It's one of your more melodic endeavors, but still hard hitting as ever. I like the how the measure switches between 5/4 and 4/4, and the outro is absolutely devastating. Cant really think of anything to improve it.
Thanks man,I come from a family of epic baritones and have always hated my squiggly tenor,so any remark is welcomed.My only regret,the small number of entries,shame really
Perhaps next time there will be more.
One more thing,got nothing against Byron,but I really hate that particular poem.Brings back a whole lotta bad memories.
Quote by Ignite
Krvolok.. you have such a hypnotizing voice. It's so calm and soothing

you should become a hypnotist.

Or alternatively get a job at the local suicide hot-line,Samaritans here I come.Anyways my vote goes for primusfan and Mortimer.
I'd recommend Powerslave.Why?
1.It's really not that hard to master quickly
2.It sounds great
3.It will make you look like a pro once you have down.
meltron a vst mellotron with a nice choir.
An attempt at it,forgot to say from where I am from(Bosnia) sorry.@primusfan,epic ,truly praise worthy If I was a judge you'd have my vote.
Treachery is an awesome song,quite worthy of a reasonably priced ticket,to me it's more progressive than techdeath for the first part at least.Though it has been before done I like the Divine Comedy concept.As a whole it reminds of the early american progressive/technical death/thrash bands,of which I am a fan so like it.Sorry for not hitting the like button,I cant remember my youtube pass....
Why not,I'm up for that.Mandatorize* it today.
*not really an actual word,but you get the point....
And anyway what kind of a message it would be for the generations of self-thought guitarists that are coming around the corner? Yeah if you want to learn Smoke on the water you'll have to go and buy a tab book or a sheet score,or alternatively get a teacher who's willing to pestered every waking hour with your song wishes....That will keep'em interested in guitar for sure.
Quote by naxela75
Thanks for all of your responses, folks. I don't aim to infuriate or attack anybody for the sharing of these tabs on sites like this, I just pose the question, that's all. It is very interesting to hear other people's opinions on it and I am grateful to you all for them.

I have used free tab sites over the years and have found them to be a great resource for both my teaching career and my own learning and playing of songs that are not available from off-the-shelf books. Any Guitar Pro tab downloaded from here can of course be modified if there are parts of it that you find inaccurate.

I think there should be a site that allows you to buy single GP tabs for a small cost ($1.5 for example) that has been transcribed by a professional and is approved by the band themselves. But that is just my opinion.

I'd be interested to hear more comment on this thread and hope that I won't be attacked for asking my original question.


You have been asking that in every post you posted since February and you have been told again and again that that is simply evil.
Quote by naxela75
Imagine this, fellow musicians:

You're a musician! A guitarist, to be exact. You started playing the guitar for the love of it/to gain popularity/to get the girls/to make a high-paid career from it. You gained that popularity, got the girl of your dreams, got many great gigs and tours and loved what you were doing and the money you were earning from it. There's nothing wrong in all of that. It's what the great majority of us would be striving for.

Then somebody came along and decided that everything you had worked hard for and paid money and time to achieve should be taken from you and given to all and sundry for the grand sum of zero. You would, naturally be devastated and wonder how on earth you were to survive life as a musician.

Well, that is what we are doing by disseminating free tabs over the internet. If we are such big fans of the bands that we provide tabs for, why are we content with taking money for all of their hard work and undoubted service to us by uploading and sharing these tabs? It isn't right and until it happens to you, you won't understand the morals of it all.

Only those tabs that the original artist is being recognised and recompensed for should be the ones we obtain. There are far too many terrible user-submitted scores available over the web that lack the artist's approval and it all seeks to undermine the strength and longevity of guitar music as a whole.

If we are truly fans and lovers of our chosen style of music, surely we should be doing everything to protect it. You wouldn't like it if it happened to you.

Please go call your mom and tell her that you a corporate agent who has no more right to live on God's green earth than a mangy weasel.I personally would not
care if someone made a tab of one of my songs,that is if I ever become a famous musician.And I also believe that none of the established musicians out there care if someone is tabbing their songs,it just the people in suits from various labels who are against free tab since they impede the sales of tab books.
Get a saz.That how I learned abut middle eastern music,I also had a hefty tome abut the baglama,which had a lot of theory.Rhythms,modes,key and techniques as well,that book helped me a lot.So I'd look for something like that.
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I just found it interesting that the letter õ which is only in Estonian language, is supported

And Hungarian as well I think.Well čćžšđ work so I'd guess so should the various other forms should be available.
Crionics is really easy,Crypts of Eternity,is on the other hand more technical.
Whether a guitar is good for soloing depends mostly on the neck and I've been told that the hex7 has a smooth neck.The "lack" of a floyd rose means nothing extreme-metal-playing-wise.Several metal guitarists use guitars without floyd rose,Nergal is among them.
Quote by DaFinn
Iron Maiden is comming to holland and I am going, but i dont know very much songs. I just know a few.

can you tel me what song of Iron Maiden you like the best?!?!??!

Greets Finn

1. "Intro (Arthur's Farewell)"
2. "The Wicker Man"
3. "Ghost of the Navigator"
4. "Brave New World"
5. "Wrathchild" (
6. "2 Minutes to Midnight"
7. "Blood Brothers"
8. "Sign of the Cross"
9. "The Mercenary"
10. "The Trooper" (

# Dream of Mirrors"
# "The Clansman"
# "The Evil That Men Do"
# "Fear of the Dark"
# "Iron Maiden"
# "The Number of the Beast"
# "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
# "Sanctuary" (Paul Di'Anno
# "Run to the Hills"
Rock in rio setlist and close to what you will hear.
Quote by paganucci
"The Call of Cthulhu" is a short story by American writer H. P. Lovecraft. Written in the summer of 1926, it was first published in Weird Tales, February 1928

yeah my man
How abut a bit more info ?
It's a tease really only 40 seconds but hey epic 40 seconds.
jsyk, Acacia Strain has a song called Cthulhu

I'm sincerely hoping that you're just f***ing around.
I myself am a big fan of the British top gear but the american is kinda dull,I mean they drive on the wrong side of the road!
I tuned down a squier strat down to A# standard with .13s and it played reasonably when the action was set right.It's just a matter of sitting down and monkeying with it so there is no need to buy a new guitar,new strings perhaps.
In case of invasion I'd do what we have been doing for the last 500 years: stand and fight courageously until our allies abandon us.
"Musically FALLEN is like a cross between BELUS and something new, inspired more by the debut album and DET SOM ENGANG VAR than by HVIS LYSET TAR OSS or FILOSOFEM

Translated : basically the same as before
Virus type zombie apocalypse = for women
Everybody eventually dies and turns = is for me
So no.
Quote by ethan_hanus
Your going to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and you want to watch zombie movies!! Asshole, it's one hour, can't you just wait? Are you so inconsiderate that you can't sit there for one hour and celebrate?!

The fact of the matter is that we dont actually know when he was born(that if you even believe that he was born) the 25 of December/7 of January are just traditional dates based on tradition rather than accurate dating.
Now for Zombie movies I recommend something in the original Dead Series.Night,Dawn,Day.There is of course 28 days but lately I have grown to hate pseudo-zombies so I'm not going to praise the movie so much.
The obvious aside(teeth cringing production) ,there are a couple of truly epic riffs.I bow my head as a sign of respect...And if you can remember a few words from the old country let me say this-Ne navijam za Bile XD
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no, actually learning the notes in the scales would lead to a superior understanding of the fretboard.

i recommend learning both sets of patterns, because you'll have it under your fingers, and the muscle memory will be to your advantage. ultimately, however, it will do you comparatively little good. your best bet is to learn the notes in each scale AND both sets of patterns.

Agree.The more scales and pattern you know(and understand) the best.
Death Metal with d-beats,nice.Very Old school,and epic sample on Infectious Flesh Vomit!
Think of it like this

D 5-4-5-2----

guitar 2 plays


you can also harmonize with octaves,fifths,sevens so on and on
There are patterns in harmonizing.Look at a couple of tabs and you pick it up quickly.Basically any Maiden song with harmonies will do.
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Ibanez has extremely good build quality relative to the competitors - Ibanez wins in almost every price range.

No.LTD/ESP has Ibanez outgunned in the lower and mid-range and ESP proper has the high range models which Ibanez can barely match with their own series.
You will sound thin without a bassist and you can just forget abut playing metal and most forms of rock.
Great and as somebody pointed out very Dethish.But since it's thrash you can just shout the vocals,anybody can do it.Hell I recorded songs on vocals and guitar at the same time it's easy.
Quote by Fisheth24
Oh it maybe geographically in Europe. Is it in the EU?

As I understand it they are the next country to be assimilated...pardon,to join the eu.
Quote by Fisheth24
Croatia isn't in europe is it?

Yes it is,just a bit west from Hungary.Hey maybe its Hungary!
Quote by Todd Hart
Where does populism come into this?
Where does anthropocentrism come into this? Disbelieving religion would in fact be the opposite of anthropocentrism.
Why mention you have an argument if you aren't willing to share it?

All things involving humans and all philosophies created by humans are anthropocentric.Atheism is even more anthropocentric since there is no god man is god.
Again my personal things are just that,personal.Again let's not be like Rush.
Quote by dann_blood
^ I love how people like you don't have an actual argument, just incessant whining.

The bible also has the following gems:
- Eating shellfish is forbidden.
- Wearing clothes of mixed fibres is forbidden.
- If you work on the Sabbath, you should be stoned.
- Kill womens who aren't virgins on their wedding night.

Etc, etc.

What a charming, rational piece of literature.

I have a an argument but this is a debate of populists(I am against such anthropocentric philosophies )and thats a crowd I really cant understand.So my empiric and personal arguments will stay my own personal thing.
Quote by Todd Hart
Please leave now and come back only once you have matured mentally to a level that exceeds that of a walrus.

O I love this liberal elitism-If don't agree with us you are a hillbilly from the backwaters of 'Alabama.Vote yay or nay but please dont try to emulate R.Limbaugh or try to match his levels of hypocrisy.