I had some time on my hands so I got fancy with photoshop to make the pictures look a little less home-made =)

I added a few guitars to my collection recently and I wanted to show you all. The most recent additions are the tele, the explorer and the OLP

From left to right:
Fender U.S.A. Custom Stratocaster
Fender Custom Telecaster (partscaster)
Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR 7-string
Epiphone SC-450-G Scroll
OLP mm-1

From left to right:
ParamountX semi-acoustic
brandless classical guitar
SigmaGuitars 12-string western
Zen-on 6-string dreadnought
I had some time on my hands so I got fancy with photoshop to make the pictures look a little less home-made =)

I added a few guitars to my collection recently and I wanted to show you all. The most recent additions are the tele, the explorer and the OLP

From left to right:
Fender U.S.A. Custom Stratocaster
Fender Custom Telecaster (partscaster)
Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR 7-string
Epiphone SC-450-G Scroll
OLP mm-1

From left to right:
ParamountX semi-acoustic
brandless classical guitar
SigmaGuitars 12-string western
Zen-on 6-string dreadnought

All 11 together =) (nr. 11 is my Century 5-string bass guitar)
Hi guys,

I haven't been on UG in ages, but since I put together a nice setup I thought I'd give you guys a look!

After browsing 50-ish pages on this thread to catch up, I suddenly think my rig is far less impressive than I thought when I made the photo's I guess there's plenty of time for me to buy more

Anyway, here it is:

Peavey 5150 I with matching cabinet

All my guitars

Close-up of my board
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Hello 7-string community. Do you guys come across 7-string Explorers much? They seem to be rather rare. Most reasonable thing at the moment that I've found is the Agile Ghost Pro 725. Which honestly does seem like a pretty nice buy (I may do that in the future), but I'm not extremely fond of its specific Explorer shape.

How about the Agile Ghost 7? Comes pretty cheap but it still has quite good specs (and it looks awesome
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Schecter and Peavey

Me like
Sounds like I have a lot of saving up to do I won't be buying another guitar anytime soon though.. I'm saving up for a (preferably rackmount) noise suppressor like the ISP Decimator ProG Rack Unit
I'd like the one without the Floyd to droptune

Is it wrong to want another 7-string when you just bought one a few weeks ago? Or is that just a bad case of GAS?
I'm very sorry to hear about your injury I don't have the money to help you by buying some of your gear (I just bought myself a guitar)

Anyway.. best of luck recovering..
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bro, that is like music to my ears

I was looking at the hellraiser c-7 FR, and yeah I was wondering if it could do that high-range action with it's floyd, so yeah, thanks for that

I might just sell my xiphos and get a nice 7, because the edge 3 on it sh*ts me to tears, and im kinda getting sick of taking out the huge horn where the input jack is on tables and such :/... and because mercenary owns with their 7's :P

No problem You might want to put some .009's on it for some really extreme tremolo shit

Good luck with the Xiphos
My Schecter Hellraiser has an original floyd and it's very easy to use with the higher string tension (I have a 26.5" scale too) I can easily go up and down 4 semitones without having to retune afterwards

Hope it helps
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Ooooooh theyve added more


At first I LOL'd, but actually I think this is pretty awesome
Happy New Year everyone!

I just got back home and my hangover is already gone by now

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Greetings, Lords of the Seven+ Strings!

So yeah I want a cheap but good 7 string guitar, so I thought I wouldn't be an idiot, and that I'd come here and ask instead of making an annoying new thread

I'm in the UK, and looking really for the cheapest but NOT a total piece of shit.


How about a Dean Vendetta 1.7? I've played one recently and although it's a little over 200 pounds (there, I saved you the math ) it feels pretty solid and the tone is okay
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Whats up guys its been awhile..

Just curious, how do you guys manage your tone when using your 7+ string? Do you guys have a harsh trebbly tone? One with alotta mids? Could you please share? I can't find a good EQ for my 7 string which is tuned to A#.

When playing chords, I use my bridge pup. My amp is EQ'd for tons of low end, scooped mids and the treble about halfway. For chugs 'n riffing I engage the coil tap on my bridge pup. When you're chugging in drop A# with actives I'd recommend a coil tap because it makes your riffs heavy yet crystal clear. If you don't have a coil tap you'll have to dial in more treble and presence on your amp to prevent your sound from being muddy
I'll look into that. Thanks for the tip. I've always been a huge Haake fan though^^

About the amps: Have you tried the smaller Bugerea combo's like the V22 or the V55? They're great tube amps for the money IMO. If you want some more versatility, I'd try a line 6 spider. It isn't a tube amp, but I think it still sounds pretty good for jamming.
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Too bad it's not free :S But 40$ is not that much I might check it out if I need it, tx bro.
How about Toontrack EZdrummer? Very expansive or not?

EZdrummer is expensive as hell xD the basic software sets you back about $160 and every one of the extension packs (eg. drumkit from hell) costs another 90 bucks. It's worth saving up for though if you're going to record lots of music on your own (like I do)
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Hey, what do you guys think of the Schecter C-7 Custom? I'm thinking about picking one up used. Also, do any of you know if its pickups (Seymour Duncan SH-4-7/ SH-1n-7 ) are active or passive? I can't find anything conclusive, and sites like Musician's Friend tell me they're active while this seller swears they're passive. I need passives.

I looked up the specs on Proguitarshop, and it seems like a fine guitar to me. The stock pickups (Seymour Duncans) are passives. I've owned a schecter for just under a month and it's a great guitar I'm saving up for a 7 string Schecter with a fixed bridge (for drop tuning (GASGASGAS xD) and I'd go for this one.
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Cool, is that free software? I got Hydrogen and even though it seems to be all right, your stuff sounded real good...

Alas, it's not free:P It costs about 40 bucks. It's really good value for money but I'm thinking of buying Toontrack EZdrummer (of course with the Drumkit from Hell extention which features samples from Thomas Haake's kit )
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Amazing man... did you record the drums?

I made the drums with Acoustica Beatcraft, since I don't have the drum skills or the proper recording equipment for drums
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Hey guys I made a new track for christmas. The V-amp has been sold so i figured I should make one last track with it before it leaves the building...

Hope you like it.

Sounds awesome =D
Hi guys!

I recorded a song with my (still brand new ) Hellraiser! It's. of course, in the key of B =D

Click HERE to watch
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Okay, so fedex picked up my damaged schecter @ about 12pm

I come to you guys with a question

Which is better:
Schecter Hellraiser c-7
Schecter Blackjack ATX c-7 (the one I originally bought)

The only differences between these two sweet axes is that the blackjack has seymour duncan blackouts (actives) while the hellraises has 707's with coil tap.
Also the Blackjack has an ebony fretboard as opposed to a rosewood one on the Hellraiser.
I'm planning on getting them without the FR bridge.

From where I plan on buying, the Blackjack is £818 and I'll only get it aound 3-4th January (because the shipment doesn't arrive till 31st December).
On the other hand the Hellraiser is £742 and I will get it immediately if I order it in the next 24 hours, as it is in stock.

I'd go with the blackjack 'cause of the Blackouts, but these two guitars are equally great
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Got this yesterday, Ernie Ball MusicMan John Petrucci 7, in mystic dream, with the piezo pickup. Sold my ESP for $3000(custom shop Alexi, very rare around here, only was looking for $2500, got a great offer), got this for $2500. Has a Dimarzio D-Sonic bridge, Air Norten neck, so its a slightly older model, tho i got it brand new.

Basswood body, birds eye maple neck, Rosewood Fretboard

Plays like a dream, I have small hands so I've gotta make sure I get thinner necks. This one fits my hand very well. Love the Birds eye maple neck. Really versitile guitar, the piezo gives it great cleans, and you can mix the piezo in with the magnectic pickups as well.

My Alexi was a great guitar and Im kinda sad to see it go, but this guitar more then makes up for it. The Alexi was a one trick pony, the JP can do everything.

Thats not a pic of my guitar, I couldn't take a pic that showed the finish off, so i just google one, I'll post pics when i can take one that shows the guitar off

HNGD! Congrats dude!
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Well, if it helps at all I was originally going to buy a ATX C7 ,but the store that was supposed to hold it for me sold it by mistake, original i was ready to commit arson but instead it turned out to be a blessing ! I ended up tracking down a Natty Finish ESP LTD SC607B, which was slightly more expensive but was a way better guitar IMO, the neck was a bit more of a challenge then the schecter but it was a superior instrument in every way IMO. So I would definitely be playing one if you can before getting another schecter, although im not sure what they go for in the US, I was lucky enough to get mine for 1650 AUD on sale, brand new! But I know they retail for over 2000 here normally.

I never had the chance to play one of those. I just recommended the schecter cause I'm in love with my own (brand new) hellraiser
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For people who have been following my story...
I'm returning my schecter blackjack atx c-7 tomorrow (through delivery), which means I'll also get my £799 back.
I wanted the online store to replace my guitar with an undamaged one, but they don't have any more of that model in stock. And neither does any other site or store...
I really liked the blackjack, but can't get one since they're not available anywhere.

Which raises the question... which 7 string do I get?

I'd go for a Hellraiser. Just sayin'
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Awwww that sucks.

The first (and only) Schecter I bought was also damaged. To be honest, I've seen more than a few damaged Schecters in my time.

I consider myself lucky then:P I picked up mine at one of the very few music shops in my country to even sell Schecter
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Well... Bit of a disappointing day

My schecter arrived today, I opened the package and it looked sweet.
However, when I turned it over to inspect the beauty, I found a large-ish chip by the output jack.
Considering how I paid full price for this beast (£799), I have asked for a refund or replacement. Until they pick it up from me, I can play as my own.

I'll make a proper NGD thread when I get it replaced.

As for the guitar itself, the neck is much much thinner than I thought, even though I am an Ibanez player, it seemed to be very fast and smooth (especially with the satin black finish).

I'll play with it some more now.

That sucks ass :-/ oh well, at least you know it plays well..
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If they are tapable, they are technically 707TW's

You're right, I forgot to mention the -TW
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Really? what model are the coil tap EMG's for seven's??? Im looking at changing a pick up on my 607b.

They are both EMG 707's
UPDATE: I bought the Schecter. It's a great guitar!
Thank you everyone!

I've made a quick demo video for you all this afternoon My playing is a bit sloppy 'cause I'm not used to 7 strings (and this is my first guitar with a floating trem that actually functions xD), so bear with me. Enjoy!

Video --> click HERE
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Congrats on you're hellraiser bro!
This makes me even more impatient for my Blackjack :S

Thanks! Be sure to post some pics when you get it! =D In the meanwhile: good luck with the waiting xD
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That hellraiser is killer... those emgs are coil tap pups right?? Really nice guitar bro. I love the looks of it.

Right! Each pup has an individual coil tap. And it truly is a beauty^^
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Congrats! And you have the proper amp, too.

I sure do =D Together with this guitar it sounds flat-out devastating :P
Hi guys! I've just bought my first 7 string guitar today, so I thought I'd join the ERG Legion I'm now the proud owner of a Schecter Hellraiser C-7 with Floyd Rose!

It plays like a dream! At first, I was afraid the neck would be too fat for me, but I find it really comfortable. The Floyd is solid as a rock and the longer scale keeps the low B nice 'n tight. I'm in f*cking HEAVEN
Hi guys! I'm having a little trouble deciding what 7 string I want to buy. My budget is approximately $1300.

I want my ultimate 7 string to have:
- 7 strings
- Original Floyd Rose
- Active pickups with coil tap (or some quality passives)
- Good fret access
- extra jumbo frets

My options so far:

- Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR (downside: hard to get by in the Netherlands)
- Dean Rusty Cooley sig. (downsides: bolt-on neck and no coil tap)

I've got a feeling there are some great 7 strings out there I don't know anything about. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Note: I've never been an Ibanez guy.. I've played a lot of their 7's, and they always feel a little cheap-ish to me (I'm open for suggestions though ). Please bear in mind I live in the Netherlands, so some US brands won't ship to me -sigh-

Thanks in advance!
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I've almost got my music room / studio done...I can't wait to move in

I'm saving up for this beauty

I'm also GASsing for:

Keeley compressor
Hardwire Stereo Reverb
H.B.E. Frostbite Flanger
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I would kill to have one room specifically for playing and recording guitar.

It took me a while to get this far, and I'm proud of it:P