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I'm selling my Line 6 Spider II guitar amp head. Make me an offer, I just want to get rid of it - it works great except the channel "A" button is a little hit or miss and you may need to press it once or twice to get it to work. Beyond that no problems except cosmetic scratches as you can see in the photo.

I'm based in East / Central Pennsylvania, or I can ship if buyer pays shipping.
Think: Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky influences.

My BandCamp account.

Oh, and my actual website is
Hey I'm a graphic designer, and I can do it pretty cheap (Like somewhere in the ballpark of $50, and most DEFINITELY under $100).

I'm a photographer so I have a lot of stock stuff, too. Shoot me a PM if interested.
Thought you guys would appreciate this. I got a photo pass for Bamboozle in NJ last month, this is a shot from Senses Fail.

And here's the rest!
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this makes sense to me but i dunno how this'll end up, because with all porn having the same domain wouldn't it be easier to shut down?

So I'm recording an album due for release in April, god damn I'm excited.

Last week I went to New York City and recorded this music video for this song, and I wanted to get it up on here. It was a really fun experience, and the people in the video were total strangers.

Let me know watcha think guys =)
So I'm releasing my debut album in April, and am looking for a good company to get my CD pressed with, does anyone have any experience with this? I want to get just a cd sleeve, and only make about 50 copies of my cd initially, and work from there.

I have been looking at diskmakers, but their reviews are so-so... Anyone have any suggestions?
Yeah, he brought that up in the game - but we didn't have any diamonds, so I'm not sure where the correlation is.
Okay, I'd really appreciate it if somebody would message me and explain why I just got banned. I know there's a lot of shit going on on here with all of the griefing, but we had red stone stolen too.

If this is because I was at your house at that time, that's fine, but we didn't take anything lol. I was seeing the stuff everyone else built.

I'd really appreciate it if someone would just PM me about all this. Haha
Is there anyway anyone can just PM me the ip, or no? Sorry to be a bother, if not it's fine.
And I guess only RG5EX1 has that capabilty?
Can someone please tell me the IP for the UG server? Or at least how to get on? I just bought this game and am lost as hell.
First post in a while - loving the stuff everyone!

I actually just found it on youtube, idk if it's even ACTUALLY recorded anywhere besides live, haha
This song was a b-side, so I doubt most of you know it, but it's a pretty damn sick song.

Damien Rice - Then Go
Lmao, edited. Sorry about that, that's embarrassing hahahaha, I had the original up for listening while I recorded it.
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Because you're name isn't Mike and I don't like you.
and yes it's unfair but deal with it.


EDIT: Btw, *your
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The person that banned you.

Oh, why did you ban me?
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No shit. That's because you're an asshole.

Wait, who are you?
I got banned from ug1. I miss when the video chat wasn't gay.

A coworker of mine messaged me yesterday night and said that it'd be really cool if someone did this song acoustic, so I listened to it for the first time ever and took him up on it haha. This was pretty fun.

Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to check out! Just put a link.

Lol, I had kanye west's version up orginally. I am not Kanye West, I assure you.
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I haven't been here in a long time.
I miss it.

Me too.
Was at a show in lower Manhattan tonight (The Limousines - Might not be UG's style, but check em out anyway)

I don't wanna dump all my pics, so i'll post my favorites.

Went out to take a few shots the other night, came off with these... Plus another shot I've had sitting around for a while.

I love how this turned out.

Also, I have a question for everyone. Since I've got into photography (I approach is as a hobby, but also an extension of art beyond music), I've taken a photography course, and the instructor always stresses the importance of shapes in an image, and I hear that mentioned a lot... For some reason that frustrates me.

The reason I took up photography was to take in certain situations, and the emotion of that situation... I feel like it's almost comparable to music, where I've never been impressed with really intricate music that shows "talent" from the artist, but more so powerful, emotional music. I'm simply wondering if I'm alone on this, or I am purely being close-minded.
I didn't really do anything special with this shot, but I've literally been driving past this on my way to work for months, thinking "God damn, I need to take that picture."

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^ last one is great

Haha, thanks... It was just sort of street photography, I definitely didn't know the guy, I felt strange just taking it.
Just got into photography, these are a few of my first shots with my (film) Yaschica FX-2.

Getting a d3000 this weekend, and I am PUMPED to get involved in this thread.
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So I may play in the 2018 Olympics.

I want to hear more about this.

For the lulz?
"Consequences will never be the same"
This thread seriously isn't that funny.
If they aren't dr dre's, and you're not on a plane, they're silly.
Please get a real goalie this offseason, Philly.
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Maybe, but I feel like SpanishYanez might stab me.