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Jake P It was mainly to make it stand out from the other tracks. That's why when I compose metal tracks I always have one track set to Overdrive and another to Distortion, since from what I know from GP5/General Midi emulation when you have two tracks that are exactly the same, even when if you pan them hard left/right when played back they will sound like there is only one panned to the center. I also prefer the timbre from the MIDI jazz guitar since the electric guitar clean one sounds too tiny to my ears.
Glad you liked the changes I did to the drums, from what I understood you didn't want anything too elaborate so I tried to add some swing to it by adding the snare hits on the and's instead of being just a snare on the second and fourth beat.
Are you planning on having vocals?
I don't know if I strayed away too much from what you wanted but I changed the drumtrack and the solo a bit. The drums could be better but tbh I got bored and copy pasted them quite a bit.

As for a crit it was a simple straight foward rock and roll song, not terrible but there isn't much to say at this point. I'd keep working on it and changing things around.

Feel free to include or disregard any of the changes that I've made, it was a good waste of almost an hour of my time (I'm still not that fast working on GP).
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wow now I kinda feel bad for leaving the Pit for this long, I've missed on what was shurely an entertaining descent into complete madness by you OP.
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theres actually a solo at the end
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