something easy and free...? garage band but you'll need a mac for that.
audacity for pc, free and as simple can be
new ... well they don't make them anymore
and used, i've seen them for $650
no i loved the sound of my tele through a hot rod the first time i tried it and i love that sounding amp
sooo i have the chance to do a clean trade for my line 6 spider 3 hd 150 head and 4x12 cab for a classic 30...?
does this sound good to you, is the classic 30 just like a hot rod?
i just want to get as much as i can for the amp like i want to get rid of it but i dont want to just take the bare minimum for it.
whats your opinion?
Whats the main differences between the celestians stock in a 1960,
greenbacks, and vintage 30's?
Alright so i have a JCM 600 head that has a main 8 ohm and a main 16 ohm out, i have two cabs one is a marshall vs4x12 cab that is 8ohms and a line 6 spider 3 4x12cab that is 8 ohms stereo and 4 ohms mono ... is there any way to hook up both cabs to my marshall
like going 16 ohms out into one side of the spider 4 cab then running another cable from the other side of the line 6 cab into the marshall cab?

is there any way of running this head into both cabs? is this possible or am i just thinking crazy?

alright so here's the low down...
right now im running a tele into a Marshall JCM 600 and Spider 3 both with 4x12 cabs and i a/b the heads, i use the marshall for clean and the spider 3 for the overdriven stuff.
don't judge me on the spider 3, it was my first half stack and i just use what i have and i know how terrible it is.
in the end i would like to be running the jcm 600 with another head into a mesa oversized 4x12 and 2x12 cab or into some 1960's and a/b the heads?
so what head would be great for some straight up modern distortion?
basically i will be selling the spider 3 head and cab and will have about 500 to spend ontop of that?
a blink 182 type sound
how is the jcm 600 in your opinion (if you've tried one or own one)
someones selling one with a marshall 4x12 cab for 800 in my area and i have been reading reviews on it but would actually like to know what its really like?
how close is the blues deville 2x12 tone to a keith richards tone, i know he uses tweed twins but how close is the tone?
i have a usa deluxe tele and have been looking at fender amps in the last few months like hotrods and twins and vibro kings, but i have an opportunity to trade my spider 3 rig for this amp.
any help is grateful.
Looking to get rid of my stupid spider and have been looking at this marshall.
Whats the main differences between the jcm 900 dual reverb and mk 3?
also which is your prefference?