yet.

Yes, I'm a bit jealous that they're already doing better than any of our/my previous bands highest points (especially since I can't find reliable people anymore to save my life), but I wish them the best of luck and am stoked for them
they have some southern influence i think lol
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Sitting in my apartment alone and drunk, watching the ball drop in high def on my roommate's brand new 58" plasma tv.

where da hoes at?
lol at the dude in that other thread trashing throats. apparently he lives like 5 minutes from me as well
i came to the conclusion that mh400 is a butthurt 12 year old
at least andrew was kidding i hope?
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Its nice that you grew up.

i was 14 at the time.

also, i believe i sense sarcasm
its Pulling Teeth dammit
i got banned a few years ago for calling someone a niggger

oh to be young again
my semester is officially over and holy shit am i high
semester long t-breaks ftw