Just living life man. We should mumu some time
numumu v3 is best mumu

acoustic mumu time

late night mumu yo
My mom's name is pretty unique and I have no sisters.

Problem solved.
get in yo
^ what he said
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I missed my succulent little palmegranate



when I went in earlier no one was around, you in mumu now?
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Mumu kicked me out and doesn't seem to want to let me back in. Anyway, disregard what I was saying about EYE being from Dubai, that was another band, "Eye" apparently that was listed under the same artist tag for some reason.

If it's the EYE I think you are talking about they are from Ohio dawg

also, hi

Searched and found nothing, with three albums under their belt now I figure a thread is in order.

Very good young sludge band from the UK. They've got a nice bass heavy tone and craft simple, yet memorable riffs. Vocals are decent as well, provided you are into the style.

All of their albums are name your price so there's no harm checking them out, I would recommend starting with the s/t and moving chronologically from there.

Happy doomage
Love that album.

Argus- Beyond The Martyrs
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I know that this should really be in the Classic Rock sub-forum, but I feel like you guys would have more of what I'm looking for when I ask for this rec:

Does anyone know any Occult Rock/Proto-Metal bands like Black Widow, Lucifer's Friend, and Coven? I want, essentially, '70's Rock bands with really dark imagery.

The Flow
Sudden Death
Iron Claw
Atomic Rooster
Salem Mass
Sir Lord Baltimore
Anything close to metal- System of a Down
Metal- 80's Metallica and Slayer, eventually moving to Pantera
Anything close to extreme metal- Opeth and sludge bands like Crowbar
Death Metal- Morbid Angel
Black Metal- Agalloch

But I think the first time I acquired a taste for something heavy was from the stuff my parents played. Skynyrd and Sabbath introduced me to my mind, and left me wanting them and their kind. Oh yeah baby. The same can not be said for any other band I mentioned.

Although those milestone bands are important, in my opinion the most important events in my musical journey were those in the slow process of getting more and more into doom metal. When I was getting into thrash bands I was also getting into stoner bands, when I grew to tolerate extreme vocals I found death/doom and the like, and now that I listen to way more than just metal I find the metal I come back to the most is some shade of doom.
meh is my first reaction

Will give it another shot though
Can we start uploading doom riffs yet? I likely won't have the time to upload mine next week but I've already got it recorded.
The ending to my thrash riff reminds me of something but I can't figure it out. The entire thing is super generic regardless but the ending sounds like something and it's bugging me

NosferatuZodd09- 4/5 solid

Abomination94- 5/5 fucking awesome

The Virtuoso- 3/5 the hammer ons kind of took away from the melody

crazysam23_Atax- 2/5 there wasn't a clear idea that stood out to me

SaintVitus- 5/5 would love to hear you flesh that out into a full song actually

Kytokinesis- 4/5 the ending stops it so abruptly, my ears want it to finish

Jehannum- 3/5 solid

UnarmedLad- 3/5 I think we were the only ones to take that approach to heavy metal

RiffYourFaceOff- 5/5 sounds like a riff some of the heavyweights would use

The Wildchild- 5/5 catchy as fuck, too bad we can't add harmonies

Sanitarium91- 4/5 solid

Ultraussie- 3/5 audio issues aside it still sounds like a decent riff

Helloween4Ever- 4/5 catchy


NosferatuZodd09- 3/5 sounds more like death metal than thrash to me, but good nonetheless

The Virtuoso- 3/5 decent

crazysam23_Atax- 3/5 a bit too chuggy

SaintVitus- 4/5 solid

Kytokinesis- 3/5 another that I feel is more death than thrash, but good

Jehannum- 5/5 killer

UnarmedLad- 4/5 I like that you muted more than just opens

RiffYourFaceOff- 4/5 sounds cool

Sanitarium91- 5/5 probably my favorite this round

Helloween4Ever- 4/5 very solid, almost gave it a 5

I'm looking forward to the next three rounds much more than the first two, hopefully the game continues.

I'm not terribly into either of these subgenres that much so neither of these sound very inspired. I'm thinking about redoing them on a mic that doesn't suck if it takes awhile to move to the next round, a couple of takes I had to scrap because it tends to pop randomly even if I'm not playing that loud.

Edit: lol it cuts off the end of the hm one

My reviews will be in shortly.
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I wouldn't at all oppose to you submitting your riffs but we'd have to see if the other fellows agree

So do the round 1 riff, round 1 reviews, and round 2 riff?

I could probably do that tonight really, I've got nothing going on.
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I'm looking for something with a thick impenetrable atmosphere, an all encompassing sound that takes you in and with force. I am not, however, looking for something shoe-gazy though--- the sound aesthetic manifestation of Valium. It should be engaging rather than sleep-inducing. Any genre as long as it presents these qualities well.

The Ruins of Beverast- Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite
Suma- Ashes
Aldebaran- Embracing The Lightless Depths
Ocean Chief- Sten
Gaul- Gaul
Fleshpress- III - The Art of Losing All

I don't find them sleep-inducing, but I'm really into doom so there is a possibility some of those might be for you.
I fucked off to Canada for a bit, sorry I wasn't active for this

are these just a midwestern thing by the way, they seem like they would be
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Doodads, no. Thingamabobs, yes.

How big the doodads be? Also you might want to actually know what you are doing because plastics have all kinds of potentially harmful chemicals that make them up, especially if you are planning on just melting random shit together.
Well this doesn't look similar to the start of WWI at all
OT: zoot suit obviously
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Probably just an American thing

I think Canada has it too actually.
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