Gabriel Iglesias, Dane Cook. Awesome.
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Evolution, because it's actually supported by science.

I did blog back in 2007-2008, but I deleted my blog mainly because the topic I was blogging about was getting thrown down and the blogs on the same topic were shutting down. Almost got to 20,000 hits before I deleted it
Do the same thing as the intro for the outro, and fade out (if possible).

Also, make the interlude at the end of the song (or solo) a bit longer.
The strings get out of tune more often when you don't change strings, and is a real pain.

Also, strings rust overtime, causing decay and lack of best performance for the guitarist.

I change mine every 3 months though Ernie balls rock
I thought that all solos are from pentatonics.

My friend thinks that bending is bad for your guitar. He still thinks that. Also, he hasn't picked up his guitar since Thanksgiving of last year.
Drummer copied the name of a song by Paul Gilbert.
Nothing like a 0 for 2 losing streak!
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Did you forget to quote somebody? That didn't make much sense...

Nope, I'm just replying to the main chord in page 1. I'm not replying to anyone except the original author. Sorry if you were confused, I have mind blowing powers
I lost, but that was funny.
C#7, but I am by all means not positive.
Guitar pack, $300. Pathetic-ness.
People have all sorts of tastes. It's not worth arguing about. I think that since I make some music myself, I've learned to appreciate other music more. Some people may not like it, but it's your own opinion that counts.

Black Crow on A Tombstone- Satyricon
Almost, but not quite.

Never Gonna Give You Up- Rick Astley
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1. Dimebag
2. Cobain
3. Joe Jonas

I have never seen a mix like that in my life.

1. Dimebag

2. Noodles (offspring)

3. Billie Joe Armstrong
The 2nd one, but check some stuff on musician's friend or something. I got a gigantor catalog in the mail (yay) and they have a wide variety of things. If you live by a guitar center or something, try browsing a little bit and asking some professionals there.
7/10. I saw that Schism intro you did with the Les Paul, not bad, a few errors and dead notes here and there.
Oh, so close! I'm playing that in my band, but I'm playing a synth to guitar transcription my guitar teacher gave me.
Wow everyone, I just pass out.
Today by the Smashing Pumpkins. I don't like the Smashing Pumpkins.
Wow! I'm in a band I wanna get out of. It's good, the main and biggest problem is that the singer is a *****.
Partially ambidextrous.

Play billiards left handed, eat waffles left handed, play guitar right handed, and write right handed.
Oh yeah, Paul Gilbert seems cool.
Makes me wanna try and kick their ass as hard as I can. I get inspired.
Ears. I have dumbo ears.
That would be individually picking each string, and doesn't qualify.

Check this out:

Notice how when he sweep picks, it's one constant motion.
The guys from Killswitch Engage seem to be cool, but Kirk Hammett seems to lose his cool a lot.
Hmmm, I guess 1,2,3, and 6 all at the same time.
I really like Dan Brown's new release, the Lost Symbol. I'm also reading Digital Fortress and The Davinci Code.
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yeah another good one is Line 6 Spider III 15W

No. Bad. Bad.

Roland 20W Cube
The Guitarists Note Reading Method.