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I mean, not for me personally - a friend wants to know. Really, I swear.
That settles it then.
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So tell me how everything that is here came from nothing? This proves that something supernatural occurred.

The only thing it proves is that no one knows for sure what came before the Big Bang. At least not yet. If by "supernatural" you mean "something our current understanding of the laws of physics could not explain" then hey, sure, but that still says nothing about whether there is a god of any kind or not.
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The founding father's were also religious, even if simply deist. They were raised with Christianity in mind, so their brand of deism was pretty much Christian-lite. To deny that their deism was not at least built from the remnants of their Christian beliefs would be silly.

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Them parading Christianity for political reasons would not lesson its influence on the country or its people.

It's hardly a reason to brand the nation a "Christian Nation" however. The majority of the population are Christian, sure, I'll give you that, so there is bound to be some influence, but the Constitution and Bill of Rights protects that influence from becoming too strong. Ultimately this is a nation for everyone, with the government not endorsing or supporting one group.

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There had to have been a primary mover to start everything. The laws of Physics demand it. However, no one can explain what that is. If that primary mover is God then we have an answer. Also, it is called faith for a reason, one place's one's trust in something/one else without any proof. If God happens to be real, then I've got some good insurance.
Do you believe that love exists? I was taught that God is love. Science cannot explain love, yet it surrounds us and holds relationships together. Love is evident in our world. We have a faith that this thing called love exists, but we cannot explain it. It's not a tangible thing. Not a measurable force nor a piece of matter. Yet no one deny's its existence. The same way people believe in love, I believe in God. I might have no physical proof He exists, but He is evident in my life, and in the lives of others as I have witnessed.

I'm honestly no physics expert, but I would say our laws of physics as we know it most likely wouldn't apply to whatever predated the Big Bang. Even if there was a god of some sort that caused the Big Bang, that does not necessarily mean you are praying to that god. Also, love is obviously influenced by the brain as any feeling would be, and parts of the brain do become more active when we feel love. I imagine love is just our way of describing an instinct we all have - such as a parent's instinct to protect his or her child. Obviously that instinct would be advantageous to a species' survival, and in our case, we use the word "love" to describe it. If you think there is a god for whatever personal reason you have, that's fine, I'm simply challenging your reasoning.
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Please show me any scientific research that as provided evidence that suggests God did not create the Earth.

The burden of proof rests on you. If you have real evidence that suggests God created anything then that would be amazing, don't keep it a secret. Until then, your claim can be dismissed without any evidence needed.

...or nevermind.
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dang it, there I was thinking the mystery would be unraveled once and for all

And here I was getting excited over nothing as well.
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OK. Whatever your point is doesn't take away from the fact that the DoI states that all men were given inalienable rights by the Creator. Most of the founding fathers had Christian backgrounds. Did they want the US to be a Christian theocracy? No. But were the principles of Christianity, or of the Christian God, important to the foundation of the nation? Yes.

Depending on what you define as a "christian nation," the US may or may not be one. To shrug off the influence that Christianity had on the founding of the US would be silly.

The Declaration was addressed at religious people, so obviously the Founding Fathers would want to write a document using religious references to appeal to them. Also, mentioning a Creator could imply deism but not necessarily Christianity.
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I'm quite interested in getting a copy of this:

Basically it's the Bible stories about Jesus, without any of the supernatural stuff. Might be interesting to see how Jesus would sound outside of a the properly religious context.

(also interesting to note it was written by one the US founding fathers, who didn't particularly like Christianity as it was mostly viewed/practiced. Puts a new perspective on all the claims that the US is and always has been a Christian nation)

Ah yeah, I've heard of that. The claim that the United States is a Christian nation really falls flat, not only when you read stuff from the Founding Fathers, but also when you read the Constitution itself. Heck, even John Adams who actually was a Christian himself denied that this was founded as a Christian Nation.
Where's the option for people who think the Bible is mostly fictional? I will say, it might describe certain events that actually happened, but there's no doubt that the supernatural aspects of it are completely made up.
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Not perfectly, only somewhat. And I do believe that the religious would like to be considered as intelligent and proficient in logic as the non-believers.

I think it's fair to point out that the religious don't consider themselves illogical unintelligent idiots and would often argue that their religion is a product of logic, and perhaps practicality. They are quite mislead, but they do allow room for logic.

I have met many religious people who are also very intelligent people, who can make logical life choices and what not. But in the same vein they also feel like they need to apologize to a divine omnipotent creator for eating meat on certain days, or working too hard on a Sunday. Also, these people also believe this creator of the entire universe had a human son, and what's more, they get all this information from a book written by humans. Functioning members of society, yes, but proficient in logic... not so much.
Quote by Aralingh absolutely safe to the intelligent society and has a dogma based on observable evidence and understanding of how to positively affect the individual without a detriment to the society...

If what you're saying is, it is going to be perfectly logical and intelligent, you might as well forget calling it a religion.
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I feel like spamming UG with the lyrics to "Baby Got Back".

Just noticed G3-face Pinkie on this thing. I always love these posters.
The season finale was awesome.

It just would've been nice if the entire plot wasn't spoiled in the synopsis weeks ago. I wouldn't have ever expected Twilight becoming an alicorn otherwise.

But yeah some heartwarming stuff went on there.
Just stopping by to say Happy New Year's, everyone

It just hit 2013 for me about 17 minutes ago.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

I have acquired my first bass today, and I'm happy. Hope everyone else's day is going just as well.
Related to the new episode:

So, any R34 of the headless horse yet? Mainly because I wouldn't put it past the fandom (and I mean that in a good way.)

But on a more serious note, dat Luna.
Whoa, 20 pages on the new thread already? Guess I'm late for the celebration.

Ah well, I bring you all a joke:

What do you call an organization for racist horses?

The Neigh Neigh Neigh.

Yeah. I don't know. I just felt like I should post more then just "oh, neat, new thread" so I shared that.
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Ok, I`m gonna do two versions, one with this picture.

And (try) one with two ponies sitting in front of the logo, and four popping in from the edges.
Which two should be sitting in front, so I know what pictures I should pick?

I love how everytime I see this picture, I recall how Twilight is apparently missing her front legs in it.

EDIT: Wow, I gotta remember to refresh. This was like, only a few posts down when I last checked. Now it's on another page. Awkward.
I really should post here more often. Man, I remember when I used to actually post and browse threads in the Pit, and sometimes even visit the other boards as well. It really seems like a long time ago, but at the same time, not long ago at all.

As dumb as it might sound, it's making my thoughts carry over to life in general and how fast everything seems to go by. I guess it's because, when I first found out about this site, I was just in like, 7th grade. It despite how it took me a little while before I finally decided to join, this whole website was my favorite place on the internet to be, and now that I am a junior in highschool, I've been visiting less and less.I guess I'm just rambling at this point, and I know it might sound like I'm saying that this website is like a wife I used to really love in my younger days, but now after marriage and having several children with it, I'm considering a divorce and the very thought is destroying me from the inside, no, that is not the point I am trying to make and that is not what I mean. I'm just saying, it's weird how we let things go as time goes on without knowing it. And when we realize we have, we also see how fast time seems to go. One minute, you could be doing this, and years pass in seconds and you're doing that. I guess it can be both a positive and negative thing. Well, that all being said, I'm going to bed.
It has been a while. I'm mostly just a mere lurker now.
Unsure if you guys are still using spoilers for this episode, but just in case, I will anyway.

But yeah, anyways, there was so much I loved about this new episode.
Especially the Great and Apologetic Trixie. Yeah, the whole conclusion and everything was brilliant.

You guys have probably already seen this, but I just saw it in the "recommended for you" thing on youtube, and I'm only a few minutes into it but so far it's amazing, so I thought I'd share.

EDIT: ...and, it's automatically embedded? Well, that's new. Pretty cool.
Hey guys, haven't posted here in a while just thought I'd say hi. My left wrist decided to go on strike since this morning, so I haven't done much today.
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You mean the cool people

I switched to 40ppp a few months after joining and never looked back.

That being said, I just realized I've been here nearly three years now. I don't know why, maybe it's because I've been using the site less and less, but I just find that amount of time hard to believe. It seems like less.

three years and still no one knows who i am around here
Just stopped by and noticed we hit 777 pages. Awesome.

(for all us 40ppp users,anyway)
If there is a movie, that's when Discord reappears. Calling it now.

I don't mind there being 13 episodes as long as it doesn't end there. If this is the last season I'll admit I'll be rather saddened.
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Welp, map is official, so parasprites can apparently get around.

I'm just amazed at how I can remember a small detail like that after months of not watching that episode, as opposed to forgetting something I read, say, five minutes ago.

I should be doing so much better in school.
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Official map


Earlier on in the Swarm of the Century episode, those parasprite things were sent into the everfree forest (if I remember right). When Celestia arrived, there was said to be an infestation in Fillydelphia. Assuming these two events are related, this map is inaccurate.

but it's still awesome
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Creating clones of Applebloom. I approve.
Mac just reminded me why I still lurk here.
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Saying that people like those at Bronycon represent the entire fanbase is stupid. That's like saying Lulu is representative of Metallica's career.

I'd like to jump in and say this is the best comparisons I've heard about this topic.

Bronycon is a joke. I wanted to see what it was all about a while back, so I tried watching what people do in it on youtube.

...and yeah, from that moment on I pretty much made sure to never let anyone in real life think I was like that. I like the show, there's some cool people in the community, but then there is a majority I don't want to be associated with.

That's why the fandom has musicians like AlexS, LivingTombstone, Eurobeat Brony, and d.notive making high-quality music based on the show and have millions of listeners.

By the way, these guys know what they're doing. Not because I enjoy their music, because I rarely listen to it, like ever. But because they've used the show to get listeners. I wouldn't be surprised if half of them didn't care about it at all - they're just using sites like Equestria Daily to promote themselves. And exposure and getting your name out there is what it's all about.
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In that case,

it actually just occured to me they had her in her proper colors right on the box. nice marketing
Anyone else have a fetish...

...for alternate color/ color swaps?
Kickass tommorrow, Mac.

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So apparently we've moved on to furry porn...interesting...

I don't always reply to posts several pages back, but when I do, it's relevant to my interests.

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Did any of you watch the new episode of the Legend of Korra? I just finished it, and holy bejesus it's awesome.

"What... what are you?"

"I am the solution."

It was at that moment I fangirl squealed.
Of course, you use a floyd rose bridge, and i can do pinch harmonics, as well as sevreal other kinds of squeals, and i know to play all dream theaters songs with just my tongue.

I always suspected you to be a beast with the ladies.
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This isn't the first time I've seen this, but every time I do, I just know he's going to regret that one day.

Also, I'd have to agree with most of what has been said on the past few pages. This thread is my exception, but I also think (and have thought this for a very, very long time) that a lot of the fandom is annoying. I don't get why people have to "spread it" or anything like that, and I don't even understand the people that sincerely believe a show can make the world a better place.

While we're all making heartfelt confessions here, I'd like to say that I don't think FearMyLightning is a bad guy, just misunderstood.

I'm so mature.
Possible new member of herd.

Drunk posts.

If Led Zeppelin was only just now getting started, the music we have today would probably be a lot different.