Plan on getting a Marshall Origin 20 head and a Peavey 112-6 1x12 w/Greenback.   
The new line of Kramer's they have got me drooling big time. Some great unexpected stuff.  The new 20w JCM800 head is pretty rad as well.  
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This is one my bands songs, I recorded this demo with a Pepers Pedals RAD which has three clipping modes and sounds better than any ProCos pedals. I used to own a Deucetone RAT...

ProCo ones tend to "fart", they overload quite easily.

The FatRat has several clipping modes including a germanium mode.  It also has an 18 volt mode for more headroom for it doesn't fart out or whatever you want to call it. lol  I don't care what anyone says but a good Rat, WhiteFace or FatRat can't be beat by a clone, Unless it's a exact clone of a Whiteface or Fat Rat of course.  Otherwise it's just not a Rat anymore.  
I tell everyone Merry Christmas that comes in my shop I don't care what color or nationality they are.  This new Happy Holidays crap to not offend anyone is bullshit.  I live in America, we celebrate Christmas, if you don't like it fuck off.  

Check out the ProCo FatRat.  It has several setings/options including the original and has a socketed opamp for easy switching out. They sell for $160 new so used should be within budget. I plan on buying it myself and running it with my Rat/Turbo Rat clone (2nd gen GFS Brownie Classic).  It's also a USA made Rat.
I love Jif because it has molasses in it.
Gary Kramer did that relatively same design best (IMHO anyways) .  

IIRC Seymour Duncan suggests using a 250k pot for the JB but 500k is also a standard for humbuckers. 
I have listened to the song so many times and went over the lyrics just as much.  I'm still scratching my head as to where these idiots got this notion that it's a date rape song.  All these pansy snowflake fu*ks are getting out of hand.    
It won't sound good anyways since it's a tube amp.  Get a modeler or a multi effects board (for travel) that you can plug into an aux in and is made to use FR/FR speakers or headphones.  Otherwise use a home hi/fi system or computer with good speakers to play the backing tracks at home.  I guess you could use a multi effects board and run it through the front but the tracks will still sound crap with a tube amp.  My little cheap Fender Mustang 1 works great for a standalone unit for this use.  My home hi/fi is even better. 
You may still be able to find a new Kramer SM-1 EMG (black) model in the UK.  It checks every single one of your boxes (except has med jumbo frets and no sustainiac) and sells for around $940 US dollars.  

Mahogany body
25.5 scale Neck thru Mahogany neck
Ebony Fretboard 
24 medium jumbo frets
Original Floyd Rose 
EMG 81TW and EMG SA pups (HSS)
Strat style body
6 string
Angled headstock
Available in the UK
High quality 
in your price range

Here's one at Thomann
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Way Cool JR.
Ah yes I've been looking at the origins series been wondering is it worth the buy or should i wait and save for one of the vintage 1970 plexis?

That's all really personal preference. I would prefer the Origin over a vintage one myself. It has different power levels to get cranked sounds easier without blowing the windows out, you can use and or blend the the bright/normal channels instead of using just one or the other.  The big one (for me anyways) is the pedal friendly effects loop where I can run time based effects like chorus, phase, flange, delay and reverbs where I like them.   

 Quote by H4T3BR33D3R Do you really find that? I've tried the 50 watter and personally I don't find them sounding like a Plexi. They have a more classic flavor, sure but you could probably dial in a DSL or a Jet City similarly. 

Personally not a fan of the DSL's or the Jet City's.  
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Plexis can do a lot, but they don't have an effects loop which hinders their usefulness. They're also quite clean at reasonable volumes, contrary to popular belief.

If the OT was going bad, you'd know. A popped HT or mains fuse is usually bad power tubes.

The Marshall Origin's are Plexi's and have an effects loop.   

@TS The Plexi is my favorite style of amp, extremely versatile especially with pedals to further shape the sound.  The Plexi can cover pretty much everything I love from the '60s,'70 & '80s.  The Origin is my next amp, a Marshall Plexi w/effects loop is my dream amp.  
All of the Trans Siberian Orchestra's Christmas songs/covers.  Otherwise, Lindsey Buckingham's  Holiday Road 
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Way Cool JR. Nah I am talking speaker cables if you un screw the ends and take a look.

Alright, I thought you were talking about  the outer jacket.  In TS's case his cable is molded on both ends and there is no way to inspect the inner wire.  He's fine anyways since it is a speaker cable. 
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Amps that dont have transformers can use different impedences with some volume lost at higher impedences. Not a big deal just do not run the amp lower than what it says.

You can tell the difference between a speaker cable if you see no wire insulation. Two visible wires mean its a speaker cable.

If you see the braiding around its an insulated instrument cable.

Sounds like you're talking about basic stereo cable like used in cars/home audio or a homemade speaker cable for an amp.  Most store bought speaker cables for amps/cabs look just like an instrument cable. 

@TS Since the cable came with a cab and the cable PN# starts withan SP (speaker) 18AWG it's safe to say it's a speaker cable.  
If it had a Floyd Rose you can just pop the springs out in the back and pull the Floyd out without removing strings.  You may be able to do the same thing with Fender's 2 point trem.  
It means Author.  Now you know

Gary Kramer Illusionist, Kramertorium, Crusader Deluxe and Custom 2  
I'm sure it's an intentional thing with Schecter and it has nothing to do with cutting corners on quality.  My Damien Special FR has the very tops of the frets flat and the ends are so smooth and rounded and the frets are polished super smooth and shiny.  You can tell they put work into it.  Had it a good 10 years now and never had any intonation issues and the bends/slides are super smooth and buttery.  Also no issues with any sort of buzzing and great low action.  They probably got the idea from GIbson
It has been a little while since I ordered from GFS but everything came pretty damn quick.  I don't recall ever having any tracking info from anything but it was there within a few days.  If I ordered on a monday I would have it by Friday or before usually.  I lived in Florida at the time. 
I imagine my funeral is going to be pretty dead.  
What they were saying is completely true for the shitty folding $20 stand I had, that thing was a piece of shit, especially on any type of carpet. It simply would not hold any of my music/tab books, it would not secure the book open, sheets of paper were fine. I had to avoid bumping it or it would just fall over.  I would never recommend one to anyone.  The more expensive sturdier concert style ones though I would recommend all day long.  The folding ones get looser and wobblyer over time and want to just fall over.  Over time, you will wish you bought the more expensive one. lol
I would get a guitar with a top mounted decked Floyd and get a D-Tuna.  This will be the easiest most versatile setup.  You will easily be able to go from E standard, Drop D and Eb without ever having to rebalance the system. Ratt themselves use all 3 of those tunings.  Not being able to pull up will keep you from doing a lot of the term tricks those bands use though.  So it's kind of a catch-22.  
I doubt anyone can get them that information. Tell them to stick it up their ass and find you a guitar that is available in the states.  
Madonna's "Live To Tell" is a pretty haunting IMHO.  

The mercenary position. 
The most I ever worked was 112 hours a week for about 5 months at a resort because of short staff.  That was 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I had fantastic perks so it wasn't so bad.  I work 50+ hours a week now.  
I at one point had the majority of my music collection on 2-3 different formats (vinyl/cd/cassette) for each album. I realized how crazy I was and sold off my entire vinyl collection and am now getting rid of my entire cassette collection. Now I'm replacing what I didn't have CD copies of and getting new copies of them. I really love having a physical music collection.
Guitar Fetish has a "Luthier Specials" section where they sell damaged/broken guitars. You just need to keep an eye on it since they always have something different going on in it. Some of them may be slightly - heavely :damaged
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A basically life sentence for a 15 year old for burglary with some other shit heads that happens to result in some other kid getting shot and killed is ludcirous. It doesn't matter IMO if it follows the letter of the law; this is bad law.

25 years is also too much. Him laughing shouldn't fucking matter; 25 years is an insane amount that actual adult murderers can get less than. He was 15 goddamn years old. There is absolutely no context to the application of this sentencing, and why you're blindly supporting it is strange to me.

^ 25 years is not a fucking reasonable sentence

It was very reasonable for being an accomplice in multiple armed B&E's.  The kids are lucky they weren't killed by any of the residents of the burgled dwellings.  Anyone that supports or defends people that do armed burglaries or even participates in them have their morals all fucked up.  These are some of the worst criminals and some people's worst nightmares. These kind of criminals are extremely dangerous and care little for society.    
This has nothing to do with race but to do about a criminal that couldn't even enter a plea for a reasonable sentence.  This kid dug his own hole by being a criminal,thug and running with other armed criminals. People are acting like he's innocent or something. He was an accomplice in multiple armed B&E's that ended with a gunfight with the police.  He was offered a reasonable sentence and turned it down, people like this belong in prison, I don't give a shit what color you are.  The only reason this raises any eyebrows is because of his color, if he was white no one would even care.  
Women have had strong roles for many decades in movies, tv & comics, so they can fuck off with this new women's movement like they are so neglected.  
Floyd Rose. 
Not a fan of his guitars but that is a damn fine collection.  
I haven't cracked my knuckles since I was a teen, I never was capable of cracking my neck. I crack my lower back on a regular basis to relieve pain and pressure since I had a bad back injury when I got hit by a car (@60mph ) while riding my bike when I was 10. 
I would decide 1st on if you want a digital or analog delay, then go from there (I'm a digital fan myself).  You also need to know the features you want, do you wan't tap tempo, really long repeats, do you want it to be able to self oscillate and things like that.  I wouldn't really fuss over if it's true bypass or not.  
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Yep that's the unavoidable scarf joint crack I talked about. Even my 2017 Jem 777 has a small crack there, not even brand new guitars can avoid this with that square heel, it's just cosmetic. Congrats on your new guitar

Just to clear things up (I have no opinion of new or old Ibanez since I personally like neither)

A scarf joint is how the headstock is attached to the neck and the AANJ is the shape of the actual heel of the body.  An AANJ heel can crack in the same spots as a standard square heel.