Hey, I'm looking to buy a nylon string guitar. I like the feel of them and I need one as I'm learning classical music and will need a classical guitar for music school. However, I don't know a thing about them, because I've only really played the cheap, crappy variety. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm gonna go check some out before I make a decision, but I'm just looking for someone to point me in the right direction as far as brands and models go. Even some more basic information like what woods and features to look for in a good classical would be nice.

By the way, keep in mind the fact that I'm not trying to spend a fortune. I'm trying to keep it under $700, but I don't mind going used in that range if I can get quality.

Thanks for any help.
Hey, we're a band from Long Island. Soon we'll be split between Boston and LI because of me going to college. Check us out if you like a mix of elements of classic rock, blues, funk, garage rock, psychedelic, jam band music, jazz/fusion, hip-hop, and reggae.

Link is in my sig. Enjoy!

Wow, the Vibe lounge is right near my house. I might go to that.
Circle Jerks
The Faith/Void
Reagan Youth
Government Warning
Black Flag
Bad Brains
Cro Mags
A Global Threat
Municipal Waste
Agnostic Front
Minor Threat
The Stooges
Angry Samoans
The Adolescents
Bane (hardcore, not really punk but whatever)
Oi Polloi
Behind Enemy Lines

Character Zero - Phish
I like this, but they totally ripped off "House of the Rising Sun" for the verse of "Reservoir Park".
Try some Botch. It's actually good music.
Start with 80-85 or How Could Hell Be Any Worse. Then, if you want more modern-sounding, and increasingly poppier music, go through their albums chronologically. Suffer, No Control, and Against the Grain are good albums for faster, melodic but not quite as poppy songs that are in between the two extremes of Bad Religion's sound. Generator and Recipe For Hate are good, but have slower songs and less of a punk sound. Stranger Than Fiction is okay. For the most part, The Gray Race, No Substance, and The New America are pretty bad. Their most recent albums (The Process of Belief, The Empire Strikes First, and New Maps of Hell) have a newer, poppier style. In my opinion, the new records are BR's best work. Everyone else probably disagrees though.

I don't really consider Into the Unknown a Bad Religion album. It's a wierd, spacey pscychedelic rock album that sounds like nothing BR did before or after it.
Bradley Nowell - Guitar/Vocals
Trey Anastasio - Guitar/Keyboard/Percussion/Vocals
David Gilmour - Guitar/Vocals
Flea - Bass
Danny Carey - Drums
Killing the Dream - Fractures

Santana - Abraxas

Cream - Disraeli Gears

The Beatles - Revolver

Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits

Minutemen - Punchline

Incubus - A Crow Left of the Murder...

The Roots - Phrenology

Hot Water Music - No Division

Avail - Front Porch Stories
I'm going to school in Boston in the fall. What are the good venues, local bands, etc.?
In my opinion, they're okay. Nowhere near the best 80's hardcore band. They have some good songs and a bunch of ****ty ones, too.

Also, East Bay Ray is really not that good at guitar. At all. Even the solo on "Pull My Strings," which a lot of people point out as proof of his skill, is pretty ****. I find that D.H. Peligro and Klaus Flouride are much better at their instruments.
Shipwreck A.D.
Jimi Hendrix
Carlos Santana
Trey Anastasio
I have the same guitar in black and it's pretty sweet. Congratulations.
Not bad. They kinda sound like One Way System.
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You Forgot Agent Orange-Bloodstains.

C'mon that Surf's up guitar and bass is just cool.

Great song, but I never thought the guitar work was too interesting, especially the main riffs.

What's Going On - Marvin Gaye
Easy choice to me.

Crass = ****ty band.

Operation Ivy = greatest ****ing band EVAAAAA!
Serious lack of good **** in this thread. Anyway:

The Stooges - Search and Destroy
Black Flag - Depression
Propagandhi - Die Jugend Marschiert (America's Army)
Propagandhi - Purina Hall of Fame
Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
Agent Orange - Everything Turns Grey
Agent Orange - No Such Thing
Bad Religion - Let Them Eat War
John Coltrane
Ghostface Killah
The Ramones
Jethro Tull
Can someone pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease send me Down?
Time - Pink Floyd
I, Stateside - Crime In Stereo (especially the last minute or so)
Had it for a couple weeks (it leaked). Pretty good, not a masterpiece like Potemkin City Limits though.
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PM me if you want it.
Holy ****, so many good bands. Shame I'm 1000 miles away.
Seeing them soon with Dropkick Murphys. Should be a fun night.
You are aware that Tool has been around for almost 20 years...
I'm assuming you're saying jeans are bad 'cause it's a denim jacket. In that case, just wear a different color jean (black or grey).
My English teacher this year is kinda crazy. He's been known to say, "I ****ed your mom," to kids that piss him off.

EDIT: Also, my English teacher last year (who was one of the smartest people I've ever met) once had the idea to move the entire class up to the library when this one kid went to the bathroom.
Shipwreck A.D. - Abyss

Botch - We Are the Romans

With Honor - Heart Means Everything

Ambitions - Question EP

Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits
Besides the occasional band shirt, I don't dress "punk" at all. I generally wear t-shirts or polos, jeans, sneakers, and quite often a Yankees cap. I always match my ****. (I have like 8 pairs of sneakers and about as many hats.) Maybe I'm insecure, maybe I'm shallow, but I actually like to dress nice and look clean. Most people are shocked when they hear some of the music I listen to. I don't look "punx" in the least.
If he liked Rancid and wanted a Lars like tone why wouldn't he want to know what a similar amp setting is?

Rancid doesn't really have a distinctive guitar sound...
Lifetime is a great band, and so is KD, but to be honest, I think I like Paint It Black the best out of the whole bunch.
You really suck at setting your amp. That's why it sounds like **** now. Here's some settings that should approximate a Rancid sound (which doesn't really make sense to want to emulate, but whatever):

drive 7
treble 7
mids 4
bass 7
presence 7
reverb 5
Quote by dudetheman

Yeah, I get the feeling...

...especially with acoustics.

The other day I was restringing my acoustic, listening to the pitch rise, when all of a sudden....

...BAM! My bridge pin popped out and flew across the room.

I jumped four feet into the air.

This has happened to me before. Now I know to keep my finger on the pin when I'm changing a string.
You guys are awesome. I like this stuff a lot. If you ever want to play a show in New York, I'll help you organize it/play with you.
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DM are okay, but are they any good live?

Are you serious? They're known for having awesome live shows.

I would definitely go see the Dropkick Murphys, but I don't like Neil Young. Just my opinion, see whichever one you like more. I also like the fact that Murphys shows are general admission/standing room only, because I really don't like sitting in a seat and watching bands play far away unless I have to. If you see Neil Young, you'll obviously have to sit unless you pay some ridiculous ticket price.