Never heard of chorus softening distortion, if anything it makes it thicker and fatter.  I love it on dirt and distortion myself, especially at the lowest setting. One of the sounds dreams are made of IMHO.  
Maybe the previous owner changed the tube in it for another brand that's making it sound different.  One of the things people love about tube amps is the capability of fine tuning the tone with different brands/types of tubes.  Since you only have one to deal with you can change it up cheaply and easily. Just a thought.
Quote by BlackToothGrn
Way Cool JR. I've actually looked into those. I haven't found them in my area tho. When you say you soldered it on your cable, do you mean that you bought one of those DIY cable kits?

No, they were some nice cables I already had but they had the regular metal straight plugs on them.  I needed the pancakes on one end for my one guitar since the jack is right on my leg for when playing sitting.  I also liked them for my main cables that run from my pedalboard to the guitar and amps front and effects loop. 
Is the angle jack that you're using the bigger blocky angle plug?  If so try using a pancake Jack.  They work fantastic for sitting with V guitars with the jack in that location. It will protrude far, far less than your idea and you won't have to alter your guitar.  

Here is a pic of one of my pancakes I soldered on one of my cables on my guitar. It's not a V but you can see how low profile it is. Here is also a pic of one of my pedals showing one of the angle jacks like I'm assuming you are using and a pancake on the other side. for a better comparison.  The only good pic of a strat style with a cable attached on the net won't let me use it but it sticks way further out than the big angled connector like on the left of the pedal.   

Also look at everything Epiphone offers in your price range.  Schecter also has the Solo series that are a really nice LP style.  Find a few things you like in your price range and go from there.  All of the above are the traditional 22 fret 24.75 scale of an LP.
They are a Korean made Original Floyd Rose and are every bit as good as the German made.  I've been using one for 10 years now with absolutely no issues and knife edges and trem still appears as new.  You'll get the same version even on a $2,000 + USD production guitar. That's Floyd Rose's OEM standard for quite some time now.  
Lot's of great stuff in here   

Here is a group shot of my stuff.  

Guitars: 2009 Gary Kramer Custom (all original)  
2008 Schecter Damien Special FR (GFS VEH pups & pearl top knobs)

Amp's: My new amp I bought last month Marshall Origin 120H and Raven RC 4x12.  I plan on getting either the Greenback loaded Peavey 112-6 or 212-6 or even possibly the black/gold EVH EL34 2x12. and a 
Fender Mustang 1 v.1 hiding in the back.  

Should have got the new cab for the Marshall In the next couple months but a serious back injury at work put a screeching halt to that for the indefinite future.  I can't even pick up my guitars  

Unfortunately your just going to have to wait till you get a speaker cab.  Hopefully the amp isn't already borked. Good luck. 
I would rather have several different guitars than deal with stuff like this.  I'm sure this would lose luster very quickly and I think people would realise pretty fast that they don't really need as many different types of pups as they think to cover everything they love to play.  Just my opinion, I'm sure a few people would still like them in the long run.  
I know that people always said/debated that stainless steel frets make a guitar noticably brighter sounding.  So yes the fret matereal has and is a topic of debate for changing tone.
I never realy heard much of a debate about the old guitars sounding better because of using old growth trees.  It seems to be more on the lines that guitars sound better the older they get because of the wood aging and changing over the decades.  Thus the debate on vintage guitars sounding better today than newer guitars.   
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tsk tsk tsk not even the guy from RATT.

juan croucier just doesn't have the angers like Nikki
Quote by dspellman
4x12s are not "tuned" anyway. "Detuning" is a made-up thing. Pulling a pair of speakers has been done, but it doesn't give you "larger bottom end." Nor does disconnecting two of the speakers turn the unpowered pair into passive radiators. Made-up BS.

The speakers in a guitar cabinet drop off rapidly below 100Hz not because of the cabinet but because the speakers really don't support those frequencies. An RTA will tell you that.

 Nope. You need to understand that speaker cabinets that are really ported:

1. Have speakers (drivers) that will actually support lower frequencies (most guitar speakers don't)
2. Have a cabinet sized for the specs of the speaker
3. Have a port that is specifically sized for the frequencies supported, and those are often slot ports or tube ports.

I have two 2x12 cabinets that have Eminence Delta Pro 12A speakers that support frequencies down to around 50Hz. But in order to do that, the cabinets are sized at around 3.5 cubic feet and have a pair of 4" diameter by 4" deep (approximately) tubular ports. Cabinet sizing and port configurations are determined in part from information provided by Eminence.

But wait, there's more. Producing enhanced bottom end also requires power. Both of my cabinets are powered with about 750W each. Steve Lukather and ISP Technologies designed the Vector SL cabinet, which is a 15" powered subwoofer designed to work with his 4x12 to help produce bottom end. Not only is there an additional 600W amplifier built into the cabinet, but there are also some electronics designed to strip the low end from his 100W tube amp signal and re-route them through the subwoofer, putting the mids and highs into his 4x12. 

I already understand all of that I am just explaining in a roundabout way of why what he is doing will not work.  I know what passive radiators are I have had several hifi tower speakers sets with them.  They have no magnets and have no pull, that's why I chose the words they "basically" become passive radiators (and yes that is what they become, just much, much less efficient).  They will push a little air while filtering out all the high and mid frequencies, while being completely open will be a completely wrong way of doing it.  I don't know the real science and specs of things I just go by personal experience from decades of tinkering with home, auto and guitar audio. That's why I also stated my favorite way is just using a closed back cab with all the speakers in it for a nice tight punch, and using an EQ pedal to add a little more bass. I am not a fan at all of the ported guitar cabinets or open backs.  When you go into all the scientific mumbo jumbo it's just going to go over most everyone's head.  
I've tried it in the past with guitar cabs and hi-fi speakers and both cases it made them more open sounding and didn't increase any low end.  Maybe if you covered the holes and then made much smaller traditional tube ports it would tune it to only let the lower bass frequencies out. Otherwise the 2 12 inch holes are far to big and are not tuned.   Maybe just different speakers yield far different results. I liked the result of using the others as passive radiators YMMV. I still far prefer closed back cabs with all the speakers working for a tight punchy tone.
Quote by ghostman1846
well, on the flip side, if you play lower frequencies and your cab produces LESS lower frequencies, your playing goes away. Seems legit. 

That's why bass players all use cabs with 1" tweeters only. (sarcasm)

I say, pull the bottom speakers and try it out. Pay attention to your wiring and ohms for the proper load on your 6505+ and you're fine. Keep in mind that power handling will be slightly reduced based on the fact that there's less internal air pressure in the cabinet to give your speaker cones a nice sponge cushion for control. The remaining speakers will have more tendency to travel since there's less resistance. You can over extend your voice coils a lot more easily. It's a "free air" type setup for the speakers. 

If he actually pulls/removes the bottom speakers he will lose a lot of bottom end since it will basically be an open cab at that point.  If he only disconnects them and leaves them in the cab he may gain some low end since they will basically become passive radiators.  But I have to agree with TOODEEPBLUE[a] on this. Maybe try an EQ in the front or fx loop to boost bass instead.  

If you do disconnect just make damn sure to rewire for proper ohms matching.
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This thread has been hijacked OP abandoned it on post #8 once he got the answer he was looking for and probably bought the guitar, as far as the thread dying nobody made you come back and bump it.  

You were still keeping it alive today and this thread should have been locked yesterday.  It's nothing but a pissing match in here.  Thread reported.  Pluss I will do what I want
Can this thread die already? Just buy the guitar you really want next time and ignore the dumb little stickers they put on them.  
Paint will wear off and scratch much faster than the plating . I would just leave alone or polish
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The climate change is just a natural cycle happening across the entire solar system.  We are just witnessing the cycle happening for the 1st time during humanity and it scares the majority.  Nothing we do can or will change it. When we are in the next ice age in the next 100,000 years (give or take) you'll all be kicking yourself for ever believing that there was anything we could do about it now.   
I remember finding a pair of poop stained underwear in the bin at a thrift store once.  I laid them nice and neat spread out on top of the pile.   
I'm going to guess possibly a Charvel of some sort going by the combination of  body and headstock shape.  
A lot less tits and a lot more cellphones.  
Quote by thelastjedi1
Do those who find the Epi headstock disagreeable forget that Epi's headstock is part of Epi's identity? That shape has been around since the end of WW2!

Fender started Squier to stave off the Japanese "clones". They needed the Fender headstock on the Squiers b/c the Japanese were using the Fender headstock shape (for as long as they could). Squier wasn't created as a cheaper alternative to Fender, it was an alternative to the cheaper alternative that was taking sales away from Fender.

As to finishes. The best thing about nitro finishes, imo, is the wear and tear it shows still tells a story, even unplugged.

They are the shape of their original Epiphone designed guitars and should be used so for those.  They weren't building SG's, LP's, V's Thunderbirds and whatnot Gibson style guitars at that time.  LIke stated they use Gibson style headstocks on some of the Gibson models  they make but not on all.  Would be cool if they used the original Epi head on the original designed Epi guitars and used the Gibson style on ALL of the Gibson style and not a select few.  IMHO it would make their original designs that much more special and more identifiable from the herd.  On the Fender side, since they have great affordable entry level guitars now they just need to get rid of Squire all together. 
Quote by dspellman
Gibson has made it clear in a number of "cease and desist" letters that they feel that the ordinary consumer could "confuse" a similarly headstocked guitar with the real thing, so they've made it a trademark issue. 

IMHO this is pure bullshit mumbo jumbo from Gibson.  Otherwise they would NOT be using the same headstocks on the Thunderbirds, V's and Explorer's on both Epiphone and Gibson. There is no reason in the world to X out the LP and SG from having the same headstock.  We also know that guitarists are not ordinary consumers.  Not disputing what you are saying at all,  but Gibson are clearly talking out their ass. 
I'm just not a fan of the headstocks on the Epi LP's and SG's.  I find it strange they can put the Gibson style headstocks on the Thunderbirds, V's and Explorers but put a botched looking one on the LP's and SG's. Otherwise I think they are great guitars.  I don't care about the name on the headstock, only the shape, and that goes for any brand/guitar.  That's one reason I can't get a Fender Strat or anything with a Strat headstock.  They (IMHO) look like a swollen pecker that got closed in a door.  Again great quality/sounding guitars but I can't get past the headstocks.  
Got my Marshall Origin 120H, love it.  Will be getting my new greenback loaded cab here later this year. Will more than likely get the current production Greenback loaded Ibanez or EVH 2x12. Also got a new 3' CBI 14awg speaker cable which is crazy heavy duty.  It's been about 8+ years since my last real gear purchase. So feels good.   

Two person lift  

New cable next to my homemade hi-fi 16awg 
Plan on getting a Marshall Origin 20 head and a Peavey 112-6 1x12 w/Greenback.   
The new line of Kramer's they have got me drooling big time. Some great unexpected stuff.  The new 20w JCM800 head is pretty rad as well.  
Quote by Perverockstar69

This is one my bands songs, I recorded this demo with a Pepers Pedals RAD which has three clipping modes and sounds better than any ProCos pedals. I used to own a Deucetone RAT...

ProCo ones tend to "fart", they overload quite easily.

The FatRat has several clipping modes including a germanium mode.  It also has an 18 volt mode for more headroom for it doesn't fart out or whatever you want to call it. lol  I don't care what anyone says but a good Rat, WhiteFace or FatRat can't be beat by a clone, Unless it's a exact clone of a Whiteface or Fat Rat of course.  Otherwise it's just not a Rat anymore.  
I tell everyone Merry Christmas that comes in my shop I don't care what color or nationality they are.  This new Happy Holidays crap to not offend anyone is bullshit.  I live in America, we celebrate Christmas, if you don't like it fuck off.  

Check out the ProCo FatRat.  It has several setings/options including the original and has a socketed opamp for easy switching out. They sell for $160 new so used should be within budget. I plan on buying it myself and running it with my Rat/Turbo Rat clone (2nd gen GFS Brownie Classic).  It's also a USA made Rat.
I love Jif because it has molasses in it.
Gary Kramer did that relatively same design best (IMHO anyways) .  

IIRC Seymour Duncan suggests using a 250k pot for the JB but 500k is also a standard for humbuckers. 
I have listened to the song so many times and went over the lyrics just as much.  I'm still scratching my head as to where these idiots got this notion that it's a date rape song.  All these pansy snowflake fu*ks are getting out of hand.