Well, weird is what we were going for
So...this is an experiment that happened while my friend and I set up to record a cover.
It's him on the guitar and me doing bass and vocals.
Sounds awesome. Now I've got to open Reaper and fiddle around with effects.
My gp5 tab for Children Of Bodom's "Bed Of Razors" hasn't apparently been rejected (still has W) but there isn't an edit link for it anymore. Any idea what that means?
Dude. That is a perfect death metal song.
All you need to do is record it!
I like it.
Just one thing, I dislike the way the bass is only playing eighth notes on the fast part.
Bassists can play sixteenths too.
I've got a few opinions on it for ya...
Love the name Trollface, don't lose that
In bar 33 it seems that's the restart point so you could add a little something there to make it more unique.
On the percussion track you could add more seems like some more metal drums, like in a Symphony X intro, should come in.
But all in all this is a very good song man.
Yeah I sorta rushed on the mix 'cuz it was frustrating trying to get the bass audible but not overpowering
Hell yeah dude.
I'm also loving the new's not exactly what I was hoping for but still damned good.
And goddamn Shovel Knockout is the most bad-ass song name ever
I first heard Gojira last week.
Let me just say I've been listening to all their albums and just drooling over all the tasty riffs
Hah. Yeah, you actually get the princess in the middle of the game if I remember correctly, thanks for the comment
I've gotta say that Goo Goo Dolls isn't really my cuppa tea but I liked the way you played that song, and you have a very nice singing voice
Thumbs up, good sir
Hiyas. Reworked the song of the first stage of Golden Axe on the SEGA Genesis/Megadrive to be more metal.
Wrote the drums and rhythm guitar from scratch.
Recorded one lead on keyboard, one on guitar, rhythm guitar and bass.

Enjoy! And please leave a comment if you liked it
Love the split screen and your tone. Keep up the good work
Quote by Whiskey Tango
Man, I have to say that I love your bass sound (and I'm a guitar player). Always thought Geddy Lee had a great growl to his tone and you've captured it very well. Nice job.

Thank you. But I must say that I wasn't trying to capture his tone, it's just the tone I play with all the time
Also, thank you Delboyuk_01 and Eppicurt for your comments.
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The South strikes again.

Seriously, what's with the people in charge in those areas? Were they all dropped on their heads?

Yes, but not everyone from the south is a redneck.
I myself am from Tennessee (there are two letters S) and in a pretty liberal outpost in this conservative wasteland.
But to the point of the original post...Yeah.
Tennessee has a lot of crazy ****ing bills, propositions, laws and whatnot running through the state legislature at the moment. I wish they'd listen to the letters I send them
This is my cover of Rush's "The Trees".
Recorded all of the bass and a couple of the riffs on guitar (I am not a good guitarist) with a keyboard intro and that sweet synth lead in the middle.

Please take a listen and tell me what ya think
Well. Killswitch Engage does totally suck, man.
Not metal.
If the B2.1u has the expression pedal then that's the one you should get.
I've been using the B2 for a while (gonna get the B91UT some time soon) and the amp models and other effects are very good.

For iRig; I don't own an iPhone but I've played on the Windows version of Guitar Rig and you can get some good tone but it's more tailored for guitarists than bassists.
Yea i own one it was my first bass. for the price you cant beat it. since then ive ripped out the frets and made it a fretless lol.

Dude that is exactly what I did- and it was my first bass.
I wonder if anyone's taken "Metallica"?...
I'm looking at combo amps and am wondering if I should get the Gallien-Krueger MB112
( or the Acoustic B200 (
I play metal so I'm trying to get a sort of Steve Harris or Dave Ellefson tone

Also, I'm aware that Behringer doesn't exactly get rave reviews but curious if it's an issue of tonal quality or longevity of the amp itself
Iron Maiden - Revelations
the bass is so delicious in this song
Very nice. Guitar sounds good but lack of bass was kind of disappointing

Also- for arranging drum tracks in odd time signatures I suggest tabbing them out in Guitar Pro (or similar program) and exporting as a midi, then importing it into FL studio and copying to your drums samples/etc.
Another Chrono Trigger cover This song has some of the best Chrono Trigger bass lines.
check it out on my profile
Just a bass cover of Lucretia with a sequenced drum track.
The song is on my profile, please take a listen as I had a very nice time recording this baby
David Ellefson has the sweetest tone I've ever heard
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oh man, yeah, I'm also of the belief that I'm the center of the universe and that what I say goes and all rules have no exceptions. Because I agree with you, I also automatically hate the following bands, because they all suck:

the White Stripes
The Doors
Explosions in the Sky
Pig Destroyer
Federation X
Beat Happening
Atomic Rooster

I also hate the following musicians

Cat Stevens
Joshua Radin
Woody Gutherie
Rob Johnson (I hate him most, because there's no bass of any kind!! It's just one guy and his guitar!! And he has no soul!! because you can't have soul unless you have bass!! Bass is the heart of music!! BASS IS THE HEART OF MUSIC!!)
Simon & Garfunkel (unless they have an additional studio bassist, than for some odd reason I like them because I'm retarded! wakka wakka)
Jack Johnson (ditto)
Elliott Smith (ditto)
Iron & Wine (ditto)
Sufjan Stevens (ditto)

because why would anyone write music without a bass guitar, because I'm completely arrogant and believe the world worships my position in a band because its the most obvious (not the only) choice for low end, and as we all know, just like Hitler said, "if you don't have low frequencies, you should be put in a lineup and shot!"

in fact, I basically hate the entire world who doesn't think I'm the most important piece of a band, because I'm a jackass.

oh I'm sorry, I got on a tangent there.
a very, very sarcastic tangent, that was mildly done in imitation of you.
I apologize if I offended anyone.
I think my point has been made.

That's the least persuasive sarcasm I've ever read
Zoom B1 multi-fx is $60
I own the B2 and get decent tone out of it
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Women love it better with fingers. Treat a bass like a woman. Fingers or piece of plastic?


I'd say fingers are better. You can't really get a good pick attack on an extended range bass so I mainly play fingers
The Odyssey
The Divine Wings of Tragedy
A Change of Seasons
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (I'd say that it is a 42 minute song rather than an album)
Quote by Lespauljames
i thinka thats pretty groving. bass is spot on and sounds good too XD


Quote by Josher.K
This sounds AWESOME!
It's really good but you should get a plugin with multiple samples to replace that cymbal.
And put some more power into the spoken vocals. The bass sounds really thick but kind of... wet? I don't know how to put it, but its like how the pick noise sounds kind of floppy underwater muddy?
Good cover man keep'er up

Yes and Yes
I'm not quite sure what you mean - and I didn't use a pick to play the bass line, I'm all fingers
Thanks for the comments
This is just a quick cover I did to test my Guitar Rig bass preset
did the vocals in one take and I'm pretty happy with them, not really looking for crits on that 'cause I'm not a singer
Any comments welcome
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yea, I saw that and thought the same thing.

Yeah, who decided to put Five Magics as easy?
You don't have to "switch" to the bass, but learning how to play one would be a good thing.
I listened to Corridors of Time and Bloody Tears
Very nice
I've been thinking of covering Corridors myself but haven't gotten around to it, I really love the bass part of that song
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Basslines, I'd hope.

Perfect answer!
I can provide bass and keyboard recordings
My influences on bass are mostly tech death and progressive metal and my primary influence on keyboard is the good Mr. Janne Warman of COB