KailM great, thanks. Sounds like a great introduction to the genre.
Kytokinesis Cheers for the suggestion!
KailM. Cheers for the suggestion. I really like the orchestral elements, certainly from the albums PEM and onwards. Also like that a lot of lyrics are clean and not always roaring (or whatever). I like it when bands sing in their own language (love Rammstein), but when they're roaring all the time it gets a bit annoying.
Hi, I just recently posted to see if anybody could suggest any similar bands to Dimmu Borgir. Any suggestions? I like the fact that with Dimmu I can actually understand most of the lyrics; I've heard quite a few other death metal and symphonic death metal bands and can't understand what they're singing.
I'm currently getting back into heavier music; in particular, bands like Dimmu Borgier and My Dying Bride. I know there's a bit of hate for Dimmu Borgir in the death metal community but I like them anyway; I was wondering if anybody can recommend similar bands to them. I like Borgir because I can understand the vocals for the most part and really enjoy the symphonic elements to their music.

Also if anybody can recommend any My Dying Bride like band, it'll be much appreciated.