It’s too uniform to be tarnished nickel. It could very well be that whoever owned it before replaced everything. I’m not too worried about it. Just curious. Regardless, I got an Epi Standard for 250. Not so much as buckle rash on the body. 
After playing it for part of a day I’m more grateful that I got a beauty that hung on a pawn shop wall for 2 years.
i don’t know. The tuners are Grovers. Everything is this finish. I didn’t take it apart yet as I wanted to hear it with fresh strings. The tag at the pawnshop was from January of 2015. Kind of hard to post pics as Im Doing this from my phone. I’ve never done this before (they all say that). 
But honestly everything down to the input jack is the same.
So I bought a honey burst Les Paul today. Made in China in 2010 base on the serial number. What struck me as odd is that all of the hardware is matte/aluminum?
So I have this guitar. It's a Schecter TSH-1. Sparkly blue, mahogany bodied beauty. It originally had 2 lipstick humbuckers. I replaced the bridge with a Duncan and it was fine. Im now at a place where I want to redo the whole of it. I found a complete harness of two wide range pickups. I also found these GFS Filtertron copies. Both suit what I want....I think.
My question big a difference?
I mostly just play with Rocksmith. When I do plug into my amp its an Excelsior by Fender. The sound I want out of this guitar is Everclear/ Soul Asylum type stuff.
The wide range rig is $90ish and the only wiring would be the jack solder. The filtertron type would require buying all the parts as I would replace everything.
Asking only about the actual wide range and big a difference in tone? Clarity?
Absolutely! The breakdowns tend to raise up to the point of....emotional overload?
The 80's were great for melody...crack was a problem as well...coincidence?
Have you ever heard a melody and vocal inflection be just perfect. An instance in a song where you believed the songs intent.
I was listening to music today and heard "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" and thought a best melodies list would really be a bitch of a survey. So much to choose from. You have instruments and vocal lines and inflection...thoughts?
Malcolm Young keeps his spare socks on his guitar. 40+ years can't be wrong.
It's Axl trolling for affirmation.
Time your dumps and your shower just right. Your body will respond.
That actually looks good. Is it a pre-made thing?
Not sure the conversion rate of the baht. Does it seem pretty legit? Do you like it? That's the value.
Meds are no the answer for anxiety/panic disorders. They are ok in small doses, but the problem is that the professionals hit you 2x. The psychiatrist provides the meds and then you talk to a therapist to work through it. You can do this yourself. You just have to realize what is going on with your body and address those issues. An attack comes on because your body releases serotonin and then sucks it back up. That kicks adrenaline into action for no reason and you have no outlet for it. Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol exacerbate this.
You just have to realize what is happening and talk yourself through it. Read about it. Learn to control your intakes and how to deflect the intrusions of thoughts that grab you and manipulate them.
You have whatever it looks most like. I have a Peavey Generation Ex that says EXPon the headstock,but it's far from it. If it's not top of the line,they swap parts out at random.
You see dead people. I used to get the feeling I was held down. It's actually a type of paralysis. Your body releases chemicals to keep you from acting out your dreams. Sometimes you wake up early...creepy feeling.
Take it like a man.
You haven't moved seats yet? Turns you on...doesn't it? So sick the human mind...
Listened to the other 2 you have and really enjoyed Downpour as well.
As a piece of prose, it's beautiful...gorgeous even. I pst on a poetry site and constantly look for works to comment on positively. That was truly a joy to read.
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I calls 'em as I sees 'em. You gave us pointless, convoluted posts and got an appropriate

Me, define you? How would I? All I know by now is that you have poor reading comprehension.

My reading comprehension is fine so you can **** yourself there. I simply allowed myself to go off on the wrong tangent in the wrong forum.
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That's what I said. A couple years of age is the only difference.

Look into anarchy beyond the stereotypical nonsense some teenagers ramble about and you'll find a lot of similiraties.

And thanks for this post. I like 'em without content. Fewer calories, aye?

Without content? I can't spend my entire life laying out and defending what I believe. Like this...I used one word (libertarian) to define something and you're defining me. How about this...My son is handicapped and the gov't makes me jump through hoops to get aid. We must continuously prove that he still has Down Syndrome. We work for a living. We don't live off of the system. We don't have hours of idle time to sit around at offices full of incompetents to answer questions relating to this. We have to work and contribute so that we may get health coverage for our son. In order for him to get health he has to get social security,which means them giving us a check that we don't want because it limits our ability to earn more. If you don't speak spanish (in America mind you) you are treated like a pariah.
Now you may define me.
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It sucks about the parks, and the closure of museums and community centres, and the inoperative street lights, and the fact the police have been forced to sell their helicopters on the internet... I could go on. What's good about this, exactly?

Try to cut sports in Florida gets cut before that.I believe in the arts...but in this state an illiterate halfback has more value than a potential Nobel winner. That artist though,will try harder down more avenues. If you look at this from different points you'll see that this country is going in the toilet. People look to the Gov't when they should be looking at their community first. We elect the same assholes who spend their lives spinning and twisting words and deeds.
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Now just to find a system that guarantees noone treads on me... maybe something where the general public elects people to establish said system and keep people in check? Yeah, that sounds good.

Libertarians are the intellectual equivalent of 14 year old "OMG IM SOOO PUNK" kids yelling about anarchy. The difference is in a couple years of age and a less retarded hair cut.

I'm 40 not 14. Anarchy has nothing to do with this. The constitution is the rule of law in this nation. The guideline. I still believe in the things that brought people to this country.
Keep people in check? Oh yeah...the liberals do that.
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Yeah man, live the dream!

The dream is over.There are far too many in this country who take advantage of the system. They ruin it for everyone. I see it everyday. People buying candy and soft drinks with food stamps in a convenience store yet they have cash for weed and beer. It goes round and round. People don't contribute and you lose services. You lose services and values drop. No value-no tax base. The only thing you have then are a bunch of people with their hands out and they were the same ones wh had their hands out all along. The only difference is that those that they hid behind have moved on to a better place for their families. It sucks about the parks,but I do my share. I work everyday.
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Libertarianism Village? Would that look a bit like Colorado Springs?

Sure. Why not. We live in a society that taxes the hell out of it's citizens (those that actually work and pay taxes),and gives a ridiculous number of benefits to civil servants who do little to earn their pay. They move slowly,inefficiently and generally without real purpose. I work in a store. When I see a line of people...I want them gone in the timeliest fashion. You make more money that way and people wait less.
All these people who stand about protesting for "democracy" are contributing little to society.
Democracy is a horrible system. 51% of any group imposing their will on the other 49%? If you really thinkabout it,who would want to live that way? Libertarianism is the way to go. So long as you tread upon no others rights,your own rights are guaranteed.
I like the part where I get to be lazy and have my monkey flip switches for me. Seriusly though...when I was a kid it was the misconstrued lyrics and the furious dirge-like music. It was awesome to point out that others were interpretting it all wrong. As I got older,the reasons stayed the same,but the appreciation only grew.
Coolant goes in both the radiator and the reservoir. You add it directly to the radiator with the engine running so it can work its way through the system. DO NOT start this process with the engine hot as you will scald yourself...the radiator is under pressure! After the radiator will take no more,add to the reservoir to the fill line. Be sure too mi the coolant with water as per the instructions. If you feel you can't do this yourself,get help. Easy job,hard to do wrong,but no sense screwing up if you don't have to.
I was familiar with both the E series and the late 80's Korean mades. I was going to buy one (Korean) on Ebay for $200,but decided against it. That same morning I saw the exact thing in a pawn shop for $100 and offered 80. Thanks for the answers.
So I found this guitar in a pawn shop a few months ago and was curious about where it actually came from. It says Made in Korea,but has the serial E940038(which was used on Japanese Squiers). Does Fender really do this so haphazardly?
Vocals:Sebastian Bach
Rhythm 1:Izzy
Rhythm/ lead: Page
Co-lead:George Lynch
Keyboards: Don Airey
Drums: Bonham (Jason actually)

A) yeahit's more hard rock than metal;
B) can you tell I've been around awhile and
C) bands do well because they fit and not because fans dream this shit up.
The overall theme of the book and movie was the lengths one would go to for their child. All hope seems lost,but you still have a purpose in life and a responsibility. Absolutely beautiful book. I thoughtthe movie was great, but you always seem to lose something in the transfer to film when your mental images have someone elses replace them.
Not just any legend,but a man who lived long enough to become a legend and actually deseved to have the mantle placed upon his head.
How about "Love Hurts"? Full of bitterness,denial and the rejection of the candy coated picture of love. Or "The Breakup Song"? A bit more light-hearted.
Actually completely different from what I expected. Not my bag either,but it was better than I expected.
I did like it. Very Southern in a good way. Reminds me of an author who also taught at the University of Georgia and published a couple books. Forgot his name. Very whistful.Particularly like the last two lines,not so much for how they are written,but for what they evoke.
The way it's written,you are to close to the subject. You're getting across what you intend to,but in a top ten country way. I've not listened to it yet but I can hear the Nashville strings and harmonies in my head. Keep writing and trying different attacks on the theme. Listen to Dylan,get nonsense words and write the same thing. Love criticism/hate giving it.