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Hooray! I just love super-compressed mp3's @ 128 kbps.

They're at 256, now. No DRM, either.
But I still prefer CDs.
Metallica at the Pepsi Center in '08.
That was pretty sick. It'd probably be better if my headphones had more bass response. I'd say 8/10
Make a sign that says "GOD HATES FIGS" and stand next to them.
Dear Younger Me,

In a few years, you will become an obnoxious thrash metal elitist. Get the **** over yourself, and stop forcing your music on everybody. When listening to new music, do not make sure it fulfills certain requirements first. Just decide if you like it based on how you feel.

Also, look up Devin Townsend, and listen to it with the mindset I just described to you. Do it. Now.

In Freshman year of high school, you may think you're the shit because you have a girlfriend, but the truth is, nobody will be able to stand you. Make sure you think of yourself as equal to everybody else. Because, really, you are.

Older Sam
I think that there are both pleasant people and unpleasant people in every country.
Just use a taco seasoning from a packet. That's what I do.
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You know what, I'm just givin up on my situation, and I'll move on, because I'm tired of her and I guess she's tired of me. I don't know anymore. It's only been a week and a half, this is too much work. **** it, I'm done. It's my fault anyways.

I'm sorry guys, but this is just how I feel right now, if I need to delete this, I will, but I guess I just need a hug. And if you want to know about my situation, go to the Relationship Thread and read about it there.

You don't need to delete anything in the hug thread.

Guys, I drowned my baby cyndaquil. I put him through the wash while he was in my pokewalker.

Anyway, hugs for all!
Across the Snows - Kiuas
Seeing them in Denver on December 12th. Gonna be ****ing awesome.
Devin Townsend - Listened to the song "Addicted" on youtube. Decided to check out the rest of the album. It blew my mind. Every time I get another one of his albums, my mind is blown in a different way.

Blind Guardian - Found a sample of The Soulforged on the Dragonlance movie website. Immediately bought one of their albums.

Slayer - I was in Borders, and my friend asked me if I liked Slayer. I had heard a few songs, so I said, "Yeah, I think so." They had Reign in Blood for $8, so I decided to check it out. I listened to it once, couldn't take it seriously, then listened to it a few months later during the winter, when I was more stressed out. Slayer is the ultimate stress reliever for me.
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ibanez RG= for poor-ass losers who cant afford that gibson they want. cough TS cough...

Not everybody's mommy and daddy can buy them expensive and overpriced guitars. *cough* vanhailin *cough*
Ash Ketchum
Finnish, no doubt.
Your poll implies you hold deep sympathy for pedophiles.
Pure Evil - Iced Earth
Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) - Metallica
You're the Voice - Blind Guardian
Solar Winds - Devin Townsend
Beer Beer - Korpiklaani
Quite a few times.
Every few months, at the light rail station, someone always asks me if I have any weed to sell them.
Huh. I didn't think KFC delivered.
I smell a troll.
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She ruined them

They used to be good

Get over it.
They're better now. They aren't unbearably obnoxious half the time anymore.
I listen to music and surf the web.
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This is the United States, not Mongolia.

That's right!
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I'm no moron

[Citation needed]

Also, I disagree. I've seen your other posts. You are an idiot. And I like how when somebody asked you to explain your views, you exited the thread.
Guitar, tin whistle, electric kazoo, and quad in drumline.
Twilight of the Thunder God - Amon Amarth
I'm not gonna do the solo, so Intermediate
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Here's some advice about America:
1. Don't try that dry crap, it doesn't work here.
2. The British accent is no longer popular, you won't get laid with it.
3. Get a mullet, that's how the power structure actually works. The worse the mullet, the more power.
4. Learn to juggle one ball. No more than one. A true master juggler only needs one ball.
5. Listen to my advice, I am a vengeful god.
6. Don't go to the DNC... They're all douchebags, so's the RNC, but I'm not going to get into that.
7. Ground is the American equivilant of the term Earth in electronics.
8. Drive on the right side of the rode.
9. Girls like you to stalk them... It means you are willing to commit.
10. The Twilight movies are really shitty, but chicks like them, so quote one of the lines from the commercials.
11. Rape is legal here, if you're not caught.
12. That sums it up...
13. The official state religion is the Disney Channel...

And this man, ladies and gentlemen, is why too much of the world hates the USA.
Sonata Arctica
Devin Townsend
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In the last 200 years? Try the last 30...

I rest my case.

I could do the same thing as you, and disprove your point.





It all depends on where you look.
At Megadeth/Slayer, these assholes behind us started yelling at us to sit down.
But at every other metal concert I've been to, everybody's been standing up.
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Slayer. Jeff Hanneman is awesome; Kerry King is intolerable

This. Kerry King is a bad guitar player, and he's a dick.
You're only a douche if you care what other people think about you.
7/10 Good, but not in the right mindset to listen to it.
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Girls are socially taught to be more influenced by petty things (makeup, clothes, jewelry) these days than guys. So I would say yar.

I agree with this.
I like it. Not sure why I like it, though. 8/10
No way.
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Ton is a measurement of mass not weight, therefore just because the 1 ton object is falling due to the Moon's gravity does not mean it has less mass, it just has less weight.

It would still weigh 1 (metric) ton x 1.6ms^-2 = 1600N and a momentum of 1 ton x its velocity.

Basically, you'll most likely still have a dead, squished turtle, depending on the height at which it is dropped, although the height does not need to be too great.

Remember, gravity affects the weight of the object and therefore the acceleration at which it falls, not its mass.

You just had to ruin all the fun with your science, didn't you?
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Your mom is not very smart. You don't buy somebody something and then ask them if they want it. Unless she bought it for herself originally.....

She probably just doesn't know about guitars. To a lot of people, a guitar is a guitar.
This day sucks.
Yesterday, my older brother went out and bought a puppy. Sounds fun, right?
It cost $900. It took him several months to save this much up. He did this behind my parents back. (They're on vacation). They found out when they heard this puppy barking over the phone. They're absolutely pissed. He bought it from a pet store, so he can't return it. They're going to be the only ones home tomorrow, while my brother and I go to work. What if they give it away? They have no clue how much it costs, and I'm scared to tell them. I can't call and talk about it, because they are in Sedona, where they have no cell phone service.

Meanwhile, the other dog is unable to walk. Her back legs completely gave out. I can't carry her because she's a ****ing 140 pound great dane. She's outlived the rest of her litter. I know she has to die soon, but its being prolonged.

Meanwhile, I've been home alone, trying to take care of the puppy and the great dane at the same time, because my brother is at work until midnight. How is he supposed to take care of this puppy if he's at work all the time?